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Indulge in Affordable Luxury with 3D Lifestyle

Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Hello Gorgeous Ladies! Ready to give your wallet a break? Of course, you are! Who said you can’t look great while saving money? Of course, you can, because this Women’s Week we are bringing a surprise just for you!


By looking for specials that include discount coupons and packages, you can get quality treatments at a fraction of the cost. Most offers are tailored for particular treatments, allowing you to choose the services that suit your individual needs best. Additionally, certain packages combine more than one service and can provide you with greater savings, so be sure to check if this is an option that is available. 


Once you have found the offer you want, make sure that you act fast. Discounts are often only available for a limited time, and there is no point in getting a deal if you can’t take advantage of it. That’s why it pays to stay informed of the latest deals and special offers by keeping an eye on our website and following our social media channels.


So there you have it – great pampering and treatments, with unbeatable prices to match! Get all the beautiful skin you require and enjoy some fantastic savings, all at the same time. We are offering flat 40% off on ALL our 3D treatments, so you can finally say yes to a beauty session without getting the sting of buyer’s remorse. From TrilogyICE Laser Hair Removal to Face & Hair PRP and even Fat Reduction Treatments – your ultimate pampering session is only a click away.


The best part? This fabulous offer is available until the 12th of March 2023. Get together your girl gang and indulge in the beauty experience that you deserve. You have every reason to celebrate! 

Who Shouldn’t Get Laser Hair Removal in 3D Lifestyle?

Monday, November 29th, 2021

Want to get laser hair removal? But do you know that there are certain conditions when doctors at 3D Lifestyle don’t recommend you to get laser hair removal treatment? Let’s proceed further and find out what conditions make one person unsuitable for Laser Hair Removal.

A little bit of an intro about the laser for the people who are new here. If you are tired of waxing or using razors & depilatory, switch to the most advanced laser hair removal for women and men. Surprisingly, this method is not temporary like wax. It reduces the hair permanently. After a few sessions, you’ll notice that your hair has become light and thin. You might think that it’s expensive but in the long run, it’s much cheaper than other hair removal methods.

Let’s come to the point, 3D Lifestyle doesn’t advise this treatment on everyone. Here at 3D Lifestyle, doctors don’t recommend laser hair removal treatment, if one is having conditions mentioned below;

Laser Hair Removal Treatment at 3D Lifestyle

Our doctors don’t suggest laser if one is trying to conceive or is pregnant. The use of laser rays might be harmful to pregnant women. Pregnant women usually grow more hair due to the hormones. Fear not, the extra hair will fall off eventually. If not, then you can get a laser afterwards. We are here to serve you.

Treatment doctors here at 3D Lifestyle don’t recommend laser if a person has a skin condition like Herpes etc. You should inform the consultant if you have any skin disease, they’ll suggest whether laser hair removal machine is suitable for you or not. 

Don’t get laser hair removal soon after threading, waxing, or tweezing. Doctors don’t recommend laser treatment on the body part with open pores. The beam of Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles and wax or tweezers eliminate them. The laser won’t work if your hair follicles are not present.

If you are not having any of the above conditions, then you are welcome to get 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment at 3D Lifestyle. We offer hair removal treatment from face to full body laser hair removal.

Visit us and get a consultation because it’s FREE and ask any concerns you have regarding laser hair removal treatments.

We also offer a FREE PATCH TEST of the safest laser. Our aesthetic doctors are always there to help you out.

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4 Hair Removal Methods For Armpits

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Before talking about the different hair removal methods, tell us in the comments what is the most commonly used method for hair removal on armpits?

Armpit hair is a natural way of keeping bacteria from invading your body but the problem is, it limits your wardrobe choices. Moreover, bacteria that cause smell afterward makes it unbearable for the person standing next to you. 

Hair that grows on the underarms, bikini line(for women), chest, and back(for men) are thicker than the hair that appears on your head. These areas are sensitive and that’s why special attention is required on these body parts. There are a couple of methods that you can use to (somehow) bid farewell (not permanently) to the extra underarm hair.

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No doubt one of the quickest methods of removing unwanted hair is Shaving. All you have to do is grab a razor and remove all the hair without wasting any time.

Pros: Quick, Easy & Painless

Cons: Post-shave irritation, ingrown bumps, Redness, & Speedy growth of hair.


According to some people, one of the most convenient ways of removing extra hair is waxing (is it?). Some people do it at home while some visit salons to get it done. Waxing at home requires some level of expertise.

Pros: Long Lasting than Razor, 

Cons: Irritation, Waxburn, ingrown bumps, & painful. 

Depilatory or Hair Removal Creams:

In case you don’t know, depilatory creams are used to dissolve the hair on the skin. It’s the most painless way of removing extra hair but it comes with a cost. The chemicals that can dissolve your hair, just imagine what they can do to your skin?

Pros: Painless and easy to use

Cons: Chemical burns, Irritation, skin allergy, & skin damage.

