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Hey! 3D Botox. Delete Frown Lines.

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Hi! Ladies and Gentlemen. You are one of a kind in beauty. BUT, WAIT. Do you have some creases between your eyebrows? They are ‘Frown Lines’. 

These are vertical lines appearing between your eyebrows & nose, or two folds nestled between the eyebrows when you scowl (usually when you stare angrily) & that’s why they are called Frown Lines. 


Two facial muscles near your upper nose & lower forehead are responsible for most of your facial expressions. When you frown, these muscles contract, causing deep creases to appear. At a younger age, these lines are outlying & disappear after you stop frowning. 


Why Do Frown Lines Get Worse? 


You don’t even glare but are still oversight as angry or rude. Why?


As you age, your skin becomes less elastic due to a reduction in collagen production. This makes frown lines appear as deep-set creases visible even when not pulling any clear facial expression, giving a mistaken impression of being tired, worn-out, or angry.  


Some underlying factors: overexposure to the sun, natural gravity, excess facial movements, and genetic susceptibility make your frown lines more apparent.


How Can You Prevent Frown lines?


Preventing the cause is better than finding a cure later on. Adoption of a healthy lifestyle is the key e.g., 

  • Eat a diet rich in omega-fatty acids such as oily fish, nuts & seeds,
  • Avoid smoking, 
  • Unclench your stress,
  • Drink plenty of water,
  • Use moisturizing face creams,
  • Protect yourself from the sun by applying sunscreen to block harmful UV rays.

What if you already have deeply imprinted frown lines? Could you get rid of them? 

Time to Treat Your Angry Lines – 3D Botox


Pakistan’s no 1 Medical Aesthetic Brand 3D Lifestyle brought a magic wand for your beauty concerns. Yeah! It has launched 3D Botox injections, the best treatment in town for your frown lines.


With 3D Botox treatment, frown lines are not an issue. You can delete them right away. HOW?


Botox is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum & works by blocking the signal from the nerve to facial muscles, preventing them from contracting. It will soften or eradicate frown lines overly. This treatment takes about an hour with no discomfort and downtime. The results are visible from four to six months* without any side effects.


Stop hating your skin for angry lines, you don’t deserve them. Connect with us for expert consultation and erase them because you’re worth it.

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Weight Loss & Fat Loss – 3D Lifestyle Does it All

Monday, September 19th, 2022

The words “weight loss” and “fat loss” are often used interchangeably. One of the most common trends in the fitness industry is rapid weight loss with strict diets and heavy exercise, which is very unhealthy and can make you sick. People often confuse the facts about being healthy and thin, but that is something we need to change. If weight loss is caused by unhealthy activities, it decreases overall body muscle, fat, and water. On the other hand, 3D Ultimate treatment is the safest way to lose weight and be healthy. It is difficult to know whether you are losing muscle or fat. In this blog, we will be discussing the healthiest and most effective ways to lose weight. It is very common to track your weight using a weight scale, but it can not determine your fat loss.


Focus on a Healthy Body

Many weight loss programs claim to help you lose weight quickly and easily. But it is important to know whether it is healthy or not. Therefore, 3D Lifestyle offers you the best treatment to get rid of stubborn fat with our non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Now, with 3D Ultimate, you can choose the healthiest weight loss treatment for you.

3D Ultimate is a non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring treatment that contains the latest combination of technologies designed to offer a complete approach.


3D Cavitation

3D Cavitation is the fat melting treatment. It melts down the layers of fat and gives you a slimmer, contoured body. It targets deep and localized fat and reduces multiple inches of your waist.


3D Cryolipolysis

It is also known as cryofreeze. It’s a fat-freezing treatment. It freezes the fat under the skin and lets it excrete through the natural process of excretion. It targets stubborn fat and reduces up to 20% to 40% of that area.

These non-surgical fat reduction/body contouring treatments help you to get the slimmer and toned version of yourself in just a few sessions. Don’t go for an unhealthy version of weight loss, because 3D Ultimate treatments give you the safest weight loss solution.

