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Using a combination of non-surgical technologies, a prescriptive treatment plan will be devised to effectively remove fat from your area of concern.

In this treatment modality is a combination of non surgical lipo technology for body contouring and body sculpting is being used.

Depending on your body fat type and the nature of the targeted area of your body, our aesthetic consultant will tailor your treatment type required which gives the best result which suits you:

  • Cavitation & radiofrequency & shockwave
  • Cryolipolysis + shockwave


Ultrasound cavitation machine technology in our 3D Lipo is the world’s latest revolution in medical Aesthetic provides ultrasound fat removal which is the best alternative to tummy tuck thus getting the best non invasive liposuction results without any risk of anesthesia or surgery complications, as in the case of liposuction,` tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

This technique helps you get rid of belly fat without pain or any serious side effects. When you ever search for fat loss treatment, the non surgical fat reduction is the best non-invasive fat removal modality.

If compared to belly fat removal surgery including all fat removal procedures like tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, liposuction or even laser fat removal In the modern era of medical aesthetics and plastic surgery field, lipo without surgery has reached the popularity as an alternative to abdominoplasty or other such modalities, targeted fat reduction prove to have an excellent as well as instant results to remove belly fat without side effects of the surgery or anesthesia complications.

Best for

Overall fat reduction with instant circumference reduction observed.

Tech explained

Cavitation fat reduction using the ultrasound cavitation machine is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. A fat cell cannot with stand this pressure and therefore disintegrates into a liquid state.

What happens to the released fat?

During the 3D-cavitation treatment, the membranes of the fat cells are disrupted. The fat cell content, primarily comprised of triglycerides, is dispersed into the fluid between the cells and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the 3D-cavitation treatment and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed by the body’s natural mechanisms.

What areas can be improved with 3D-cavitation?

3D-cavitation is best for treating larger areas of fat such as the abdomen, thighs and ‘muffin top’.

How many treatments are recommended?

A course of 6-8 treatments are recommended to achieve optimum results although your aesthetic consultant will tailor the best treatment plan for you.

What Results Can I Expect from this treatment?

Results can be seen instantly from first session, with an average loss of 2-4cm per treatment. Results will be improved during each treatment.

Can I combine 3D-cavitation with other treatments?

Yes, 3D-cavitation can often be combined with other treatments depending on what you are looking to achieve. Aesthetic consultant will devise a tailored treatment program which may incorporate the addition of other technologies usually radiofrequency and shockwave to enhance the result.

What will I experience during treatment?

The size of the treatment area determines the duration of the session. During treatment, a handheld device delivering ultrasound energy gently glides over the marked area. The majority of treated patients consistently report painless and comfortable experiences, however possible bruising with slight redness of the skin in the treated area may occurs which usually disappear within a Maximus period of 10days.

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