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Red Carpet Collagen Facial

Get Brighter, Beautiful, Flawless and PICTURE PERFECT skin in minutes!

Has your skin lost it's elasticity? Or are you stuggling with open pores? Did you know that one of the major cause of enlarged pores & loss of skin elasticity is the lack of COLLAGEN PRODUCTION in your skin? You can now get fresher, tighter and poreless skin with our 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial.

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Reduce Open Pores & Get Tightened Skin

Red Carpet Collagen Facial - For Gorgeous Skin

3D RF - Treatment Your Wrinkled and Uneven Textured Skin

Look Good, Feel Good

Not So Surreal Glow, Available!

Smooth Skin Without Any Hassle

Emmad Irfaani's Amazing Experience At 3D Lifestyle

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The Magical Results Of 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial

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Fajar Ali talks about our 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial.

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We stand with our nation and tends to provide clean and non invasive treatment

Nadia Khan recommends 3D Red cardpet Collagen Facial

Check out what she has to say when she came to 3D Lifestyle for her treatment!

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The Red Carpet Collagen Facial | Minimize your pores now

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The magical 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial?

Celebrity like skin is a simple possibility now!!!

Dream come true skin is now easy to get!

3D Red Carpet Collagen Facical is for everyone!

Rejuvenation of skin texture with 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial

Hamza's journey with the 3D Red Carpet Colllagen Facial - because this is not for women only!

Another Success with the Red Carpet Collagen Facial

An effective solution for all - 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial

Never too late to rejuvenate !

3D Red Carpet Facial

RC Collagen Facial starts with thorough cleansing & exfoliation which entails using scrubs to clean and unclog your skin using professional grade products. Most important part of the Facial is the use of Radio Frequency to make the skin look rejuvenated & youthful instantly. The Triple lightening serum massage helps in boosting the skin collagen reserve and gives your skin a lightening and radiant/glowing look.

  • Why Red Carpet Collagen Facial?
  • Skin lightening
  • Softer, brighter & more radiant skin instantly
  • Rejuvenation of skin texture
  • Reduction in the size of your pores for ultra smooth skin
  • Intense & long lasting hydration for smoother skin
  • Natural youthfulness of the skin
  • look younger with fewer fine lines and wrinkles
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Here’s what the Celebrities have to Say!

Nimra Khan
Kanwar Nafees
Bushra Ansari
Mehwish Hayat

“ I wanted a perfectly contoured face for which I came to 3D Lifestyle’s Clifton centre and took the 3D HIFU Facelift. I thank Dr. Maria and Dr. Tahira for taking such good care of my concerns. Results are amazing! Guys, YOU are important and you should try it to believe it, on my recommendation!  ”

Nimra Khan

“ I took the Skin tightening treatment from 3D Lifestyle & I am immensely satisfied with the results and getting a lot of compliments from my coworkers. I feel younger, fresher & there’s a boost in my confidence which eventually reflects in my work on screen. I want everyone to give 3D HIFU a try.”

Kanwar Nafees

“ Despite of getting on Diet plans, I couldn’t lose the stubborn fat which had accumulated post pregnancies of my three kids. I learnt about 3D lifestyle through my show and when I took only 2 sessions of their treatments, I experienced a remarkable difference in myself. I love their homely environment and if you have excess Fat which you can’t get rid of, I would suggest you to trust 3D lifestyle with their very many treatment options and services”

Nida Yasir

“ My message is for all the mothers, sisters and daughters to please take care & love yourself. You are very important! Serious female health issues like UTI and stress incontinence are no longer a threat. All thanks to Jawad Qureshi, now we have technology called ‘V-Juve’ in Pakistan for all those issues women hesitate to discuss!”

Bushra Ansari

“ I took 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial because I had open pores issue. I see visible difference right after my treatment. Its glowing and its much tighter. My experience over here has been amazing. I’m realy realy impressed with the results ”

Mehwish Hayat

“ On my first session, I was nervous but also excited to see how this treatment would work. Following the treatment session which could be squeezed in a lunch break, I was re-measured and had indeed shrunk. Having lost 1 inch from around my waistline and almost 2 inches around my abdomen, I shed a total of 3 inches in just 45 minutes, while lying back and thinking about upcoming PSL !!!”

Aadi Adeal Amjad

“ The smoothness I feel in my skin is incredible; there’s definitely a difference as my skin feels tightened and I can sense the treatment working underneath my skin layers. The texture and quality of my skin post treatment is amazing and the doctors pointed at the areas where the lift will take its effect. Thank you 3D lifestyle”

Nadia Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your body contouring treatment.

1. Is 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial suitable for any age?

Yes, if you have a unhealthy skin, enlarged pores and saggy skin before age, we are here to give you firmer, clear and glowing skin with our 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial.

2. What does 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial treat?

3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial specifically targets open pores and saggy skin! The 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial cleanses your skin, scrubs it, and then tightens and closes the pores with RF treatment. And it has the skin lightening serum for the ultimate glow!

3. Am I a right candidate for 3D Facials?

If you want to get the perfect glow within minutes, then yes you are! Our facials will give you soft, smooth and flawless skin you've always wanted!

4. How soon will I see a difference?

You will notice a visible treatment right after the facial. You will be left with a fresher, firmer, pore-free and picture perfect skin right after the facial.

5. How many cities does 3D Lifestyle offer its services in?

3D Lifestyle has more than 30 clinics all over Pakistan. We have clinics in LahoreKarachiIslamabadRawalpindiPeshawarGujranwalaSialkotFaisalabad.

6. How can I get an appointment at 3D Lifestyle?

You can get free consultation sessions with our experts all over Pakistan at 3d lifestyle. To Book Your Appointment call now at 021 111 232 889 and for Facebook Messenger click here.

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