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3D Lifestyle – The Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic Near You

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Our skin goes through a lot of changes every day. We get pimples, dryness, dehydration, sometimes our skin gets oily and there is a long list of other minor skin problems. They can go away (for some time) when you get a good diet or follow some home remedies. Your good old home remedies stop benefiting you after some time and you start getting these skin conditions again. So what should you do then? Visit the best medical aesthetic clinic near you and get yourself treated.


Skin Problems Which Home Remedies Can’t Treat

There are some skin problems that are not treatable via home remedies like wrinkles and fine lines. There are some lucky souls who are gifted with the perfect skin. If you are blessed with such beautiful skin, you should take care of it even more. Why? Because ‘Nazar’ is real (or not. What do you think? Does ‘Nazar’ have something to do with our skin or our health? Tell us in the comments). 

Let’s come to the main point, it’s totally normal to suffer from belly fat, wrinkles, & acne, etc. but if you are not considering treating them, then you should think again. You deserve to get a healthy body free from fat and other toxins.


Why Should You Visit 3D Lifestyle?

Pakistan’s Leading Medical Aesthetic Brand, 3D Lifestyle cares for your body and skin simultaneously. 25+ clinics are operating successfully in the major cities of Pakistan to fulfill the vision of making aesthetic treatments inclusive for every individual. We offer multiple services to make you better and slimmer. Services include;

  • Skin Lightening Treatments
  • Medical Grade Facials
  • Fat Reduction Treatments
  • Face & Body Lifting
  • Customized Diet Plans and whatnot.

 Another reason which makes 3D Lifestyle the best aesthetic clinic near you is that the treatments are non-surgical, safe, and painless. The technologies are seamless. The prices are affordable, unlike other aesthetic treatments which cost you a fortune. 250k+ happy customers and you can be one of them too.

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Do Aesthetic Treatments at 3D Lifestyle Cost A LOT?

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

“Great reward comes with a great cost” This line fits perfectly if you are going to get aesthetic treatment. Aesthetic procedures improve your skin & body appearance but the cost attached to them is intimidating for many. 

Aesthetic treatments from the best aesthetic clinics are bound to be costly.  If you feel that aesthetic treatments cost you a fortune, it’s because of the following reasons.

They are performed by certified professional doctors so there is very less or no chance of any side effects. All the treatments are customizable according to different body types.

You cannot compare the machines of aestheticians with the gadgets used at home. You don’t have to buy the newest skincare devices (which might cost half of your eternal soul). Dermatologists treat your skin with advanced technology and that is why the results are almost perfect. On the other hand, the gadget might not even work on your skin. Why? Having the same advance skin care tech at home could have adverse affects since lack of skin and professional knowledge. 

Standard prices of aesthetic procedures might look expensive to you. After knowing the following reasons, you’ll consider on getting the aesthetic treatment now. You are paying to make your skin and body feel & look better so, Why Not?

Visit your nearest aesthetic clinic, 3D Lifestyle because regular,  seasonal, and yearly discounts are offered to cater your body needs. Advanced UK technology is experts first choice hence, also makes customizable aesthetic experience possible. Treatment doctors at 3D Lifestyle are professional and certified, they know what they are doing to your skin or body.

Here are the vast categories of treatments offered by 3D Lifestyle:

  • Fat Reduction Treatments (thigh gap, double chin, love handles, belly fat removal, and other body parts that need fat reduction). 
  • Face Lift For Men & Women.
  • Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women (upper lips, arms, legs, chest, full-body, full face)
  • 3D Medical Grade Facials (7 Step HydraFresh Facial, 11 Step HydraPlus Facial, 3D Clever, 3D Ultra Glow).
  • Minimal Invasive Skin & Hair Treatments ( face PRP, micro-needling, skin lightening drips, hair PRP, botox & Fillers).

Recent Aesthetic Offers By 3D Lifestyle

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FREE PATCH TEST of safest laser hair reduction is worth a catch.

Getting FREE CONSULTATION should be your first priority. Discuss your skin and body-related concerns with the certified aesthetic doctors at 3D Lifestyle. 

