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Fat Loss Advice – Sugar, An Evil Villain In Our Diet. Why?

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

The World Cup has kicked off and team Pakistan started off by winning the hearts of millions with its splendid performances. A big match,  followed by great celebrations & for that beverage, fast foods, and snacks dumped with sugar ARE A MUST. Sugar makes every moment special but what about your health? Is it not important? What about the fat loss plan you made last week?

We love to eat sweet things. A simple reason is all we need to consume is tons of sugar. 

Is it your birthday today? Cake! Are distant relatives getting married? Mithai! Are you getting married? DOUBLE mithai !!! We South Asians cannot live without mithai and desserts.

Sugar is of 2 types. Natural and added sugar. Natural sugar is found in dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and in some grains while added sugar is in your all-time favorite, cakes, icecreams, cookies, pies, and many other foods that you love. We may feel proud of eating candied stuff but to be honest, they are the main cause of making you bulky.

Sugar and carbohydrates are not good for your health overall. Excessive consumption gives birth to different health problems like tooth decay and most importantly, it makes your body fat eventually leading to diabetes & heart diseases.

Excess sugary food makes your belly full and you stop eating the foods that are actually good for your body. Foods that are high in calories may cause you to overeat. Protein-centric meals give you the feeling of fullness while carbohydrates & sugar riched foods are low in protein & other nutrients that basically makes you consume more than usual, eventually leading to a fat tummy. Foods with sugar give a sense of pleasure and ease but they don’t do any good in the long run.

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