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What Are Love Handles And How To ‘Handle’ Them

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Why are they called “love handles”? Many people have this question. When two people get married, due to hormonal changes or increased food consumption they develop weight. Some couples ignore their bodies as they give more attention to their partner and as a result, fat begins to develop around their waist and hips. That’s why this fat is nicknamed “Love Handles”. However, it’s simply a guess made by various people.

Causes and Effects Of Love Handles

Love handles or muffin tops are the slangs that are used for the fat that is piled up around the waist. This happens when you consume a lot of calories and your body is not able to burn them. This causes fat retention. Unfortunately, love handles fat reduction is not that easy. With workout and exercise you might lose weight from other body parts but getting rid of this muffin top is not a piece of cake for everyone.

Love handles are not only caused by tight clothes, there are other factors as well like stress, excess food consumption, change of hormones, etc. If you are thinking that those ‘curves a.k.a fat’ look pretty, no they don’t. If they are not controlled, you might not be able to get back your dream body shape.

When you consume less or more food, unburned fat is collected around the body and causes muffin top. Stress is also the cause of love handles. The wrong physical activity is also to blame for this stubborn fat. Unhealthy consumption of food also makes your belly and hips bulgy and chubby.

Say Goodbye to Love Handles At 3D Lifestyle

Why exercise, when you can get an instant fix to your love handle problem. 3D Lifestyle uses a Fat Freezing method that helps to lose up to 40% fat from your love handles. Beauty gurus use makeup to contour the face and body nowadays but with 3D Lifestyle, you can get a permanent contoured body. Love Handles fat reduction is good for your overall health too because obesity doesn’t do any good to you or your body.

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Effortless Fat Loss – Get in Shape With 3D Lifestyle

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Whether you want a chubby or sleek body, it’s completely your choice but if you want a slim figure and you are not doing anything about it then, it’s a serious problem. Only thinking won’t help you in fat loss. You need to do something about it.

First thing’s first, don’t starve yourself just because someone told you to do so. If losing fat makes you feel accomplished, don’t hesitate and adopt healthy ways to get excessive fat off your body. 

If we check the facts, obesity is the root of many incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many others. You should accept your body as it is but health is important too. 

We all understand that dieting and exercise is a tiring process for many people and if you are a foodie, dieting is a struggle for you. Many of us don’t have time to do exercise daily. Even if we do it, there are multiple factors (food and sleep) that stop us from getting fit and healthy. 

What if there is a way through which you can get rid of all that stubborn fat without exercising or dieting? Keep reading because you have come to the right place. 

Fat Reduction Treatments At 3D Lifestyle

If you want to get that slim body of your dream then 3D Lifestyle is the best solution for you. With advanced technology, one can lose upto 40% of fat around their waist. Chubby face or legs? Say no more. With the fat freezing and fat melting technique, you won’t be needing any exercise or diet. Treatment doctors here at 3D Lifestyle are qualified and they know your body size and type. Every month 3D Lifestyle launches amazing deals that are budget-friendly. Wedding season is around the corner and many people are concerned about their weight because they want their dress to fit perfectly. 

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Hydra Facial or Another Salon Visit?

Friday, September 24th, 2021

Have you ever regretted going to a salon that your friend recommended? If you have, then you are one of us. That one “famous” facial you got from a beauty salon, sadly made you end up with pimples. Your skin shows the signs where it’s been, better it not be a salon. Let’s break down how 3D Hydra Facial is superior to any salon treatment.

If you want your skin magically transformed, get Hydra Facial a facial because it’s a high-end medical treatment that not only hydrates your skin but also helps you in getting rid of acne, uneven tone or texture, dark spots, wrinkles or fine lines, and many other facial skin problems that you are struggling with for a long time.

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This medical-grade facial should be given at FDA-approved skincare clinics because they are professionals and they know your skin type better. At the same time in some salons, they only know how to give a facial while ignoring the fact that everyone has a different skin type and tone. One mistake and all the natural clearness of your face will go down the drain.

3D Hydra Facial At 3D Lifestyle

3D Lifestyle is a Medical Aesthetics clinic with FDA-approved high-end treatments and has aesthetic doctors having years of experience. They know your skin even better than you. There are many other facials (Check: Facial) as well. In short, 3D Lifestyle is a one-stop solution to all your facial skin problems. 7 step 3D Hydra Facial and 11 steps 3D HydraPlus Facial might be the best facials you can get in town. Want to know more about it? 

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Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Waxing – Why & How?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Is Laser Hair Removal better than Waxing? The answer is yes. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is way better than wax due to multiple reasons. Let’s enlighten those reasons and you won’t regret shifting yourself from wax to Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Have you ever noticed bumps and spots on your skin? If yes, it’s because of the wax that you do after a week or two. While you are waiting for your hair to grow back, bumps and pimples start appearing on your skin and make you go ‘ouch’. Laser Hair removal on the other hand gets rid of hair follicles and makes the hair grow, slower and thinner.

