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Who Shouldn’t Get Laser Hair Removal in 3D Lifestyle?

Monday, November 29th, 2021

Want to get laser hair removal? But do you know that there are certain conditions when doctors at 3D Lifestyle don’t recommend you to get laser hair removal treatment? Let’s proceed further and find out what conditions make one person unsuitable for Laser Hair Removal.

A little bit of an intro about the laser for the people who are new here. If you are tired of waxing or using razors & depilatory, switch to the most advanced laser hair removal for women and men. Surprisingly, this method is not temporary like wax. It reduces the hair permanently. After a few sessions, you’ll notice that your hair has become light and thin. You might think that it’s expensive but in the long run, it’s much cheaper than other hair removal methods.

Let’s come to the point, 3D Lifestyle doesn’t advise this treatment on everyone. Here at 3D Lifestyle, doctors don’t recommend laser hair removal treatment, if one is having conditions mentioned below;

Laser Hair Removal Treatment at 3D Lifestyle

Our doctors don’t suggest laser if one is trying to conceive or is pregnant. The use of laser rays might be harmful to pregnant women. Pregnant women usually grow more hair due to the hormones. Fear not, the extra hair will fall off eventually. If not, then you can get a laser afterwards. We are here to serve you.

Treatment doctors here at 3D Lifestyle don’t recommend laser if a person has a skin condition like Herpes etc. You should inform the consultant if you have any skin disease, they’ll suggest whether laser hair removal machine is suitable for you or not. 

Don’t get laser hair removal soon after threading, waxing, or tweezing. Doctors don’t recommend laser treatment on the body part with open pores. The beam of Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles and wax or tweezers eliminate them. The laser won’t work if your hair follicles are not present.

If you are not having any of the above conditions, then you are welcome to get 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment at 3D Lifestyle. We offer hair removal treatment from face to full body laser hair removal.

Visit us and get a consultation because it’s FREE and ask any concerns you have regarding laser hair removal treatments.

We also offer a FREE PATCH TEST of the safest laser. Our aesthetic doctors are always there to help you out.

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Fat Loss: Is Bra Fat Caused By Tight Bras?

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Some might refuse but the reality is that the first thing you notice after wearing the newly bought bra is your back. The fat overhanging under the bra band looks weird and embarrassing. All this can keep us from wearing an outstanding dress. Most of us have this confusion that bra fat is caused by tight bras. Let’s bust this myth today. We’ll discuss a way for extra fat removal on the back as well.

You can hide that extra fat under your favorite shirt but a time will come when your dress won’t be able to hide that bulge.  According to some people, keeping a straight posture can also help you with bra fat reduction. Does this hack sound okay to you? Not to us. Bra fat is caused by multiple reasons like;

Consuming foods with high calories. When excess fats and carbohydrates are unable to burn, they start showing signs on the body. Mostly the body parts which are affected by the intake of extra calories are the belly, breast, and back.

Sitting and doing no exercise or walking can also be a cause of bra bulge. One should do a little workout because it not only helps with fat reduction but keeps the body healthy too.

Let’s come to the real issue which is “Whether tight bras cause bra fat or not?”. Folks this is the reality. Basically, a tight bra is one of the causes of bra fat. When the bra is wrongly fitted, it causes irritation to your skin too. What you can do is to check the band size before buying a bra. If you are thinking that loose bras are okay, they have their own issues (if you know tell us in the comments).

Bra Fat Reduction at 3D Lifestyle

As the quote says  As you sow, so shall you reap. Now you have gained bra fat & its removal is not that easy. No worries, visit 3D Lifestyle. Fat melting and fat freezing treatments are all you need to say goodbye to not only bra fat but belly fat too. This winter, get instant fat reduction treatments and make your body ready for summer.

