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3D Gluta Light – Make It Worth Your Shine


Ever imagined that you could restore your natural skin brightness in a couple of months? Well, now it’s possible. Proudly presenting the magic for skin that we call Gluta Light treatment. It protects your skin from the radicals that can cause blemishes, dark spots, and skin pigmentation. Glutathione, not only does it help your skin in restoring the natural glow and lightens it but also serves as a solution for aging signs, acne, scars, and freckles. All you have to do is get rid of those whitening creams and pills and get on the bandwagon of natural skin glow with – 3D Gluta Light.


Why 3D Gluta Light?

Dull and spotty skin can really undermine your confidence levels. Instead of caking up your face switch to a much feasible and effective option. Lack of sleep, stress and aging factor bums you out and let’s be real, DIY methods are way too time consuming and less effective as well. Glutathione treatment has natural components like vitamins, soya oil, minerals, and proteins that keeps the skin healthy and nourished. So in short you’ll be getting a bright glowing and lightened skin tone in no time.

  • Comprised of natural components
  • Prevents skin from toxins
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Takes care of blotchy areas
  • Retains glowy skin
  • Prevents oxidative cell damage
  • Lightens pigmented areas

Before & After

More About 3D Gluta Light

No Downtime

Whether it’s gym, work, or anything you can conveniently resume your daily activities

Takes Less Time

Takes a couple of months and results last for more than a year

For Every Skin Type

3D Gluta Light is compatible with every skin type and color


Our treatment is 100% safe without any side effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your 3D Gluta Light treatment.

3D Gluta Light

1. How many shots are recommended?

6-8 sessions of IV drips are recommended. 

2. What is the interval between 2 shots?

One to two times a week.

3. Does it deal with pigmentation and scars?

Yes, it is a natural antioxidant that reduces pigmentation.

4. Do you need to get any tests (kidney test) before getting the shot?

Not necessary if there’s no history.

5. Does it affect the whole body or certain parts?

It affects the whole body.

6. Can it be applied for separate parts?

Since the administration is through IV route means it’s directly into the blood so it”ll improve the overall skin tone.

7. Does it have any side effects?

Patients can experience irritation on the injection site, palpitation, cramping or bloating and an allergic rash. In case of an allergic rash immediately stop the infusion followed by a stat injection of steroid. 

8. What are the pre-treatment precautions?

Ask the patient if they had any allergic reaction previously to glutathione and if they are currently taking any medicines.

9. What are the post-treatment precautions?

Use of sunblock regularly to avoid UV damage after the 3D Gulalight treatment is recommended

10. How many shots it takes for results to appear?

It varies according to the skin type, general health and metabolism. Usually after 3 weeks in fair-medium skin.

11. How long will the results stay?

The whitening process starts inside the skin (dermal layer) going outside (epidermal layer), that’s the reason why it takes time to be able to see initial change in your skin tone. The results last for a good time but maintenance is also recommended.

12. Is it injected or in the form of drip?

Drip form is recommended as the results are better.

13. How many days to show full results?

It varies, fair to medium skin show results after 3 weeks and medium to dark skin type requires more time.


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