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Fastest Growing Medical Aesthetic Treatment Brand In Pakistan – 3D Lifestyle

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

There was this time when people didn’t have any idea of what medical aesthetic treatments were about. After hearing about an aesthetic procedure, one thing that came to mind was that they were extremely EXPENSIVE. 

That was actually true. Not long ago, these cosmetic treatments actually cost a bundle. There were other significant issues associated with these procedures; They were mostly surgical and above all, they were considered taboo. This was all because most of us had a lack of awareness & knowledge about these treatments.

In 2017, 3D Lifestyle was established in Pakistan with the goal to provide medical aesthetic treatments to everyone and here it is, 25+ clinics all over Pakistan. The founders had the vision of taking aesthetic treatments to the next level and that’s one of the reasons why 3D Lifestyle came into existence. 

Revolutionizing Aesthetic Treatments at 3D Lifestyle

We are proud to claim this fact all the treatments offered here at 3D Lifestyle are completely nonsurgical.  All the management, aesthetic consultants & treatment doctors are highly professional and know what they are doing. The clinics are safe and clean. 3D Lifestyle was founded to provide nontraditional ways to treat people with multiple aesthetic concerns. So whenever you feel that your appearance is putting weight on your confidence, we are just a call away.  

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Find Us Near You

In 2017, there were only 3 centers in the major cities of Pakistan and in just 4 years we became the largest growing aesthetic brand of Pakistan. If we say that you can find us near you, you actually can. We are proud to say that we are not only serving the major cities of Pakistan but also the cities where people have less or no awareness of these marvelous procedures (exceptions are everywhere). 

Recently we opened our new center in Bahadurabad, Karachi, and relocated our center to Peshawar. We also have clinics in;

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Sialkot
  • Faisalabad
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Peshawar

So? Where is the wait then? Find us near you and reintroduce yourself. 

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3D Lifestyle – The Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Near You

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Our skin goes through a lot of changes every day. We get pimples, dryness, dehydration, sometimes our skin gets oily and there is a long list of other minor skin problems. They can go away (for some time) when you get a good diet or follow some home remedies. Your good old home remedies stop benefiting you after some time and you start getting these skin conditions again. So what should you do then? Visit the best medical aesthetic clinic near you and get yourself treated.


Skin Problems Which Home Remedies Can’t Treat

There are some skin problems that are not treatable via home remedies like wrinkles and fine lines. There are some lucky souls who are gifted with the perfect skin. If you are blessed with such beautiful skin, you should take care of it even more. Why? Because ‘Nazar’ is real (or not. What do you think? Does ‘Nazar’ have something to do with our skin or our health? Tell us in the comments). 

Let’s come to the main point, it’s totally normal to suffer from belly fat, wrinkles, & acne, etc. but if you are not considering treating them, then you should think again. You deserve to get a healthy body free from fat and other toxins.


Why Should You Visit 3D Lifestyle?

Pakistan’s Leading Medical Aesthetic Brand, 3D Lifestyle cares for your body and skin simultaneously. 25+ clinics are operating successfully in the major cities of Pakistan to fulfill the vision of making aesthetic treatments inclusive for every individual. We offer multiple services to make you better and slimmer. Services include;

  • Skin Lightening Treatments
  • Medical Grade Facials
  • Fat Reduction Treatments
  • Face & Body Lifting
  • Customized Diet Plans and whatnot.

 Another reason which makes 3D Lifestyle the best aesthetic clinic near you is that the treatments are non-surgical, safe, and painless. The technologies are seamless. The prices are affordable, unlike other aesthetic treatments which cost you a fortune. 250k+ happy customers and you can be one of them too.

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Get Customized Hydrafacial Only At 3D Lifestyle

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Dry winters make your skin dull and you might be imagining if remaining indoors will do any good, then…Ummm, think again. Indoor heaters and lack of humidity make your face dull & moistureless. Did you know that there is a difference between a dry and dehydrated face? All these problems & 3D Lifestyle has a solution, customizable Hydrafacials! Yup, here at 3D Lifestyle it is possible to get your own personalized hydrafacial.