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Smog Alert! How To Maintain Skincare?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

If you are having blurry vision and thinking that you might have an eyesight issue then welcome to ……………City(tell us in comments, which is the most polluted city of Pakistan right now). You are not having a sight problem. What you see is smog (smoke) and Air Pollution. Continue reading and find out how to maintain skincare during this “smoggy weather”.

Winter has crept in and it’s natural to have dull, dry & dehydrated skin at the same time. Apart from winters, smog is giving rise to different skin problems. We all know that bad skin happens due to an unhealthy diet or increasing stress levels but the biggest rival of skin which we majorly ignore is Air Pollution. 

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When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, different air pollutants like ozone, oxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) car & cigarette smoke, it gives birth to unlimited skin problems. Mostly the facial skin is affected because it’s the exposed part of the skin.

When we talk about this hazard, we tend to focus only on the internal body organs and respiratory problems. Mostly the skin is ignored. Small pollution particles get stuck into your skin and can cause; 

  • Breakouts
  • Acne (Pimples)
  • Pigmentation Spots
  • Dull & dry skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Itchy skin

With the below skincare tips you can make your facial skin, pollution-free.

Cleanse your skin because the acidic air can make your face dry. Don’t use a face wash that can make the skin too dry. You can use coconut oil to clean your facial skin. These oils can somehow make your skin fresh.

Use good toner because it helps to shrink the enlarged pores that can cause pimples. It also cleans the dirt in the pores. 

Pollution-Free Skin at 3D Lifestyle

If you don’t have time to take care of your face during this polluted weather by yourself then visit 3D Lifestyle. With the best aesthetic consultants and facials better than your normal salon facial, you can get pollution-free skin in no time. If you think that hydra facial is the solution to your facial skin problems then try getting (a way better) 3D HydraFresh Facial. It’s suitable for both dry and oily skin. There are other facial treatments as well like, 11-Step 3D  HydraPlus Facial, 3D Ultra Glow, 3D BB Glow, and 3D Clever.

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4 Hair Removal Methods For Armpits

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Before talking about the different hair removal methods, tell us in the comments what is the most commonly used method for hair removal on armpits?

Armpit hair is a natural way of keeping bacteria from invading your body but the problem is, it limits your wardrobe choices. Moreover, bacteria that cause smell afterward makes it unbearable for the person standing next to you. 

Hair that grows on the underarms, bikini line(for women), chest, and back(for men) are thicker than the hair that appears on your head. These areas are sensitive and that’s why special attention is required on these body parts. There are a couple of methods that you can use to (somehow) bid farewell (not permanently) to the extra underarm hair.

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No doubt one of the quickest methods of removing unwanted hair is Shaving. All you have to do is grab a razor and remove all the hair without wasting any time.

Pros: Quick, Easy & Painless

Cons: Post-shave irritation, ingrown bumps, Redness, & Speedy growth of hair.


According to some people, one of the most convenient ways of removing extra hair is waxing (is it?). Some people do it at home while some visit salons to get it done. Waxing at home requires some level of expertise.

Pros: Long Lasting than Razor, 

Cons: Irritation, Waxburn, ingrown bumps, & painful. 

Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams:

In case you don’t know, depilatory creams are used to dissolve the hair on the skin. It’s the most painless way of removing extra hair but it comes with a cost. The chemicals that can dissolve your hair, just imagine what they can do to your skin?

Pros: Painless and easy to use

Cons: Chemical burns, Irritation, skin allergy, & skin damage.

Time For Fun Fact:

Asian Hair tends to grow faster than all ethnic groups.

Laser Hair Removal:

The safest method of removing body hair, laser, is here to save your day. It reduces your hair permanently. Pakistan’s best Aesthetic Clinic 3D Lifestyle has treatment doctors that give safe laser hair removal to your sensitive body parts like armpits.

Pros: Safe, Painless, No downtime, & No side effects.

Cons: It’s costly for some but 3D Lifestyle has the answer to this problem too.