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3 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal This Fall

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

The weather is changing, so should your skincare routine.  We all have hair on our bodies and wish we didn’t have them. Anyhow, just to get rid of them we commit to waxing, razor, epilator, etc. as shortcuts. Apart from saving time, what are the other merits of the above Hair Removal treatments? Ingrown hair? Strawberry legs? Irritation? Burn?… Well, we don’t notice any advantages. Do you?

They might look less costly but if you calculate, they cost you a fortune. Shift yourself to the advanced technology of Hair Removal with promising results than other Hair Removal methods present in the market. The word “Laser” may be intimidating or discomforting for some people but the truth is different. It’s simple, safe, and virtually painless. 

Let’s come to the point, this month is a golden chance to get laser hair removal because of the following 3 reasons:

Limited or No Sun Exposure

Weather is shifting and winter is coming, so get ready as this is the best time to get Laser. Even though there is no downtime of Laser Hair Removal treatment but just to be safe, one should stay away from direct sun exposure after getting Laser Treatment. UV rays during this time are not that harsh so if you are a clumsy person then get Laser immediately during this time. 

Get Summer Body Ready In Advance

Start getting  Laser Hair Removal during this time because after 6 to 8 sessions your body will be Hair Free before the start of summer. You can enjoy your next summer to the fullest without worrying about facial or body hair.

Discounted Offers

The third is the best reason you should get Laser Hair Removal for the face or for the entire body. It’s DISCOUNT MONTH PEEPS !!!

This month, avail the best deals you can at 3D Lifestyle because you don’t get these offers every day.

  • 3D Lifestyles’ ANNIVERSARY WEEK is here so get FLAT 50% OFF on all Aesthetic Treatments including Laser (terms apply). 

  • Wedding Season is around the corner so get BRIDAL PACKAGES and make your day even more special.
  • FREE HYDRA PLUS FACIAL on purchase of 3 Sessions of Full Body Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a must.
  • FREE PATCH TEST along with FREE CONSULTATION is something one should get before it ends.

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How to Build A Skin Care Routine?

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Don’t wake up all surprised if you have a couple of pimples and blemishes paying visit out of nowhere if you have not been giving your skin the proper care it deserves. Just before EID if you get any bumps, bruises, pimples, or dual toned skin – well won’t that be a BUMMER?!

Taking care of skin can be a bit hectic for people after a long day. Good products for your skin and the proper application of them can really determine the overall health of your skin. Skin care products can be a bit tricky to use as you have to sort them according to their formulas and the order of application. Skin products take their time to penetrate into your skin so the key is to go from thinnest ones to the thickest formulas. 

Skin Care

Building up a routine for skin care requires consistency, determination, and your knowledge about your skin. You  need to know your skin type, texture, color, and any dos and don’ts for your skin. 

If you are looking for your skin tone and texture to function at its best, you have got to build a base that comprises fundamentals like CLEANSING, TONING, & MOISTURIZING

Before we get into the details of skin care steps, important question is 

What Is My Skin Type?

Not less than any quest, but taking care of your skin and actually knowing the type can really help you in looking for the best suited products and build a regimen for your skin. 

The usual skin types are

Dry Skin feels tight after cleansing and is prone to peeling, flaking, redness, & wrinkles.
Oily Skin has shiny skin, wide pores, and tends to have more blemishes and blackheads.
Combination Skin tends to have medium sized pores, has healthy color, & has a good circulation to it. Normally the oily areas are within the T-Zone and cheeks are a bit dry.
Sensitive has fine pores with delicate texture. Due to the sensitivity it can be a really easy target of rash, blemishes etc. 


Fundamentals Of Skin Care

The best and doable skin care routine comprises of the following steps 

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Serum Application 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Sunscreen Application

Above mentioned steps are considered to be the best fundamentals to create a strong foundation for a proper skin care regimen. These steps can come with variations for different skin types. Here comes in the expert advice of a Dermatologist, someone that can guide an individual to make their skin feel and look better. Here at 3D Lifestyle we have certified Dermatologist and Aesthetic Consultants helping you in figuring out the best routine to follow for a better skin, more like an UPGRADE! 