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Be a Fit Mom – Lose Postpartum Belly Fat

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Congratulations, you are a mom now! That’s marvelous!


Have you conceived your baby? But still, looks six months pregnant? Getting anxious to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape?


Like every baby bump, every post-baby belly looks a little different. In some cases, it deflates right after giving birth, while in other cases it remains hanging out for weeks, months, or years after birth. Don’t criticize your body for not getting over a drooping tummy. Your tummy muscles may be over-stretched during pregnancy, creating a bulge. It takes time for your body, especially your belly, to fully recover from pregnancy.


Can you revert your postpartum belly fat? Yes, WHY NOT!


How can you lose postpartum belly fat?

Don’t think of DIETING right after conceiving your little one. You need extra calories than usual to feed two lives.

Breastfeeding helps you burn calories more quickly and triggers contractions that help to shrink your womb, but your body fat can’t be controlled even if you breastfeed. Doing light exercises such as stretching and walking helps you to burn calories. But many moms don’t have time for it.


Have you heard of Moms who shaped back to their pre-pregnancy bodies only within weeks of giving birth? HOW?


3D Fat Reduction Treatments

Body Fat Reduction Treatments are ideal for achieving the postpartum figure you desire. 3D Lifestyle brings non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring treatments for you with no downtime & side effects.


With 3D Cavitation (Fat Melting) and Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing), you won’t need to exercise. One procedure (Cavitation) uses a thermal effect to heat the skin causing collagen tissues to relax and contract, creating a tightening and toning effect on the stomach & melting the fat at the same time. The other (Cryolipolysis) uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body, ultimately removing the fat through the excretory system.


“Transforming to a postpartum body can be fantastic and having professional support can make all the difference”.

Visit our nearest 3D Clinic and snap back to the pre-pregnancy state in one fell swoop with our professional’s consultation,


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1st time in Pakistan | Aesthetic Gynaecology by 3D Lifestyle

Monday, September 12th, 2022

Empowering women is empowering humanity. Women represent half of the population of Pakistan. In order to make sure that women are living healthy and happy lives, they are the ones who need to pay proper attention to their health and hygiene.


Women are known to be symbols of spirituality, strength, love, and sacrifice & that’s why she should not sacrifice her health. Therefore, Pakistan’s Leading Medical Aesthetic Brand 3D Lifestyle takes pride in introducing AESTHETIC GYNAECOLOGY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN PAKISTAN. To let every woman talk about all the unspoken issues related to female reproductive system health and hygiene, including urinary dysfunction, overactive bladder, vulval dryness, itching, pain, sexual dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence, and whatnot!


3D Lifestyle is the UK’s No. 1 Aesthetic Brand is one of the prime Medical Aesthetic Brands in the market and serving over 2 million happy clients since 2017. We are notable for introducing Revolutionary, Non-Invasive, and Non-Surgical medical aesthetic methods to address the aesthetic concerns of people in Pakistan. Offering multiple procedures like laser hair removal, medical-grade facials, fat reduction treatments and much more. 3D Lifestyle initiative – Aesthetic Gynaecology (3D VJuve) is to let the women of today’s world, inspire, encourage, and be more confident in themselves. Today’s progressing world has brought new hope and empowered women positively. So, why Pakistani women should be left behind? 3D VJuve aims on providing non-surgical aesthetic gynaecology procedures to restore the physical appearance and function of female intimate areas (for now). Furthermore, educating, treating and most importantly EMPOWERING women’s health and hygiene.


We know there are several times you feel low and fragile because you are not aware of a problem you are facing and you don’t even know how to deal with it. But there is nothing to worry about these issues when 3D VJuve is around. There’s nothing impossible in today’s modern era, and 3D VJuve will never let Pakistani female health and hygiene unspoken. Our society needs to put more light on these health issues.


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