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3 Surprising Benefits Of Cucumber for Weight Loss

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

A Fruit (Not A Vegetable!) with zero haters – cucumber. Loved equally by every kid and adult. It is generally used in salads or you have it with biryani (or any food you like). It can be your best go-to snack as well. Let’s try to know why cucumbers should be an important part of your diet and why they should be included in your weight loss resolution plan this year. 

Healthy & nutritious diet 

This fruit consists of 96% water. Imagine how much nutrition and hydration it must be giving to your body? A raw cucumber has zero fat and is enriched with vitamin C and Vitamin K. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which prevents you from chronic diseases, especially of the heart. It helps in lowering the blood pressure as well. 

Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and it’s good for bones. 

Cucumber has antioxidants to fight with free radicals (cell harming molecules). 

If you want to get a nutritious and healthy diet plan then visit 3D Lifestyle (3D NutriHealth). Nutritionists will recommend you customized healthy meals with all the vitamins and antioxidants according to your body type.

Fat Reduction 

An average cucumber has about 20-30 calories. Therefore it’s very beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. The best thing is that even if you consume large portions of cucumber, you won’t gain any weight.

In case you want to reduce fat from any body part instantly, get 3D Cryolipolysis from 3D Lifestyle. It’s a fat freezing treatment which helps you in bum lifting, reducing thigh gap & double chin and contouring other body parts as well.

Other benefits 

Sliced Cucumber everyday, keeps skin problems away. Cucumber has many skin benefits as well. It keeps the skin cool and soothes inflammation. It reduces the puffy eyes as well. Provides relief to sunburn as well. 

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Published Date: 5 Jan 2022

New Skincare Resolution To Healthy & Glowing Skin

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

You might feel nostalgic about the year passed. A new year means new hopes, new dreams, and new beginnings. If things were not okay last year, don’t worry & keep your hopes up. Things will get better by the end of 2022 (God Willing). New year ho or sath NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS na houn, not possible! Let’s make some S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time-bound) skincare resolutions for this year. Although we aren’t normally able to achieve those goals likn umeed pe duniya qaim hai!

Resolution # 1 Make cleansing an essential part of your skincare routine. You sure have made a weight loss resolution. Most of us don’t cleanse our faces in a proper way after working out. You need to rinse your face to wipe out the bacteria and sweat from your skin. This should be preferably done within 15 minutes of exercise. For the love of skin, CLEANSE YOUR FACE BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP! Your skin carries dirt, oil, and makeup throughout the day and they should be removed before getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping with an unclean face promotes early aging, dehydration, and fine lines (You sure don’t want that).

Resolution # 2 This year, use a moisturizer as a top priority. Hydration is the MOST IMPORTANT thing your skin requires. Apply moisturizer before putting on makeup. Moisturize your skin before going to sleep and after washing your face.

Resolution # 3 Get the best skincare treatments at 3D Lifestyle

The best medical-grade facials and skincare treatments you can find in the market are provided at 3D Lifestyle. HydraFacial, also called everyone’s favorite Facial. No one can deny the hydrafacial benefits on the skin. With the name of 7 Step 3D HydraFresh Facial and 11 Step 3D HydraPlus Facial, get all the hydration, smoothness, and healthy glow your skin requires.

3D Ultra Glow Facial to get ultra glow on the skin. Get lifted and tightened skin with a Red Carpet Collagen Facial.

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Skincare Treatment For Dark Circles Before Your Wedding

Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

You sure don’t want to have panda eyes on your wedding day (pandas are cute but not panda eyes on you!) . To hide those dark panda eyes, your makeup artist puts layers of concealer around your eyes. After some time the makeup starts to melt or you wash your face, then oops! Those dark circles start popping up again. For brides and grooms to be, here are some skincare tips you can follow to get rid of dark circles before your big day.

If you surf through the internet, you’ll find millions of home remedies for dark circles. You should first know how dark circles are formed. We mostly assume that lack of sleep is the only cause of dark circles. Not having a healthy lifestyle is one of the major reasons for dark circles around the eyes. Staying tired 24/7  & not having enough sleep drains the color of your skin. It starts showing signs on your eyes and your dark circles become more prominent. 

Dehydration is one of the main causes we need to talk about. When you’re water deprived, the skin cells around your eye shrink, and your eyes start looking recessed. Aging reduces fat and  collagen in the skin hence making the skin around the eyes thin. The dark veins start appearing under the eyes. 

Your ancestors are to blame if you got dark circles through your genes. Excessive melanin production in skin also causes dark circles. 

Dark Circles Treatment To Get Before Your Wedding

Getting rid of dark circles before your big day is not an issue now. Pakistan’s best aesthetic clinic 3D Lifestyle has mind blowing treatments that not only lighten up your eye area but your face complexion too. 3D BB Glow gives your face a semi permanent foundation finish. With ingredients like peptide and niacinamide, it fixes discoloration of skin, especially around your eyes. 3D Lifestyle also provides best hydrafacials with the name of 7 Step 3D Hydrafresh and 11 Step 3D HydraPlus Facial.  With everyone’s favorite 3D ClearSkin Peel, you can get back the ‘CHAMAK’ under your eyes. It has glycolic acid which fixes the discoloration of skin. After any of these treatments, your dark circles will be gone and you will be able to prepare for your wedding without any tension from the skin side.