Before going further, let’s try to know what Hydrafacial does to your skin. This miraculous medical-grade facial treatment makes your skin nourished and refreshed. Whether your skin is dry or dehydrated, one (or two) Hydrafacial(s) is all you need to make your skin plumpy, hydrated, and fine lines free again. Steps involved in the 3D Hydrafacial range are stated below.

Dry skin is a skin condition, having dry skin means that your skin lacks oil. While one gets dehydrated skin when there is a shortage of moisture in facial skin. This can happen to ALL SKIN TYPES. A person with dehydrated skin can have problems like dryness, premature aging, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and much more.

3D Lifestyle has the best Hydrafacial range with the name of

Trust us, these facials are not like other ordinary facials you get in other beauty and aesthetic clinics. Aesthetic doctors at 3D Lifestyle first check your skin type and if it has any problems like dehydration, wrinkles, premature aging, etc. After that, they recommend what type of hydrafacial you need. The steps involved will be according to your skin condition as well.

If you just want to pamper your skin, 3D Lifestyle will customize the hydrafacial according to your needs. Steps that are involved in these high-end medical-grade facials are,

Cleansing, Hydra dermabrasion, skin scrubbing, toner application, ultrasound therapy, exfoliation, RF treatment, mask application, Infusing serum, cold hammer therapy, application of vitamin C.

Let’s remind you again that if you visit 3D Lifestyle between 10 AM to 1 PM then you’ll get 20%* OFF on ALL treatments.

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Your Diet Plan might be Failing – Reasons & Solutions

Thursday, December 30th, 2021

Ever felt disheartened when the dieting attempt you made doesn’t go the way you planned? You might be wondering what could possibly have gone wrong? Sometimes without knowing, you are making a flawed diet plan. 

There is a major misconception prevailing in our society that dieting is done when one wants to lose excessive weight. NO! That’s completely wrong. Whether you want to gain weight or simply lose it, you need a diet plan. 

If you are not getting any positive results after all the grind then the following reasons might be the cause: 

Not having enough food or staying hungry is the first reason for a failed diet. Don’t skip meals! Skipping meals won’t make you slim instead, you’ll have an intense urge to consume more food. Hence you’ll eat more food than usual. Pro-tip: Don’t stay hungry for long. Healthy snacks can be of great help. 

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water & healthy fluids. It’s not only good for your skin but health too. It makes your stomach full and the food looks less appealing (exceptions are everywhere). 

You might not be getting enough nutrition. While making a diet plan for weight loss, cutting on calories is not always a good option. There are some good nutrients (calories) your body needs i.e. protein & unsaturated(healthy) fats. They have a slow metabolic rate –  In short, after the intake of these healthy calories, your body feels full for a long time. 

Get Perfect Diet Plan at 3D Lifestyle

You are not able to create a perfect meal plan, don’t worry. What are dietitians and nutritionists for? Whether you want to lose or gain weight, visit 3D Lifestyle. Best nutritionists are present here to provide you with the diet plan you always wished for. Your diet won’t fail again and you’ll achieve the body you always wanted.

In case you are looking for instant fat removal, 3D Fat-Melting, and Fat Freezing treatments are here to save your day. 

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3 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is Skin & Environment Friendly

Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Being environmentally conscious is not all about plastic bags. Anyone can make a difference, even you can. Making conscious choices can become a habit and others can be influenced by your habit too. Did you know that 3 Reasons Why Laser hair Removal can reduce Plastic Waste? Keep going. 

In case you are thinking that doing only intensive philanthropic activities will make you an environmentally responsible citizen. Then you might be slightly wrong. Little steps can make a huge difference too. Laser hair removal is a good alternative for you to become environmentally responsible. 

Laser Hair Removal first of all is the most advanced and safest way of getting rid of extra body hair. Whether you want to have full body hair removal or just for upper lips, Laser is the best, safest, and most effective hair removal method in the long run. 

