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Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Women

Get rid of the need to wax, tweeze or shave ever again with 3D Lifestyle! We offer the world's leading hair removal treatment, our TrilogyICE treatments are guaranteed to be CHEAPER than waxing and SAFER than waxing! Our devices for TrilogyICE are FDA approved. This technology offers you a 100% painless and safe treatment. All you will feel in the sessions is an ice cube gliding on your skin. So, get ready to enjoy smooth and unwanted hair-free skin!

Facial Hair Removal

Tired of regular waxing, tweezing and bleaching facial hair? Try our TrilogylCE treatment which is equipped with 3L wavelengths that targets every kind of hair large, small, think, thin and will make your skin flawless

Upper Body Hair Removal

Shaving, plucking, and waxing can be tiresome, time consuming and costly. Get rid of unwanted hair with our TrilogylCE treatment which removes all types of hairs and it’s effective for all skin types.

Lower Body Hair Removal

Our laser treatment is best in the town! TrilogyICE incorporates multiple laser wavelength technology that targets both thick and thin hair makes your skin smoother and clearer

Why FIT3D Scan?

Are you tired of shaving, plucking or waxing? Do you get razor bumps or acne-like breakouts when you get rid of unwanted hair? Get rid of unwanted hair with our latest non-invasive treatment

Why 3D-Trilogyice?


3-in-1 applicator

Virtually Painless

Treatment is virtually painless, delivering a massage-like sensation.

All Skin Tones and Hair Types

Effective results for light or dark skin as well as coarse of fine hair.

Proven safety record

Including for dark skin.

Tanned Skin

Treatments can be performed any time of the year, including on tanned skin.


Treatment sessions are super-quick, even for large areas such as the legs or back.

No Down Time

You can return to your normal activities, including working out at the gym, immediately.

Contact Colling

Including sensitive or hard to reach areas such as the ears, nostrils and bikini line.

Real Stories

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3D Laser Hair Removal For Painless And Effective Hair Reduction

3D Laser Hair Removal For Permanent Hair Free Skin

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A Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal - TrilogyICE

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3D TrilogyICE - Skin Friendly Hair Removal Now Available

3D Laser Hair Removal Without Any Downtime

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Price List for Hair Removal

Upper Lips

Rs. 1,495 per session

Course of 6 - 6,995/- SAVE 2,000

Upper Lips & Chin

Rs. 2,495 per session

Course of 6 - 9,995/- SAVE 10,000


Rs. 4,995 per session

Course of 6 - 19,995/- SAVE 10,000

Full Face Including Neck

Rs. 5,995 per session

Course of 6 - 24,995/- SAVE 20,000

Neck, Shoulder, Chest, Belly and Back

Rs. 19,995/- SAVE 8,000

Full Face + Full Arms + Lower Legs

Rs. 17,995/- SAVE 7,000

Full Arms + Underarms + Full legs

Rs. 22,500/- SAVE 7,500

Full Body Including Face

Rs. 24,995 per session

Course of 3 - 59,995/- SAVE 14,500

Course of 6 - 99,995/- SAVE 50,000

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Diode Technology


Diode Layer – Alexandrite

Diode, 755mm, spot size 12x12mm, upto 10Hz

Based on the Alexandrite wavelength being the shortest of the 3, it allows for the greatest absorbency of the melanin chromophore. This provides the best solution for the widest range of hair types and colour especially light coloured and thin hair.


Diode Layer

Diode, 808mm, spot size 12x12mm, upto 10Hz

The Diode wavelength is very effective on darker skin types but is comparatively less effective on lighter finer hair. Its deep penetration levels offer best results for skin types 1-4


Diode Layer – YAG

Diode, 1064mm, spot size 12x12mm, upto 10Hz

The YAG wavelength allows for moderate energy by the melanin chromophore providing the optimum solution for darker skin types.

Competitive Edge

Alone, technology does not always create the business opportunity sold, especially in the competitive arena of laser hair removal. 3D are known for providing cutting edge technology at affordable prices and 3D-Trilogy ice offers clinics this affordable edge whilst not compromising on quality or specification.

Trilogy Ice Technology is FDA Approved.

Multiple layer wavelengths allows operators to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round, perform treatments quickly and comfortably whilst achieving the best clinical results.

Before & After

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Here’s what the Celebrities have to Say!

Nimra Khan
Kanwar Nafees
Bushra Ansari
Mehwish Hayat

“ I wanted a perfectly contoured face for which I came to 3D Lifestyle’s Clifton centre and took the 3D HIFU Facelift. I thank Dr. Maria and Dr. Tahira for taking such good care of my concerns. Results are amazing! Guys, YOU are important and you should try it to believe it, on my recommendation!  ”

Nimra Khan

“ I took the Skin tightening treatment from 3D Lifestyle & I am immensely satisfied with the results and getting a lot of compliments from my coworkers. I feel younger, fresher & there’s a boost in my confidence which eventually reflects in my work on screen. I want everyone to give 3D HIFU a try.”

