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5 Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Spots from your skin

Skin trends in Pakistan have changed over the years, the times when Pakistani people used to go crazy for “fair” skin are gradually changing to having clear and healthy skin. It will definitely take some time to get rid of the fair skin craze, but we can see how awareness in increasing in the masses. […]... read more

Time To Get Rid Of Those Distressing Dark Circles!

Dark circles are equally common in both men and women these days. There are numerous causes that may lead to dark circles. It is not very easy to get rid of dark circles, but with constant efforts and care you can eliminate dark circles completely! Sleep Well   Want to get rid of dark circles? […]... read more

Can we reverse the damage caused to our skin by sun? The answer is YES!

All of us have been pretty careless about our skin at some point of our life, until we realized that we have to pay heavy cost for the carelessness. It’s a fact that even if you don’t water the flower pot in your living room every day, it will soon wilt and lose its beauty. […]... read more

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3 Hair Masks That We All Need, For Sure!

No matter how clear and healthy skin we have, it’s of no use if you don’t have beautiful hair that compliments your entire look. Your hair deserves as much love and care as your skin does. Every day your hair is exposed to so much of dirt, pollution and harsh hair setting tools. The solution? […]... read more

You can now lose up to 5 INCHES of fat from your body WITHOUT any diet and exercise!

How many times have you dreamt of having a perfect figure, but were stopped by your hectic routine because you couldn’t make time for workouts every single day? How many times did you deprive yourself from that mouth-watering plate of biryani or the tempting cupcake that was right in front of you and still didn’t […]... read more

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6 Skincare Rituals To Be Followed Every Night For Beautiful Skin!

In today’s world, all of us are aware of the essential skin care steps that we need to follow every day. But, when it comes to the night time, we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of following the essential skin care steps every night. Night time is the best time to rejuvenate your skin […]... read more

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WINTER IS COMING…. Here are 6 vital skin care tips for winters!

Water is your skin’s best friend This is the time when you need to start drinking more water. In winters, our water requirement increases. Drinking more water prevents your skin from dehydration. And helps you keep it soft and supple in the dry season too. Water reduces the risk of chapped skin and winter eczema. […]... read more


Got the perfect dress? Flawless makeup? And matchless jewellery? None of this works if your hair don’t look apt. Hair is much more important in your appearance than you think it is. Having a bad hair day is simply a bad day. Bad hair won’t only make you look bad, it will make you feel […]... read more

Can Laser be Cheaper and Safer than waxing? For real?!

Have you ever tried calculating the amount of money you spend on waxing every 2-3 weeks? Multiply it by the number of months in your life, you’ll be surprised to calculate the amount of money that goes for your waxing every month, which is actually equivalent to money going down the drain! Why? Because waxing […]... read more

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5 Kitchen Ingredients For Clear Skin!

Almond Oil All you need to get perfect skin is almond oil, all you need is, take 2-3 drops of almond oil and warm it up between your finger tips and massage it on your skin. You can wash your face after 30 minutes or leave it overnight. Honey for flawless skin Honey is famous […]... read more


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