Waxing is always a popular way of hair removal because it’s quick and easy (said by everyone). But sorry to say, it’s not effective in the long run. If you make (serious) calculations, wax not only burns your skin (sometimes) but your cash too. Laser Hair Removal on the other hand may feel costly to few people but it is not.

A lot of people feel afraid when they hear about Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Major concerns are like; Is it painful? Does it have any side effects? Is it safe? Is it effective?

Few things you gotta know is, Wax is painful, wax has severe side effects, wax can burn your skin and can cause thick growth of hair too. While Laser, if done by expert doctors like the Treatment Doctors at 3D Lifestyle, it’s NOT painful, does NOT have any side effects, and does NOT burn your skin. Furthermore, it makes your new hair thinner too.

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3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment

3D Lifestyle offers 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal. Here Treatment Doctors offer free consultation and with amazing packages, you can get Laser Hair Removal on any part of your body. It’s effective for your skin and your wallet too.  3D Lifestyle offers Laser treatment for both men, women, and for every skin type out there.


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3 Reasons Why You Need A Non-Surgical Face Lift

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

A lot of people think that Face Lift is just for old people. No, it’s just a myth and there is no truth behind it. This treatment can be taken whenever your face feels saggy regardless of any age. Saggy skin is caused by different factors like age, excess food consumption, and certain medical conditions. There can be many other causes as well but all we need is a solution. Let’s go further and see if there is any solution to the saggy face problem.

There are surgical and non-surgical ways of getting a Face Lift but going through the knife and needle is scary for all of us. When you get surgical Face Lift treatment, doctors advise you to rest for a certain time. If you are working in an office that allows one or two leaves per month, then you can say either goodbye to the treatment or the office. 

Wedding season is here and you sure want to look your best. Contouring may hide your chubby face for a while but if you want to follow the latest  ‘No-Makeup’ makeup trend then getting a facelift non-surgically, is a must. 

Anti-aging creams, makeup techniques, and whatnot can surely give you that lift you’ve been looking for. But instead of spending (read wasting) money on the temporary stuff, why not invest in a long-lasting no-knife Face lift?

Losing a lot of weight can leave your facial skin hanging. Many people get surgical treatment and it mostly leaves a scar behind. Non-surgical treatment can help to lift significant sagging of skin without any marks.

Non- Surgical Face Lift At 3D Lifestyle

3D Lifestyle offers this Face Lift treatment for both men and women. You can either get this treatment for the entire or any specific part of the face. The choice is totally yours. The treatments used for Face Lift at 3D Lifestyle are 3D HiFU Face and Neck Lift and 3D RF Skin Tightening Treatment. Treatment Doctors and Aesthetics Consultants recommend what type of treatment is better for your skin type. With this high-end treatment, one can say goodbye to all the sag, wrinkles, and fine lines on the face. 

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4 Surprising Benefits Of Microneedling That You Should Know

Monday, September 20th, 2021

The name microneedling might sound scary but it’s not. It’s a process in which different tools like derma roller or dermapen etc are used to prick the skin with needles. After this process, the skin heals naturally by itself. But does it give any specific benefits to your skin? Let’s find out.

When one gets microneedling, it Boosts Collagen in the skin, and damaged skin starts to heal. If there are any acne scars or uneven skin textures, microneedling will help you say goodbye to them and your skin will become clearer and smoother.

It helps in the Reduction Of Blackheads. Clogged pores and external environmental factors can cause stubborn blackheads to appear on your skin. The good thing about microneedling is that it helps to reduce them naturally. This procedure reduces the size of pores and blackheads don’t appear.

When you go shopping, you not only bring your favorite dress but pores clogged with oil and dirt as well. All this causes acne and Microneedling help in treating it. It Minimizes The Pores on your facial skin and due to this acne doesn’t appear.

Damaged Skin is a worldwide issue majorly caused by exposure to the sun, acne scars, or age spots. It happens due to other factors as well. The WORST thing is, it cannot be covered by the layers of foundation or other makeup products. Get microneedling because that’s the only solution to your damaged skin. Microneedling triggers the healing cells of the body and they heal the damaged skin naturally.

3D ScarFree Treatment At 3D Lifestyle

Well, if you want to give your skin all the benefits mentioned above, visit 3D Lifestyle where you can get a combination of microneedling and PRP treatment with the name of 3D ScarFree. 2 in 1 treatment which means double the treatments, double the benefits. With this treatment, you can get rid of fine lines, stretch marks, and sunburn as well. So, what awaits you is just booking an appointment right now!