3D Lifestyle offers multiple deals for full body hair removal. In this way, you can reduce unwanted hair from sensitive body parts as well. These offers are economical & cost-effective

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Fat Loss Tips – 3 Ways to Get Rid of Fast Food Cravings

Friday, November 19th, 2021

It’s 3 a.m in the morning and you feel hungry. You go to the kitchen and open the fridge. Now you have 2 options, homemade food you ate last night and the box of yummy ice cream. What will you eat? If you choose ice cream instead of last night’s homemade food then you are not hungry, it is a food craving. Fat loss and junk food cannot stay together.

You can either focus on losing some extra fat or satisfy your wish of having fast food. There are a couple of reasons that cause fast food cravings, like stress, dehydration, lack of nutrition, etc.

The longing for fast food is not good for your health overall. It makes you fat and extra calories give you diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. For belly fat reduction you should follow the below tips. They will help you to reduce junk food cravings as well.

Start Eating Healthy foods. The craving normally happens when you start skipping healthy meals. Lack of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats can make you wish to eat junk. Meaty foods with high proteins can help to keep you away from unhealthy foods. Proteins stop you from overeating. Eat clean (veggies & Fruits) and keep yourself from getting extremely hungry.

Drink a lot of water. You are most likely to experience junk food cravings when you are dehydrated. Some studies prove that drinking water helps in fading away longing for junk food. If water seems boring to you then add lemon or cucumber. It’s good for your health too.

Get Enough Sleep. When you don’t have a normal sleeping pattern then you tend to get these food cravings. Not enough sleep makes you tired and you eat more food to get energy. According to some studies, people deprived of sleep are up to 55% more likely to become fat, compared to people who get enough sleep.

If you are not able to control the fast-food craving then you need to visit 3D Lifestyle.

For instant belly fat removal, get fat freezing or melting treatment. If you are looking for another healthy way of shedding extra belly fat then try getting a diet plan from 3D Nutri Health.


& Don’t forget to grab a men’s day offer on fat-melting treatment at 3D Lifestyle.

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3 Reasons Why Aloe vera Should Be In Your Skincare Routine

Monday, November 15th, 2021

There might be a thorny triangular plant in your backyard that is mostly ignored by everyone. Yes! Aloe Vera is what we are talking about.  It’s a botanical superhero that should be added to your skincare routine.  It’s full of anti-inflammatory compounds, minerals, and vitamins that provide healing relief from irritation. It’s commonly found in every household. If you don’t have this gooey gel at home then it’s easily available at your health store too.

Another best thing about aloe vera is that it’s safe and one can use it on the face too. Aloe vera benefits skin in multiple ways:

Treat your acne with aloe vera. It works best with mild and moderate acne, these acne are like minor skin breakouts and don’t affect the large skin areas. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial properties in Aloe Vera help in healing these pimples on your face. 

It’s winter and in case you have dry skin then try using aloe vera. It has mucopolysaccharides( try pronouncing it), which makes your skin hydrated. Some are allergic to aloe vera but if you are not with this problem then start using it.

Time for Aloe Fact: Aloe Vera was used by CLEOPATRA( Egyptian Queen). She used to rub the gel all over her body to make it soft & silky.

Aloe Vera consists of 99% water. This is one of the reasons that it helps in healing sunburn and heat rash.  It gives a soothing effect to the skin and reduces inflammation.

Instant Solution of Skin Problems At 3D Lifestyle

If you are looking for an instant solution for solving all the above skin problems then 3D Lifestyle is the best option for you. Ever heard of Hydrafacial?  If yes, then 3D HydraFresh facial is something that your skin needs. It gives you instant glow and hydration without any side effects. 

In case you are looking for tight and firm skin then get a Red Carpet Collagen Facial. It helps you in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. We Bet that your Aloe Vera can’t do that.

There are other skincare treatments to ease your skin worries, like 11 Step 3D Hydra plus Facial, 3D Ultra Glow, 3D BB Glow, 3D Clever.

