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How Does Belly Fat Reduction Prevent Diabetes Mellitus?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

In Pakistan, 26.7% of adults will have diabetes by 2022, according to the International Diabetes Federation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe diabetes mellitus as a chronic health condition that impairs your body’s capacity to turn food into energy. Your body converts the majority of the food you eat into sugar (glucose), which is then released into your bloodstream. An increase in blood sugar alerts your pancreas to release insulin. To use blood sugar as energy, insulin functions as a key to opening the doors of your body’s cells.


According to experts, the main causes of diabetes in adults are a lack of exercise, poor eating habits, an unhealthy diet, and increasing body fat, particularly around the abdomen. We should support the annual World Diabetes Day on November 14 to spread awareness of diabetes throughout the world. 3D Lifestyle can help you prevent diabetes.


3D NutriHealth

One more thing needs to be made clear: sugar and sweets alone do not cause diabetes mellitus. Fast food, fried food, sodas, and a lack of fruits and vegetables are some of the unhealthy foods that contribute to diabetes. You can always rely on 3D NutriHealth for advice on a healthy diet and to receive a personalized diet plan based on your body’s requirements.


3D Cryolioplysis 

Belly fat reduction aids in the management of diabetes mellitus. The body will produce more insulin as a result of weight loss, which will help in the regulation, digestion, and breakdown of sugars. This will help manage diabetes. With the non-surgical fat-freezing procedure 3D Cryolipolysis, you can reduce the size of your waist by inches!  


Diabetes education benefits individuals and delays the onset of the disease. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help manage and prevent diabetes mellitus. If you’re having this problem, get in touch with 3D Lifestyle to find a solution that won’t harm your health or taste buds!

3D Abdominal Fat Reduction and 3D NutriHealth are here to help if you struggle with daily tasks due to stubborn belly fat and want a healthy diet to improve your life. To solve this issue, get in touch with 3D Lifestyle. By completing the form below, you can also schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable doctor and registered nutritionist.

Exclude Extra Fat Layers: Ultrasonic Fat Melting Solution

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Extra fat (especially) around the belly is becoming very common in Pakistan. According to the interesting stats by World Health Organization (WHO), 26% of Pakistani women are overweight and 19% of men in Pakistan are overweight. If you are a man and your waist is less than 40 inches, congrats you are healthy. Furthermore, if your waist is more than that, you will be in the obesity range. Also, if you are a woman and your waist is less than 35 inches you are a healthy person but if it’s more than this range you are going into the overweight category. 

How Can You Get An Effective Fat Loss Solution?

Every person who ever wanted to lose belly fat wished to have a magical solution that can help them to melt down pounds away. If you are the one who wished for any magical body fat reduction treatment, 3D Lifestyle can make your wishes true. *DRUMROLL* We have 3D Cavitation – Fat Melting Treatment for you. 

3D Cavitation Treatment

It’s an ultimate body fat reduction treatment that helps you to melt down the multiple fat layers under your skin. The melted fat is then excreted out from the body through a natural process of excretion. It is ideal for body contouring, it targets deep cellulite and helps melt down fat layers without any surgical procedure. 

With 3D Cavitation, you can lose up to 5 inches and can see visible results in a few sessions. There is one more thing to amaze you, it requires no downtime. 

Let’s stop these growing waistlines now before it gets too late. But remember, it’s never too late to start focusing on your health. Book a FREE CONSULTATION with our aesthetic consultants now.

Fat Loss & Hydrated Skin Together At 3D Lifestyle

Monday, November 8th, 2021

In today’s era being slim and smart is (kind of) impossible for a person who loves food (We’re all in this together 🙂 ). Being overweight is not an issue but the problems that come with it are unignorable. Heart diseases and diabetes eventually lead a person towards death. Obesity not only affects the body but it has drastic effects on the skin too. Fat loss is crucial for one who wants to live a long life.

If you are overweight then it’s a serious health problem. Obesity can shorten the lifespan of a person too. Body fat can influence your skin in multiple ways.

A person who consumes high-calorie foods not only gets fat but the skin is affected too. How? Samosas and Pakoras dipped in oil may look and taste yummy but the calories in them not only make you bulky but can create acne too. Additional oil and dead skin cells clog the skin’s pores, causing a blockage & preventing skin to breathe. When skin bacteria attacks, an inflamed pimple is created.