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Wedding Season: Starts With No Double Chin

Friday, September 17th, 2021

Wedding season is approaching and you sure want to look the best whether it’s your or any other person’s wedding (a person you don’t even know). Extremely loud music, inference of relatives in family matters, and cameraman filming you eating instead of bride and groom is the ultimate starter pack of every desi wedding and while getting a photoshoot or film, you sure don’t want your double chin to intervene between your perfect makeup and dress.

The most annoying thing at the wedding is when you are getting filmed while having food. During this time you can’t make your ‘perfect’ face and why should one do that??? Who thinks about anything else when there is food in front of you !!!

Let’s come to the point people, what if there is a way of making your ‘perfect’ face really perfect? This method can lift up your double or even your triple chin and you can take REAL candid photos instead of posing for one (it’s okay we all do that).

Double Chin Removal At 3D Lifestyle

3D Lifestyle is here to help you in getting rid of double chin instantly with the 3D Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing method that can remove up to 5 inches of fat on your body. You can get it not only for your double chin but for other body parts as well (For more information visit Body Contouring). The best thing about this 3D Cryolipolysis is that there are instant results. Another treatment is 3D HiFU Face and Neck Lift and this helps in lifting the facial skin with Radio Frequency. Both of them are virtually painless and non-surgical. You don’t have to starve yourself for a month just to attend a wedding that will only prevail for 2-3 days (or more…). For the sake of your perfect wedding photos and videos get your double chin removed with 3D Lifestyle and you sure won’t regret your decision.

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Best Age For Getting 3D Hydra Facial And Why

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Want to get 3D Hydra Facial but confused, when? No Worries! Give this blog a read and you’ll get to know when and at what age you can get this mythical facial at 3D Lifestyle. 

3D Hydra Facial has magical effects on your skin. It makes your skin so smooth that you won’t stop praising yourself for making the decision of coming to 3D Lifestyle. 

Uneven skin? Clogged pores or Acne-prone skin? Get 3D Hydra Facial and…POOF!! Everything will be gone in no time. Let’s come to the main point, what is the best age for getting a 3D Hydra Facial? Good news folks, you can get it if your skin is introduced to a dull and uneven skin texture even in your teens! Nothing’s getting better after a certain age, you think? Chill! your skin can be. 

In your teens, your facial skin starts to change. After your 20s, skin becomes prone to all the external factors. Your collagen production slows down. In short, you’ll be needing tons of facials and home remedies before all these things make your skin look old or wrinkly and your relatives start asking “ Beta Shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” (You sure don’t want to hear that)

3D Hydra Facial One-stop solution

3D Hydra Facial is a one-stop solution to all your facial problems. Whether you are 15 or thinking you can’t do anything about your skin (because of turning 40 something, Seriously!!?) 3D Hydra Facial still perfectly works on your skin. It is better than all those DIY hacks that might not even work on your skin type. 3D Hydra Facial is for every skin type and color. Entrust yourself in the hands of Treatment doctors and you’ll notice that your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated in no time.

3D Lifestyle offers 7-Step 3D Hydra Facial and 11-Step 3D HydraPlus Facial to double the cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. Stop overthinking about it and Click Here for BOOKING BOOK FREE APPOINTMENT by ringing at 021 111 232 889. After getting a 3D Hydra Facial You’ll feel that your dull skin has come back to life. Experience it before believing it.

What You Should Do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the first time at 3D Lifestyle and not sure what to do? After this blog, you’ll know all the dos and don’ts before getting Laser Hair Removal here.

Stop waxing or using tweezers before getting Laser Treatment. Laser Hair Removal won’t work if the hair follicles are plucked out. If you don’t know, Laser Treatment slows down hair growth as it targets the hair follicles. Best thing is, that you should shave 24 hours before coming to get Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Hair can be an obstacle between the hair follicles and the laser. That’s why shaving is recommended before coming for laser treatment.

One should stay away from the sun or have minimum sun exposure before the treatment as UV rays can cause sunburn or skin irritation and one can’t get Laser if they have serious skin problems as mentioned above. They should be treated first.

Loose clothes should be worn when coming for the treatment because tight clothes may cause irritation to the treated body area.

3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment

3D Lifestyle offers Laser Treatment with the name of 3D TrilogyICE. You can say goodbye to all the painful treatments. Best thing about Laser Treatment at 3D Lifestyle is that it is virtually painless with no downtime and zero side effects. 3D Lifestyle offers amazing deals for Laser Treatments. You can get them by following our Social Media handles like Facebook and Instagram. You’ll notice that the Laser method is much more affordable than the razor that you use almost daily. After 2-3 sessions you’ll feel a difference. Laser Treatment not only reduces your body hair, but it also makes your skin more smooth and silky. Laser Hair Removal is NOT SCARY AT ALL!! There are no long procedures or surgery, all you have to do is some prepping before getting laser treatment at 3D Lifestyle and you’ll notice the difference after your 1st session. 

Want to know more about it? 

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