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Archive for February, 2022

Beat High Blood Pressure With This Diet Plan

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Making certain changes in your diet plan surely helps you in beating high blood pressure. Medications are not the only way to stop hypertension. Following the DASH diet plan is a proven way to lessen your blood pressure. This diet plan helps you with weight loss as well. What is the dash diet? Let’s go further.

The full form of the DASH diet is “Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)”. Following a dash diet plan is simple but being consistent is the key to lowering your blood pressure. If you are a high blood pressure patient, add or deduct the following things in your diet.

Avoid Salt (Sodium): Sodium is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. If you are a hypertension patient and like salty food at the same time then you are having a risk of heart disease & stroke. According to the DASH diet, one should limit the usage of sodium (2.3g – 2.5g). If we look at the stats, the normal usage of salt by an average Pakistani is 9-12 g (pretty high, right?).

Eat Foods With High Potassium: Start consuming fruits & vegetables with high potassium because it helps in lowering sodium levels in the body. If you are having high blood pressure, start eating ‘bananas’. There are other fruits like apples, green beans, carrots, dates, etc. These fruits have high levels of magnesium & potassium. They help you in decreasing the sodium level in the body.

Limit Sugar-Sweetened Products: Sugary products i.e cakes & non-diet drinks/sodas are packed with calories and they ultimately make your belly, fat. There are more chances of getting high blood pressure when you are fat.

Diet Plan From 3D Lifestyle’s Certified Nutritionists

3D NutriHealth is a program by 3D Lifestyle, where you can get customized diet plans according to your health condition from certified nutritionists. Whether you are looking to get a diet plan for weight loss or weight gain, 3D Lifestyle has your back. If you have any health condition, discuss it with our nutritionists. They’ll suggest you a customized meal plan according to your health.

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Acnes That Look SAME But Are NOT – Treat Them All At 3D

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

One thing you should know is that there are different types of acne and a lot of people are not able to find the difference between them just like SHIZA & FIZA (If you know what we mean :p). We often try different home remedies to get rid of bumps present on our faces. One thing is for sure that these DIY skincare remedies are harmful to your skin if not done with care

There are many types of pimples but let’s put some light on the most common types of acne.

Blackheads: A black color dot with a bump is a blackhead. It often appears when your facial skin pores are large & open. When the pores are clogged with sebum (waxy substance), a chemical reaction occurs and the clogged pore is changed into black color.

Whiteheads: The difference between these two types of pimples is that the opening of the pore is very tiny hence the bacteria (sebum) stays under the skin. Air doesn’t go in either so no chemical reaction happens. That’s why the clogged pores don’t change color.

They are not harmful but they don’t look good either. Don’t try home remedies if you are removing these black & white bumps for the first time. One wrong move and you are left with an acne scar.

Papules: If you love (a lot of) chocolates & sugary stuff, then you are (surely) familiar with this type of acne. Papule acne is often triggered by stress, an unbalanced diet, and certain medications. If pus starts developing in the papule, it changes into a pustule.

If you attempt to pop these pimples, bacteria start spreading on your facial skin and as a result, you get more uninvited guests.

Treat All Types Of Acne At 3D Lifestyle

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3 Drinks That Will Burn Belly Fat Like Crazy

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Winters means eating gajrela, consuming hot sugary beverages & staying in a warm blanket. After doing all this stuff, get ready to receive an unwanted guest. The worst thing is that this unannounced guest refuses to leave by itself. Yup, that’s belly fat. For most of us, gaining extra weight is easier than losing. Let’s try to know about the drinks that can actually help in burning extra belly fat.

A balanced diet and high fiber foods are good for your health but let’s not forget the importance of the drinks which boost metabolism & promote fullness. 

Below are some hot & cold drinks you can consume if you want to reduce body fat. 

Caffeine: Most of us are familiar with this name. Black coffees and dark chocolates you consume are filled with this drug. If you want to stay awake for long then you normally go for drinks filled with caffeine. According to some theories, caffeine slows down the weight gain effect. If you are thinking that now you can consume milk chocolate frappes and sugary coffees and get away with it. Then get ready to get a flabby and saggy tummy.

An important note here! Consume coffee and black tea but don’t put sugar in them. You’ll start gaining weight instead of losing.

Green Tea: Green tea not only prevents weight loss but is also extremely beneficial for your health. The Green tea is filled with antioxidants (It removes the components that can damage your body). 

Green tea boosts the fat-burning hormones. Therefore, one can lose some fat by having green tea. Having a lot of  green tea create dryness in your body (Disadvantage of Green Tea)

Detox Water: Many are familiar with this concept, some are not. Detoxed water is a drink that is infused with fresh fruits, vegetables, & herbs. You can make detoxed water at home. Detoxed water contains very few calories and is filled with tons of vitamins. 

You can either put room temperature water or If you like cold drinks then leave the detox water in the refrigerator for the whole night so that the flavor of veggies and fruits can infuse in the water deeply.

You can mix different vegetables and fruits together like:

Cucumber & Mint

Lemon & Orange

Cucumber & Lemon

Cinnamon & Apple and much more…

Belly Fat Removal At 3D Lifestyle

You can have all the drinks you want but 3D Lifestyle has a quick solution for this problem. 3D Fat Melting (3D Cavitation) and Fat Freezing treatment (3D Cryolipolysis). These treatments not only help in getting rid of belly fat but also other body parts like butt, double chin, bra fat, thighs, etc.

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