It’s time to make your skin look glorious with our experts’ advice at 3D Lifestyle, without any complicated confusions and myths attached to skin care.



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Do Aesthetic Treatments Actually Cost You A Fortune?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

As Pakistan accelerates into becoming a dramatically appearance-conscious society, it has become significant to feel good about how you look. The first few steps towards this journey is eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and taking care of yourself generically.

However, apart from these healthy habits, there are aesthetic problems, such as acne, fat bulk and in-grown hair, which unfortunately a clean lifestyle may not be able to address. If you are host to even one of these aesthetic problems, you must be eager to know if these procedures burn a hole in your wallet or not. 

Contrary to popular belief, aesthetic treatments are not only the right and safe way to keep yourself ravishing and flawless, but the economical one as well. Nevertheless, before you hop on the bandwagon to get a laser hair removal, a facial rejuvenation, a cellulite treatment or even a body contouring procedure, we at 3D lifestyle want to unveil how aesthetic treatments can be a cost effective way to get rid of your aesthetic problems. 

As we know, an Aesthetic treatments cost, for example, body contouring can approximately cost you around Rs. 50,000 to 100,000, offering you everlasting results. On the other hand, a non-surgical procedure such as a liposuction or a traditional way to reap aesthetic rewards, such as vegan diets can all accumulate and cost you anywhere from 100,000 to Rs. 200,000; offering the same benefits as 3D’s non-surgical Fat-loss treatment. 

Aesthetic treatments such as facial rejuvenation solutions, non-surgical face lift, Hydrafacial and skin tightening are all available under exceptionally decent and economical discounts and promotions.

A 3D HiFU Face lift treatment costs you only around Rs, 49,000 in top-listed clinics such as 3D lifestyle, while any other non-aesthetic will cost you double the amount for you to look flawless and younger again. A 3D hydrafacial treatment helps in revitalizing your skin and making it look hydrated as before, and is being offered in just Rs. 2,495.

Red Carpet Collagen Facial by 3D Lifestyle has offered patients with unconceivable results, and Aesthetic treatments cost you not more than Rs. 6,999. On top of everything else, all these Aesthetic treatments prices in pakistan are exclusive taxes.

One of the most economical treatments being rendered under the umbrella of aesthetic treatments, which are dramatically economical are laser hair removal procedures.

Most of the laser hair removal treatments cost less than traditional methods of hair removal, such as plucking, epilator and wax etc.

For example, you just have to pay Rs. 19,995 for 6 sessions of a laser hair removal. Moreover, you have the liberty of getting separate areas treated in economical pricing, such as upper lips for just 1495, chin for Rs. 2495 and full arms for Rs. 9,995. Full-body laser hair removal treatment is available for just Rs. 24,995.

Aesthetic treatments are magically soothing, just because they are being offered in an all-in-one offer in the Pakistani marketplace. For example, when you want to get a thread lift or a liposuction, you have to pay extra for a vetter and hygienic environment, where you are going to be treated.

The more money you pay, the lesser risks you have of any sort of side-effects. However, with aesthetic treatments that might not be the case most of the time. Most topnotch and well-reputed aesthetic treatment providers such as 3D Lifestyle, offer a package which not only includes treatment with the best technology around town. 

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But it also includes a consultation with the experts, a hygienic and soothing environment, trained doctors and premium treatment quality. On top of everything else, you can save money by not investing over and over again. The ever-lasting results and no downtime allow you to get right back to your routine; and never miss a single day of work!

In today’s fast-paced world, each and every individual needs to work at least 8 hours a day in order to keep themselves in the loop of employed personnel. However, this not only affects your sleep and your health internally, but the wear and tear can be poison to your skin, your fat control and even your eating habits.

The fear of spending too much on aesthetic treatments pushes you into a hole, where you spend much more than you would have spent, on alternative options. Hence, make sure to go through this blog the next time you have trouble deciding!

Note: These Offers are Only for Limited dates.


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