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Get No Makeup Look In 30 Minutes – Skincare

Friday, December 17th, 2021

Once you start doing makeup there is no turning back. To get the makeup Look, you need like 1 hour for it. In the end, you still end up covering up your face with layers of foundation. If you are Lazybones and normally forget to follow a proper skincare routine before sleeping then you are already causing extensive damage to your face.

What if we tell you that we have a solution to this makeup problem? You can now leave your house with no makeup and still look best and flawless. No makeup or nude look is currently a trend and everyone is following it. 3D Lifestyle can help you to get this semi-permanent foundation look in just 30 minutes. 3D BB Glow is a perfect treatment for people who don’t like to wear layers of foundation.

Why cover dark spots when you can get rid of them? Easy peasy! Get BB Glow. The serums are infused into the skin. Composed of all natural ingredients that treat skin discoloration, blemishes, redness, dark circles & tan. This procedure is 100% safe and includes microneedling too.

The serums contain vitamins and antioxidants that penetrate deep into the skin.  This treatment boosts collagen production as well. Collagen increases skin’s elasticity and your face looks lifted.

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE 3D BB Glow Facial at 3D Lifestyle

If you are getting 3D BB Glow for free then why not avail it ASAP. To get this offer, book an appointment on our website & visit the best aesthetic clinic 3D Lifestyle to get this marvelous facial. There are other treatments as well like 3D GlutaLight (skin lightening Injections) to make your skin radiant and toxin-free. Want the best Hydrafacial? Get 7 Step 3D Hydrafresh Facial and 11 Step 3D HydraPlus Facial to achieve extremely hydrated skin.


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Best Skincare Packages To Get On Your Wedding

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

When it comes to wedding beauty prep, you are never too early to start! Dress, events, and other things can take time and that’s completely okay but your skin needs to be radiant and picture-perfect on your wedding day. That is why you need the best skincare packages so that you can have an extra glow to your whole body.

If you have been slacking off on your skincare regimen then get serious and start taking care of yourself because you are getting married! (If not today, then maybe some other day). To help you in avoiding last-minute beauty blunders, 3D Lifestyle has planned the best wedding packages to avail by both GROOM & BRIDE.

Wedding Packages At 3D Lifestyle

Get Silky Smooth Skin With Full Face Or Body Laser Hair Removal. Start getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment so that you can get permanent hair reduction and don’t have to bear wax pain. Whether it’s for a full face or the whole body, 3D Lifestyle has your back.

Get Spotless, Flawless & Hydrated Face With 3D HydraPlus Facial & 3D BB Glow. This HydraPlus Facial is not like your regular Hydrafacial. It’s better because it has 11 Steps and no side effects. If you want your skin to have a No-makeup look then the package has 3D BB glow Facial too. You can now attend to the guests with no makeup.

Get Tightened Skin And Slim Body With 3D HiFU Or Duo Cryo. If you want your wedding dress to fit properly and SLAY on your big day with a slim & sleek body then 3D Lifestyle has a solution here too. You can get 3D Body HiFU to get firm and tight skin. Whether you want to reduce love handles or belly fat. 3D Cryolipolysis(fat freezing treatment) is the best way to get rid of extra fat. Worried about a saggy face or neck? Get 3D HiFU Face & Neck Lift. 

No Skin Toxins With 3D Gluta Light. Want to restore your skin’s natural brightness? You can make this happen with 3D Gluta Light Drips. All the natural ingredients not only make your skin shine but help you to get rid of skin toxins as well. It also boosts the immune system.

All these treatments are fully customizable with the best combination of treatments. Complete your wedding with these skincare packages offered at 3D Lifestyle.

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Fat Loss & Hydrated Skin Together At 3D Lifestyle

Monday, November 8th, 2021

In today’s era being slim and smart is (kind of) impossible for a person who loves food (We’re all in this together 🙂 ). Being overweight is not an issue but the problems that come with it are unignorable. Heart diseases and diabetes eventually lead a person towards death. Obesity not only affects the body but it has drastic effects on the skin too. Fat loss is crucial for one who wants to live a long life.

If you are overweight then it’s a serious health problem. Obesity can shorten the lifespan of a person too. Body fat can influence your skin in multiple ways.

A person who consumes high-calorie foods not only gets fat but the skin is affected too. How? Samosas and Pakoras dipped in oil may look and taste yummy but the calories in them not only make you bulky but can create acne too. Additional oil and dead skin cells clog the skin’s pores, causing a blockage & preventing skin to breathe. When skin bacteria attacks, an inflamed pimple is created.

The person who is fat tends to sweat a lot and sweating is another way of getting pimples or rough skin. Going to a picnic on a sunny day is a delightful moment but you end up inviting sweat which eventually leads to skin blemish. The bacteria, heat, and friction make the pores congested and result in ‘sweat pimples’.

Excessive fat can also damage collagen production in the skin. Collagen helps in making the skin firm and tight. When there is not enough collagen, your skin becomes saggy. Fat removal may be a tiring process if you opt. for dieting. So what should you do?

Permanent Fat Loss Treatment At 3D Lifestyle

If you are looking for permanent fat reduction and the best skincare treatment, then 3D Lifestyle has a perfect offer for you. You can now get 3D Cavitation (fat melting treatment) and 3D HydraPlus Facial at the best discount possible. 3D HydraPlus is not like your simple HydraFacial at a salon. It consists of 11 Steps that not only hydrate your face but make it acne and oil-free. Now remove that belly fat and get perfect skin by grabbing these AMAZING OFFERS!!!

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