Kanwar Nafees

“ Despite of getting on Diet plans, I couldn’t lose the stubborn fat which had accumulated post pregnancies of my three kids. I learnt about 3D lifestyle through my show and when I took only 2 sessions of their treatments, I experienced a remarkable difference in myself. I love their homely environment and if you have excess Fat which you can’t get rid of, I would suggest you to trust 3D lifestyle with their very many treatment options and services”

Nida Yasir

“ My message is for all the mothers, sisters and daughters to please take care & love yourself. You are very important! Serious female health issues like UTI and stress incontinence are no longer a threat. All thanks to Jawad Qureshi, now we have technology called ‘V-Juve’ in Pakistan for all those issues women hesitate to discuss!”

Bushra Ansari

“ I took 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial because I had open pores issue. I see visible difference right after my treatment. Its glowing and its much tighter. My experience over here has been amazing. I’m realy realy impressed with the results ”

Mehwish Hayat

“ On my first session, I was nervous but also excited to see how this treatment would work. Following the treatment session which could be squeezed in a lunch break, I was re-measured and had indeed shrunk. Having lost 1 inch from around my waistline and almost 2 inches around my abdomen, I shed a total of 3 inches in just 45 minutes, while lying back and thinking about upcoming PSL !!!”

Aadi Adeal Amjad

“ The smoothness I feel in my skin is incredible; there’s definitely a difference as my skin feels tightened and I can sense the treatment working underneath my skin layers. The texture and quality of my skin post treatment is amazing and the doctors pointed at the areas where the lift will take its effect. Thank you 3D lifestyle”

Nadia Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your laser hair removal treatment.

1. How many cities does 3D Lifestyle offer its services in?

3D Lifestyle has more than 30 clinics all over Pakistan. We have clinics in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Sialkot, Multan, Peshawar and Rahim Yar Khan.

2. What should I do after a hair removal treatment?

You can Immediately go back to your routine as there are no precautions required.

3. How long does the treatment take and how many sessions will I need?

Depending on which area of the body you are having treated the time will vary. For small areas such as the upper lip, Forehead and underarms typically takes 10-15 minutes, whereas full legs can take anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.  Since everyone’s hair growth cycle is different multiple sessions are required to achieve desired results. Generally 3 to 5 treatments will significantly reduce hair re-growth.

4. What are the benefits of TrilogyIce hair removal?

Unlike waxing and shaving, this hair removal treatment will keep you hair free and silky smooth all year round! And unlike a regular laser hair removal treatment, TrilogyIce is 100% pain free and has a cooling effect. It is a safe, non-invasive and pain-free procedure and is suitable for both men and women alike. Our staff are certified and experienced and the medical grade Trilogy technology can be used for both light and dark skin tones and effectively remove all size of hairs ( i.e, thick and thin). It is cost effective, efficient and requires no downtime.

5. Is 3D-Trilogyice REALLY safer than waxing?

YES! Waxing leaves behind chicken skin and ingrown hair. It often leaves scars and may cause various infections. The ONLY safest way to remove unwanted hair forever is the Trilogy ICE laser! It's safe for all skins and is effective on all skins!

6. Does HIFU have any side effects?

You may experience slight redness for up to an hour following the treatment These symptoms are mild and temporary. So, there aren't no any such side effects of HiFU hair removal treatment.

7. Does laser hair removal at 3D Lifestyle hurt?

3D Triologyice is the most advanced Laser Hair Removal technology in the world which merges three wavelengths to be more neutral to the skin. No burns, no pain, all you get is smooth skin with a cooling effect.

8. How many sessions will I need to see results?

A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended to achieve optimum results although your aesthetic consultant will tailor the best treatment plan for you.

9. I have darker skin – can I still get this treatment done?

Yes. The 3D lifestyle’s laser treatment is often used on those with both light darker skin tones. Our Laser hair removal can be performed on virtually any skin color and hair type, but hair color is the most important factor. Our multiple types of lasers allow us great versatility for accommodating the wide variance in hair and skin color. Dark hair is treated most effectively while treatments performed on red, blonde, and gray hair are generally less effective. During your initial consultation, your skin type, hair color, and skin sensitivity will help our staff determine which treatment you'll require. We offer beautiful, smooth results that you'll love

10. How can I get an appointment?

You can get free consultation sessions with our experts all over Pakistan. To book your appointment call now at 021 111 232 889 and for Facebook Messenger click here.

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