Time For Fun Fact:

Asian Hair tends to grow faster than all ethnic groups.

Laser Hair Removal:

The safest method of removing body hair, laser, is here to save your day. It reduces your hair permanently. Pakistan’s best Aesthetic Clinic 3D Lifestyle has treatment doctors that give safe laser hair removal to your sensitive body parts like armpits.

Pros: Safe, Painless, No downtime, & No side effects.

Cons: It’s costly for some but 3D Lifestyle has the answer to this problem too.

3D Lifestyle offers multiple deals for full body hair removal. In this way, you can reduce unwanted hair from sensitive body parts as well. These offers are economical & cost-effective

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Laser Hair Removal – Tough On Hair Gentle On Skin

Friday, November 5th, 2021

Here is a million-dollar question for people who get hair removal through the wax. “Does it Hurt?” & most probably the universal answer to this question is “YES”. Whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged person, everyone finds it tough when it comes to waxing. Going to the salon is a very pleasant experience for a person who wants to get relaxed and a waxing session might be the least favorite time of the day.

There are hundreds of ways present on the internet to lessen the pain of wax but what about side effects? Redness and ingrown bumps after the wax cannot be ignored even if you want to. 

Another annoying factor about wax and razor is that you have to grow the hair first. Imagine, you have an important event to attend today and your hair ain’t grown enough to be waxed. Now you are left with two options, don’t attend the event or get things done with Razor. After-effects of razor? POINTY HAIR poking out of the dress and CUTS(ouch!) if done in hurry. We are not talking about ingrown bumps and irritation because they are like a buy one get one free offer. Buy wax sessions and get irritation for free! (definitely not a good offer).

Why are you giving your skin such a hard time when you can get Laser Hair Removal. It’s gentle on the skin and tough on hair follicles. The best thing about this treatment is that you can get a permanent hair reduction. Now you don’t have to shave or tweeze before leaving the house.

Laser Hair Removal At 3D Lifestyle

Winters may hide your legs with a warm dress but what about the face & arms? 3D Lifestyle is here to save your day by offering amazing offers for your Full Face and Arms.  Now you don’t have to worry about your hairy face or pointy hair on your body. Laser is not only for women but men can get it too.

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Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Waxing – Why & How?

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Is Laser Hair Removal better than Waxing? The answer is yes. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is way better than wax due to multiple reasons. Let’s enlighten those reasons and you won’t regret shifting yourself from wax to Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

Have you ever noticed bumps and spots on your skin? If yes, it’s because of the wax that you do after a week or two. While you are waiting for your hair to grow back, bumps and pimples start appearing on your skin and make you go ‘ouch’. Laser Hair removal on the other hand gets rid of hair follicles and makes the hair grow, slower and thinner.

Waxing is always a popular way of hair removal because it’s quick and easy (said by everyone). But sorry to say, it’s not effective in the long run. If you make (serious) calculations, wax not only burns your skin (sometimes) but your cash too. Laser Hair Removal on the other hand may feel costly to few people but it is not.

A lot of people feel afraid when they hear about Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Major concerns are like; Is it painful? Does it have any side effects? Is it safe? Is it effective?

Few things you gotta know is, Wax is painful, wax has severe side effects, wax can burn your skin and can cause thick growth of hair too. While Laser, if done by expert doctors like the Treatment Doctors at 3D Lifestyle, it’s NOT painful, does NOT have any side effects, and does NOT burn your skin. Furthermore, it makes your new hair thinner too.

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3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment

3D Lifestyle offers 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal. Here Treatment Doctors offer free consultation and with amazing packages, you can get Laser Hair Removal on any part of your body. It’s effective for your skin and your wallet too.  3D Lifestyle offers Laser treatment for both men, women, and for every skin type out there.


What awaits you now is BOOKING FREE CONSULTATION by calling @ 021 111 232 889 or  Click Here .

What You Should Do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment for the first time at 3D Lifestyle and not sure what to do? After this blog, you’ll know all the dos and don’ts before getting Laser Hair Removal here.

Stop waxing or using tweezers before getting Laser Treatment. Laser Hair Removal won’t work if the hair follicles are plucked out. If you don’t know, Laser Treatment slows down hair growth as it targets the hair follicles. Best thing is, that you should shave 24 hours before coming to get Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Hair can be an obstacle between the hair follicles and the laser. That’s why shaving is recommended before coming for laser treatment.

One should stay away from the sun or have minimum sun exposure before the treatment as UV rays can cause sunburn or skin irritation and one can’t get Laser if they have serious skin problems as mentioned above. They should be treated first.

Loose clothes should be worn when coming for the treatment because tight clothes may cause irritation to the treated body area.