The person who is fat tends to sweat a lot and sweating is another way of getting pimples or rough skin. Going to a picnic on a sunny day is a delightful moment but you end up inviting sweat which eventually leads to skin blemish. The bacteria, heat, and friction make the pores congested and result in ‘sweat pimples’.

Excessive fat can also damage collagen production in the skin. Collagen helps in making the skin firm and tight. When there is not enough collagen, your skin becomes saggy. Fat removal may be a tiring process if you opt. for dieting. So what should you do?

Permanent Fat Loss Treatment At 3D Lifestyle

If you are looking for permanent fat reduction and the best skincare treatment, then 3D Lifestyle has a perfect offer for you. You can now get 3D Cavitation (fat melting treatment) and 3D HydraPlus Facial at the best discount possible. 3D HydraPlus is not like your simple HydraFacial at a salon. It consists of 11 Steps that not only hydrate your face but make it acne and oil-free. Now remove that belly fat and get perfect skin by grabbing these AMAZING OFFERS!!!

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Fat Loss Advice – Sugar, An Evil Villain In Our Diet. Why?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

The World Cup has kicked off and team Pakistan started off by winning the hearts of millions with its splendid performances. A big match,  followed by great celebrations & for that beverage, fast foods, and snacks dumped with sugar ARE A MUST. Sugar makes every moment special but what about your health? Is it not important? What about the fat loss plan you made last week?

We love to eat sweet things. A simple reason is all we need to consume is tons of sugar. 

Is it your birthday today? Cake! Are distant relatives getting married? Mithai! Are you getting married? DOUBLE mithai !!! We South Asians cannot live without mithai and desserts.

Sugar is of 2 types. Natural and added sugar. Natural sugar is found in dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and in some grains while added sugar is in your all-time favorite, cakes, icecreams, cookies, pies, and many other foods that you love. We may feel proud of eating candied stuff but to be honest, they are the main cause of making you bulky.

Sugar and carbohydrates are not good for your health overall. Excessive consumption gives birth to different health problems like tooth decay and most importantly, it makes your body fat eventually leading to diabetes & heart diseases.

Excess sugary food makes your belly full and you stop eating the foods that are actually good for your body. Foods that are high in calories may cause you to overeat. Protein-centric meals give you the feeling of fullness while carbohydrates & sugar riched foods are low in protein & other nutrients that basically makes you consume more than usual, eventually leading to a fat tummy. Foods with sugar give a sense of pleasure and ease but they don’t do any good in the long run.

Fat Reduction At 3D Lifestyle

You can now replace fats with fitness here at 3D Lifestyle. Our expert nutritionists are there to help you in getting rid of abdominal fat. Diet plans are all you need to make you fit and slim. You can reduce up to 5 inches of fat. In case you are looking for instant belly fat removal then Fat Freezing and Fat Melting treatments are here to save your day. For life-changing results, go for the fat removal treatments here at 3D Lifestyle.

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Fat Removal, Lose Up to 5 Inches Waist

Monday, October 11th, 2021

“Fat Removal and up to five inches? For Real? You’re joking right?!” One might say this but the truth is, we are not kidding. Now losing up to 5 inches of fat from the waist is not just a dream. You can change it into reality. 

We all love junk food. Being lazy and staying in bed is something that the majority of us love to do. Sneaking into the kitchen late at night and eating the unhealthiest food available, in one go is a hobby of many people. Don’t be shy. We all do these things and why not you only live once so why not do whatever you want to…Truth be told, eating whatever is not okay at all!

Eating unhealthy not only makes you large and bulgy, but it also gives birth to many diseases as well, like diabetes, heart attack, and much more. First things first, eat healthy because it’s good for your health overall. Fat loss comes after.

(Read: Top 3 Diet Essentials To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat For Good)

Belly or abdominal fat reduction instantly is something we want, without putting in too much work. Love handles and belly fat are not easy to get rid of. Working out might help but get up early in the morning every single day is a bit hard. If you are a foodie and you are planning to diet, then you won’t last for a week.

5 Inches of Belly Fat Removal At 3D Lifestyle

The wait is now OVER! At 3D Lifestyle, you can bid farewell to all that stubborn fat around your waist. It doesn’t end here, whether you have bra fat or bingo wings, thigh gap problem, or bum fat, 3D Lifestyle is the answer to all your fat problems. We offer Fat Freezing and Fat melting treatments to ease your worries. 

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3D Lifestyle is celebrating its 4 year anniversary by offering FLAT 50% OFF on all aesthetic treatments (terms apply). This offer is for a limited time only. Grab your favorite treatments now. 