Disposable Razors make tons of plastic waste. Men mostly use razors to shape up their beards to look presentable while women use them to get rid of extra hair on body parts like legs, arms, underarms, bikini areas. According to a study, billions of razors fill up the land each year. The worse thing is that they cannot be recycled since they are sharp & made from mixed plastic materials. 

Most of us leave the water running while shaving. After wax (sugar wax especially)you need to wash your body to remove the leftover wax on the skin. In short, some hair removal methods play a major role in water wastage too. There was a survey done by the United States Geological Survey, a person can consume up to 1 gallon of water just to shave their face! Just imagine how much water you must have wasted just to shave your face? 

Laser hair removal causes the most minimal waste if compared to other methods. Only electricity is consumed while razors cause plastic waste and wax cause paper waste. 

Laser Hair Removal At 3D Lifestyle 

Take little steps with 3D Lifestyle for a better environment. Shifting to laser hair removal will make you stop worrying about everyday shaving, tweezing, and waxing as well. Recently BUY 1 GET 1 ONE* offer is LIVE. Don’t miss this amazing chance of getting Laser hair removal done. You can SAVE the environment & YOUR MONEY TOO. Isn’t it the best deal? 

Offer to end SOON


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Want To Reduce Inner Thigh Gap? Try These Fat Loss Tips

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

As a lean individual, you must know the concept of the inner thigh gap. If you always had bulky thighs then you’ll understand the importance of having a thigh gap. Thighs with no room between them have their own problems & lean people don’t really face it. Get to know more about thigh gaps and fat loss tips with 3D Lifestyle.

The thigh gap is a space that is present between your upper legs connected to your buttocks. If your thighs don’t rub together while standing, then you have a thigh gap. Having this space is a blessing even if you don’t, it’s not a shame.  Owning your body and being confident in your own skin is the first step of achieving self-love.

Changing or modifying your body is also your choice without getting concerned about the stereotypical ideal shape, appearance, and size in our society. If you have a pear-shaped body then you’ll know that bulky thighs are not restricted to curvy people only. Some people have a combination body type, so slim people can have them too. Honestly, thick thighs require high maintenance. They have their own problems (if you have them you’ll know it).

Sweating that leads to rashes is the worst thing and the only reason that forces one to get inner thigh fat reduction treatment. Shopping for your favorite pants is another issue. Not every pant fits your thighs or curves perfectly. When the fat between your thighs rub together, it causes rashes and irritation (especially in summer).

What is your reason to dislike or like thick thighs, tell us in the comments? 

Reduce Inner Thigh Fat at 3D Lifestyle

If you are looking to reduce extra thigh fat, then try getting instant fat removal treatments i.e 3D Cavitation (Fat Melting), and 3D Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing). You can literally reduce up to 40% of fat from the belly, thighs, or bingo wings(Arm Fat).

Looking for healthy meal plans to get rid of the extra thigh or body fat? Try getting a customized plan from 3D NutriHealth. Certified nutritionists provide you with the best diet plans to make your body lean or curvy. 

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Melt that Belly Fat in 40 Minutes – Fat Loss

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” this quote no longer applies to running on a treadmill for hours. Winter’s here and so is your warm clothes shopping (again) because last season’s wardrobe won’t fit anymore. That’s disappointing because sometimes Fat loss goals are hard to achieve but now possible with advanced aesthetic treatments. 

In desi culture, we’re obsessed with having everything with warm water for instant fat loss. Cumin seeds, Methi Dana, Sonf, ( comment down your current obsession) we just want to extract the juices of these spices and voila! – still no progress. 

Our Dados and Nanos had it easy for them – nonchalant about body image and just going with flow. Modern times is all about how you look and what looks good. Having a fat or bulky body is all good as long as it sits well with your health. Body positivity and losing weight can be often confused (as a topic for debate) hence, resulting in poor health. Lose it or keep it, present time demands us to have a healthy body for the 24/7 grind on a daily basis. 

3D Lifestyle meeting your Fat Loss needs

Speaking of present times, 3D Lifestyle provides you with multiple fat loss options without any pain or compromising health. Be it your belly fat or thigh bulge, Fat Freezing and Fat Melting treatments at 3D Lifestyle works wonders for every body type in just 40 minutes! You can see a visible difference in your reduced waist and fat just after the first session! 

