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3D AcneCure Peel – Acne Prone To Acne No More

Acne has always been a problem for most of us. No matter how much we try to ignore it, excessive acne on the face makes us lose our confidence. 3D Lifestyle has the solution. The name of that solution is 3D AcneCure Peel. It has oil-soluble properties which means it will dissolve sebum and oil all within your pores leaving your skin flawless. It soothes the inflamed skin which is caused by direct sun exposure, dust or one can inherit it too. It has deep & Long Lasting effects on the face which you won’t get by trying home remedies.


Benefits of 3D AcneCure Peel

  • Exfoliation of dead skin.
  • Removal of excess oil.
  • Prevention from blackheads/whiteheads.
  • Reduction of inflammation.
  • Hydration of skin.
  • Reduces pore size.

Why 3D AcneCure Peel?

3D AcneCure contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that effectively targets the oil glands. It is great for congested & acne-prone skin, as salicylic acid is oil-soluble so it gets deep into your pores to clear the blockage of oil or dirt.

Plus, it has anti-inflammatory properties that offer relief to inflamed breakouts/acne as well as blackheads and oily skin. 3D AcneCure Peel normally shows the results after 4 to 6 sessions.

More about 3D AcneCure Peel

No Downtime

Continue your daily chores without any disturbance


100% Safe


Upto 2 months*

Sessions Recommended

4-6 Sessions*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your 3D AcneCure.

3D AcneCure

1. Are you offering 3D AcneCure Peel for other body parts?

Yes, Chemical Peels for face, neck and other body areas are available at all our nationwide clinics.

2. My skin is oily. Will it be helpful to me or not?

Acne is majorly caused by the oil & dirt stuck in your pores. 3D AcneCure Peel penetrates deep into your skin and helps in getting rid of oil present in your pores.

3. What are the risks & side effects of this Chemical Peel?

There are no major side effects involved in this Chemical peel. However, chances of swelling or scarring are very rare.

4. What should I do after getting 3D AcneCure Peel?

For 1 to 2 weeks try to:

  • Keep skin lubricated and moisturized.
  • Wash the treated area with cool water.
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin.
  • Avoid using products that may dry your skin.
  • Use Sunscreen (min. SPF 30)
  • Avoid makeup/cosmetics

5. Is 3D AcneCure Peel safe?

Before getting this chemical peel, research carefully and consult with your physician as well regarding your choice. Overall, this procedure is 100% safe.

6. How much time is required to complete one 3D AcneCure Peel Session?

Each session takes roughly 10 minutes.

7. Is 3D AcneCure Peel for all skin types?

No, it is not. That depends on the consultant's discretion. This procedure is for acne-prone/oily skin.


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