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Top 3 Diet Essentials To Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat For Good

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Want to get rid of belly fat? Don’t worry you are not the only one who wants that. We’re all in this together. Cutting on your favorite foods to achieve a lean body is stressful. What if there is a list of yummilicious foods that will actually make you follow the diet plan happily? If you are planning to get a perfect diet plan for weight loss, then keep reading.

Obesity not only makes us lose our self-image but it also has harmful effects on the body, like one can get severe heart disease or cancer due to excessive weight. Whether you want to gain weight or simply lose it, nutritionists and dietitians have your back. Here is the list of foods that can help you with abdominal fat reduction.

Having foods that are high in protein not only makes your body slim but also helps in muscle building as well. Protein-rich diets reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating. When you replace fats and carbs with proteins, your body gets healthier as it supports a healthy metabolism. 

Protein-rich foods include corn, salmon, potatoes, cauliflower, chicken breast, eggs, beef, oats. They are easily available and liked by the majority of people.

Having Fibre Rich Foods can help you lose weight too. How?  Soluble fibers are good for belly fat removal as they make your stomach feel full and you don’t get hungry again and again.

Fibre Rich Foods include broccoli, raspberries, guava, pomegranate, barley, kiwi, grapefruit, pears. The majority of foods belong to the family of fruits and vegetables.

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps you in losing weight. Studies show that water not only makes you full but also boosts your metabolic system and prevents indigestion too. Nutritionists suggest that one should preferably drink water before having a meal as one consumes fewer calories after that.

You should drink detox water as it not only makes you slim but it also helps in cleaning your stomach too. You can drink fruits or vegetable-infused water as they are really good for your health overall.

3D Nutri Health at 3D Lifestyle

Achieving perfect body goals is not an issue now with 3D Nutri Health at 3D Lifestyle. Whether you need a flat tummy or lean muscles, our qualified nutritionists have your back.  We offer customized diet plans according to your needs. Get Flat 30% off on nutritionist consultation and diet coaching if you book the consultation now.

Instant Fat Reduction At 3D Lifestyle

If you want to get an instant fat reduction then 3D Lifestyle has a solution for this problem too. With the fat freezing and fat-melting technique, one can lose up to 40% of fat. Whether you have a bulgy stomach, love handles, or bra fat, visit 3D Lifestyle because you won’t regret it. Book FREE CONSULTATION by calling on 021 111 232 889 or  Click Here.

How Do You Lose Belly Fat?

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

You munching on midnight snacks, and all of a sudden you realize that the dress you were planning to wear to an upcoming wedding won’t fit you anymore. WHY? Well, the answer to the question is the obnoxious belly fat just hanging around. But fear not people, because with acknowledgment comes the idea of implementation and you can get rid of your belly fat in no time!

Why Do You Need To Lose Belly Fat?

There are some very apparent cons medically and let’s be real about the fact that how abdominal fat messes up the vibe for you. Individuals can really experience some health drawbacks while dealing with excessive and stubborn belly fat, for instance;

  • Heart Attack
  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Breast cancer


Belly fat

How To Lose It though, Conveniently?

Making lifestyle and diet changes in order to get rid of excess abdominal fat can really pay off. If you have been searching for ‘how to lose weight in a few days?’ or ‘how can i get a flat belly?’, you have come to the right place. Stubborn belly fat can be really hard to budge sometimes, mostly because fat reduction differs from body to body and what kind of lifestyle one has to work at it.  

But if you know that an important occasion can’t wait, you just have to pump it up and make it happen in a short amount of time. Now, how can you exactly do that? We got you covered here at 3D Lifestyle, so all you gotta do is keep calm and grab yourself our 3D Cavitation & 3D Cryolipolysis for Abdominal Fat Reduction. 

3D Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that targets localized fat and makes your waist inches reduced, prominently. 3D Cryolipolysis reduces belly fat by freezing the fat cells at a lower temperature, as a non-surgical method, helping you in reducing belly fat in a couple of sessions. 

Along with our high-end treatments, we have our expert dieticians that help people devise a diet plan, suitable to the given body type. 


So if you’re planning to lose stubborn fat on your abdomen in a couple of months and LOOK FABULOUS, 3D Lifestyle is here to serve the purpose. All you gotta do is BOOK FREE CONSULTATION right now! Call 021 111 232 889 and you can also Visit Home Page to book your appointment.


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