Fat loss becomes a tad more exciting at 3D Lifestyle with FLAT 30% OFF, available right now!

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Fat Loss: Is Bra Fat Caused By Tight Bras?

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Some might refuse but the reality is that the first thing you notice after wearing the newly bought bra is your back. The fat overhanging under the bra band looks weird and embarrassing. All this can keep us from wearing an outstanding dress. Most of us have this confusion that bra fat is caused by tight bras. Let’s bust this myth today. We’ll discuss a way for extra fat removal on the back as well.

You can hide that extra fat under your favorite shirt but a time will come when your dress won’t be able to hide that bulge.  According to some people, keeping a straight posture can also help you with bra fat reduction. Does this hack sound okay to you? Not to us. Bra fat is caused by multiple reasons like;

Consuming foods with high calories. When excess fats and carbohydrates are unable to burn, they start showing signs on the body. Mostly the body parts which are affected by the intake of extra calories are the belly, breast, and back.

Sitting and doing no exercise or walking can also be a cause of bra bulge. One should do a little workout because it not only helps with fat reduction but keeps the body healthy too.

Let’s come to the real issue which is “Whether tight bras cause bra fat or not?”. Folks this is the reality. Basically, a tight bra is one of the causes of bra fat. When the bra is wrongly fitted, it causes irritation to your skin too. What you can do is to check the band size before buying a bra. If you are thinking that loose bras are okay, they have their own issues (if you know tell us in the comments).

Bra Fat Reduction at 3D Lifestyle

As the quote says  As you sow, so shall you reap. Now you have gained bra fat & its removal is not that easy. No worries, visit 3D Lifestyle. Fat melting and fat freezing treatments are all you need to say goodbye to not only bra fat but belly fat too. This winter, get instant fat reduction treatments and make your body ready for summer.

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4 Hair Removal Methods For Armpits

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Before talking about the different hair removal methods, tell us in the comments what is the most commonly used method for hair removal on armpits?

Armpit hair is a natural way of keeping bacteria from invading your body but the problem is, it limits your wardrobe choices. Moreover, bacteria that cause smell afterward makes it unbearable for the person standing next to you. 

Hair that grows on the underarms, bikini line(for women), chest, and back(for men) are thicker than the hair that appears on your head. These areas are sensitive and that’s why special attention is required on these body parts. There are a couple of methods that you can use to (somehow) bid farewell (not permanently) to the extra underarm hair.

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No doubt one of the quickest methods of removing unwanted hair is Shaving. All you have to do is grab a razor and remove all the hair without wasting any time.

Pros: Quick, Easy & Painless

Cons: Post-shave irritation, ingrown bumps, Redness, & Speedy growth of hair.


According to some people, one of the most convenient ways of removing extra hair is waxing (is it?). Some people do it at home while some visit salons to get it done. Waxing at home requires some level of expertise.

Pros: Long Lasting than Razor, 

Cons: Irritation, Waxburn, ingrown bumps, & painful. 

Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams:

In case you don’t know, depilatory creams are used to dissolve the hair on the skin. It’s the most painless way of removing extra hair but it comes with a cost. The chemicals that can dissolve your hair, just imagine what they can do to your skin?

Pros: Painless and easy to use

Cons: Chemical burns, Irritation, skin allergy, & skin damage.

Time For Fun Fact:

Asian Hair tends to grow faster than all ethnic groups.

Laser Hair Removal:

The safest method of removing body hair, laser, is here to save your day. It reduces your hair permanently. Pakistan’s best Aesthetic Clinic 3D Lifestyle has treatment doctors that give safe laser hair removal to your sensitive body parts like armpits.

Pros: Safe, Painless, No downtime, & No side effects.

Cons: It’s costly for some but 3D Lifestyle has the answer to this problem too.

3D Lifestyle offers multiple deals for full body hair removal. In this way, you can reduce unwanted hair from sensitive body parts as well. These offers are economical & cost-effective

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