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Bingo Wings Treatment

Using duo 3D-cryotherapy to target stubborn fat in this common problem area. A bespoke treatment program will be devised to also tighten and tone the loose skin in this area for complete approach.

Bingo wings is the rather unaffectionate term used to describe the loose skin and fatty tissue that hangs at the back of arm in many women and some men.

Sagging skin of the back of arm is serious problem for the beauty admirers which is very difficult to get rid of even by surgery due to the pronounced complications and possible injuring the neurovascular bundle of the arm during the surgery of this area if not done carefully rather than the complication of the anesthesia and post-surgery complications itself. 3D lifestyle brings to you this unique combination of 3D- duo cryotherapy with shockwave which is totally noninvasive treatment with no side effects. Toning and tightening of upper arms is not an issue anymore, this treatment will help you in targeting the resistant fat and decrease your arm circumference 20 -40% by getting rid of the underlying fat and tightening the overlying skin as well thus giving complete approach.

Using 3D- duo cryotherapy targets stubborn fat in this common problematic area and shockwave modality helps by enhancing the lymphatic drainage in order to flush out the fat and give you the best result in a shorter period. Thus  a bespoke treatment program is devised to meet your concerns


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