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Saturday, November 13th, 2021

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3 Clean Eating Tips For Wellness & Fat Loss

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Eating clean means consuming whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Eating clean also includes NOT eating processed (junk) foods. For fat loss, clean eating is something you need in your life.

It’s an effective way to give all the nutrition your body needs. If you are looking to shred off some extra fat from your body, then say goodbye to convenient food first. Fat loss starts from the kitchen. What you consume is far more important than exercise in weight loss, 70% is what you eat and 30% is your exercise. So choose your food wisely.

Fat Loss Tips

According to nutritionists, clean and healthy foods are like high-class fuel, they provide antioxidants, proteins, and nutrition richness to our body making it healthy and strong. Below are a few weight loss tips you can follow to get a naturally contoured body.

Stop eating foods that are full of additives(MSG, Artificial Food Colouring, Artificial Sweeteners, etc.). If we say processed or additive foods, it includes all the foods that are in a box, packet, or bag (Chips, baked, & candied stuff ).

Avoid artificial sweeteners. They are chemicals that are added to different foods to give a sweet taste. You can have chocolate but instead of getting ‘sugar-free’ which is already full of artificial sweeteners, get some dark chocolate. It has minerals and antioxidants which reduce the risks of heart disease and help the brain to function properly.

Add whole foods to your diet plan. They are foods that can be generally consumed in their natural form. Below is a list of some whole food which can be easily brought from your local store.

  • Grain – Wheat, rice,  rolled oats, and barley.
  • Fruits and vegetables – You need all of them.
  • Beans – kidney beans, lima beans, split peas, chickpeas
  • Nuts – Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds

3D Nutri Health At 3D Lifestyle

If you are a busy person then making a diet plan all by yourself is a little bit hard. 3D Lifestyle offers a diet plan for both weight gain and weight loss. Whether you have a double chin, belly fat bra fat, or hanging bingo wings, nutritionists at 3D Lifestyle offer you the best dieting plans you deserve. If you are looking for instant fat reduction treatment then go for fat-freezing or fat-melting treatment for different body parts.

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How To Get REALLY COOL Hair Removal Treatment

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

If we say cool Hair Removal Treatment. It LITERALLY is really cool and painless. You might be thinking, what kind of hair removal is gentle and gives you a cooling effect?. Mostly wax and tweezers come to the mind of a person when they think about going hair-free and they are DEFINITELY NOT painless.

You got it, right folks! Laser is what we are talking about. Some people assume that laser hair removal is not safe. They fear that it will burn their skin. Some get worried that their body can get irritated. It’s okay to have these concerns but the reality is that they are not true.

Getting laser hair removal treatment is a new concept in Pakistan and people are concerned because it’s not very common. It is costly for some (even though it’s not) and some are afraid of it but have you ever tried to get it done?

It’s an advanced way of removing unwanted hair. After waxing, we don’t enjoy smooth skin for long. Some wait for the hair to grow and remove them again. If you use a razor then you can’t even enjoy the silky smooth skin. You razor it today and sharp hair will grow back the very next day.

Laser Hair Removal At 3D Lifestyle

Laser hair removal at 3D Lifestyle not only helps in reducing hair permanently but also has a cooling effect on the body. A cooling gel is applied before giving laser treatment and 3 simultaneous wavelengths in one applicator are used for different skin types. It means that you don’t have to worry about the burn and irritation. If you surf on the internet, there is a problem discussed by the majority of people that lasers don’t work on darker skin tones. 3D Lifestyle provides a solution to this problem too. 3D Lifestyle’s 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment is tough on body hair and gentle on skin.

(Read: Laser Hair Removal-Tough On Hair Gentle on Skin)

The best thing about this hair reduction treatment is that with every session, hair growth is prominently reduced to the point where your hair is not easily visible.

This month 3D Lifestyle offers amazing hair reduction packages for everyone. You can get hair removed from your full face or even your full body.

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