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3D Lifestyle – Discounts & Promotions

Across the globe, the art of aesthetic treatments might cost you more than you expected, due to the amazing results and outcomes which aesthetic and non-surgical treatments have to offer. Similarly in Pakistan, one of the main reasons behind people hesitating to get an aesthetic treatment is that people think it might burn a hole […]... read more

Do Aesthetic Treatments Actually Cost You A Fortune?

As Pakistan accelerates into becoming a dramatically appearance-conscious society, it has become significant to feel good about how you look. The first few steps towards this journey is eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and taking care of yourself generically. However, apart from these healthy habits, there are aesthetic problems, such as acne, fat […]... read more

Does Losing Those Extra Inches Burn A Hole In Your Wallet?

Sipping that ‘extra fat’ and a sugar-loaded cup of coffee at your workspace, while you’ve already eaten a Big Mac with those yummy fries from McDonald’s at lunch might take your taste buds on a rollercoaster; but it will also take your calorie count out of your hands. The most common reason behind obesity in […]... read more

3D Cryolipolysis – How Does It Work?

Have you ever heard about freezing your fat away,  rather than burning it? Did you know that instead of sweating your heart out on a gym mat, you could just freeze and get rid of those extra unwanted layers of fat? 3D Cryolipolysis is the magic you have always been waiting for. More commonly known […]... read more

3D HiFU Facelift – What Do You Need To Know?

It is easy for one to get entangled in the daily struggles of life, and completely disregard their days of glory in the process. If you’re working a desk job or even running a small-scale business in today’s marketplace, you might not have the time to keep a tab on your health, your skin or […]... read more

How Is TrilogyICE Different From Other Lasers?

As soon as the world hit the 21st Century mark, an evolution of technological advancement began, followed by a busy daily routine in this fast paced cyber-driven era. From industrial equipment to gadgets of our daily use, every single thing has been revamped and reinvented to ease a common man’s daily shenanigans. Similarly, traditional methods […]... read more

4 Ways Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Hair Removal

A myth has always been prevalent in the world of aesthetic treatments that laser hair removal is an unsafe choice for the human skin. Since the last decade, this myth has been proven wrong over and over again, due to the dramatic evolution of laser hair removal technology around the globe. Not long ago, people […]... read more

Non-Surgical Vs Surgical Aesthetic Treatments – What Do You Need To Know?

In this fast paced technology driven era, working a 9 to 5 desk job and trying to walk toe to toe with competitors can drag you towards a very dark void. However, there is always a cure! Regardless that you have a chronic back pain or you are looking to revitalize your skin to relive […]... read more

Get Ready For Summers With TrilogyICE

Imagine yourself lying on the soothing sand of a beach somewhere in the Maldives, or enjoying a vacation wandering in the beautiful streets of Turkey wearing a cute little tank top; ah, just imagine! Right when you’re about to lose your consciousness over the intoxicating aroma of scrumptious cuisines and chirping of birds, you look […]... read more

Top Foods To Strengthen Your Immune System

Just like the armed forces are the first line of defense for any country, your immune system tends to carry out the same task for an individual. As soon as an external threat looms large to attack you, the immune system gears up to fight against that certain threat. As we all know how COVID […]... read more


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