3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment

3D Lifestyle offers Laser Treatment with the name of 3D TrilogyICE. You can say goodbye to all the painful treatments. Best thing about Laser Treatment at 3D Lifestyle is that it is virtually painless with no downtime and zero side effects. 3D Lifestyle offers amazing deals for Laser Treatments. You can get them by following our Social Media handles like Facebook and Instagram. You’ll notice that the Laser method is much more affordable than the razor that you use almost daily. After 2-3 sessions you’ll feel a difference. Laser Treatment not only reduces your body hair, but it also makes your skin more smooth and silky. Laser Hair Removal is NOT SCARY AT ALL!! There are no long procedures or surgery, all you have to do is some prepping before getting laser treatment at 3D Lifestyle and you’ll notice the difference after your 1st session. 

Want to know more about it? 

You can ring @ 021 111 232 889 or Click Here for BOOKING FREE CONSULTATION anytime!.

Turning Thirty – Make Your Skin Look Downright Gorgeous

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Twenties are considered a prime time in every individual’s lifetime. Especially for women, but then all of a sudden you’re hit by the fact of turning Thirty and you start thinking what are the odds of you being carefree about your skin care? Well, there are NONE! You feel excessively worried about hair removal, your unsolicited breakouts, and the stress of addressing the elephant in the room, YOU START AGING!

You definitely cannot stop the aging process, but what you can do is age with all your grace and beauty. Some essentials for a guideline, that one should abide by regularly are;

  • Maintain the fluids on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most important, you should make it a ten to consume loads of water and other healthy fluids throughout the day to make your skin look fresh and glowy. Carbonated drinks would only bring more damage to your entire body because you’re not getting any younger.
  • Being conscious of your skincare products is important. You should be aware of the products and the ingredients it has that you would, eventually, be applying to your skin. 
  • Can’t skip taking off make-up even for a single night. Turning thirty also gives you an ultimatum to start opting for taking off make-up routine when you’re about to go to bed at night, because those wrinkles, skin allergies, and horrendous blemishes won’t show up uninvited (yeah it gets pretty hectic, turning thirty).
  • You need a balanced diet because it becomes kind of a compulsion. Having fibrous foods, greens, and vitamins can really help one to maintain good skin and health. So, in short, an individual is better off without pizzas and molten lava cakes (especially while binge-watching a season during midnight, we all have been there). 

3D Lifestyle Works It All Out For You

As being Pakistan’s leading Medical Aesthetics brand, we are all about making individuals feel good about their appearance and health. Our advanced skincare technology makes it a lot easier for you to get the best-customized experience that makes you get rid of your concerns.

Taking care of your skin becomes a lot easier with 11-Step 3D Hydra Plus Facial and 3D Ultra Glow to restore your natural glow. Whether it be hair removal or fat reduction, our team of experts, from an easy-to-follow diet plan to providing you with the best treatment results, make sure that you don’t have to worry about aging at all. 


So turning thirty worries can rest as all you need to do BOOK FREE CONSULTATION RIGHT NOW!

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Laser Hair Removal – Is It Really Worth It?

Monday, May 31st, 2021

Getting rid of unwanted hair is nothing new, as a matter of fact it all started from the ancient Egyptian times where women used to have copper razors for the job. But let’s be real here, it’s the 21st Century and to be honest no one deserves razor brutality for their skin when it comes to hair removal. 

People often complain about having rough and bruised skin after getting a good deal of wax strips and razors (it doesn’t really matter if it is 1 or 3 blade razor people!). Your skin deserves better and just to make it more easy for you, it’s time you get introduced to the miraculous Laser Hair Removal. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Contemporary and definitely making a mark in the beauty industry, Laser Removal is a gift to mankind with different types of skin. How it works is pretty amazing, as the highly strenuous light pulses are emitted from laser directly into hair follicles. The tiny pigments attached to the follicles absorb the light pulses and get rid of the hair permanently. 

Now, the people who want to get rid of unwanted hair and get the smooth skin feeling back, Laser Hair Removal is the best option. 

Hair Removal

What Makes 3D TrilogyICE Stand Out?

There are a lot of myths and concerns attached to the Laser Removal treatment that there might be some downtime, the skin might get burned (due to the name laser), it won’t suit thick hairs, etc. 

3D TrilogyICE makes up for all the concerns as here at 3D Lifestyle our experts make sure that you experience the best for your skin when it comes to annoying hairs. 

3D TrilogyICE offers its clients the Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment for full body hair removal. 

What Makes It Worth Your While?

3D TrilogyICE offers you pain-free, without any downtime, advanced, 100 percent safe, and available for all skin types and hair Laser Hair Removal Treatment. To make it even better, we provide our clients with promotions and discounted packages for hair removal treatments to make it a budget-friendly option. Our team of expert treatment doctors and consultants are here to help you out with your decision just so you feel at ease while getting laser removal treatment.

How to make this deal of painless hair removal even better? All you gotta do is BOOK FREE CONSULTATION right now! Call 021 111 232 889 and you can also Visit Home Page to book your appointment.


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