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Achieving Your Health Goals with 3D Nutri Health’s Nutrition Plans

Monday, January 9th, 2023

New Year’s Goal: A Fresh Start!

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to set new goals and make a fresh start. Whether it be eating healthier, exercising more, or simply taking better care of yourself, 3D Nutri Health can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our qualified nutritionists customize meals according to each individual’s body type and goals, ensuring that our clients receive the proper nutrition they need to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to customized meal plans, we also offer health coaching and diet monitoring to help our clients stay on track and achieve their health and wellness goals.

One unique feature of 3D Nutri Health is our FIT3D Scan, which provides 360° visual access to a person’s body through the use of advanced algorithms. The FIT3D ProScanner takes 1200 images of the user standing on a rotating plate, which are then stitched together to create a 3D avatar. The user is then given access to the scans through a login account, allowing them to monitor their health stats and overall wellness from any device, anytime. With the help of our expert nutritionists and the convenience of the FIT3D Scan, you can track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your diet and exercise routine. And with the personalized guidance and support of our health coaching program, you’ll have the tools and motivation you need to stay on track and reach your goals.

So why wait? Begin the new year with 3D Nutri Health and take charge of your health and wellness. With our customizable meal plans, expert advice, and convenient tracking tools, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Begin your journey to better health with 3D Nutri Health today.

Junk Food Slows Down Your Metabolism. Agree or Not?

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Do you ever feel that there is no junk food in the diet plan for weight loss? The food you eat can increase or decrease your metabolism because our body requires specific energy to digest refined ingredients in food including pizza, burgers, fries, and donuts which delays the activity of the stomach and causes uninvited layers of fat around our body. Therefore, weight loss diet plans do not have junk foods on menus. Junk foods are low in nutrients and high in unhealthy fats (processed oils and butter that clog arteries) and bad carbs (white flour, rice, and carbonated drinks) that increase the risk of heart disease and cause unintentional weight gain.

Do you know? About 1/3rd of Pakistanis eat and buy fast food between 6 pm to 9 pm. Isn’t it strange? We all love to have a large bag of chips, and a big cup of our favorite carbonated drink and how can we forget family-size pizza for a weekend night. We know it tastes heavenly and our tongues love that blast of flavors. Ask yourself a question, do our bodies feel the same? Junk food is widely available and convenient for everyone. The price range fluctuates a lot, therefore almost everybody can afford it. Multiple studies on fast food and human health show that eating fast food more than twice a week can increase the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, and uncontrolled body weight.

Five quick ways to boost your metabolism

  • Drink more water – water will fill up your stomach for a longer time which means delays in hunger.
  • Increase your protein intake by eating more meat and eggs – protein requires more energy to digest which causes the burning of more calories.
  • Avoid prolonged sittings – food takes longer to digest when you are sitting because in a resting position our stomach slowdowns its processes.
  • Get adequate sleep – sleep helps our brain to release hormones that help in the digestion of food.
  • Exercise a little – exercising allows body organs to work fully and it helps in the proper digestion of food.

Changing your dietary habits is the best thing you can do for yourself. So, help yourself in deciding to choose 3D NutriHealth to get a diet plan for weight loss. Our nutrition consultants can provide you with highly effective weight loss diet ideas and weight loss diet plans that can help you to prevent diseases that have a direct link with our dietary habits like obesity and diabetes.

You can book your consultations now. So, why wait more to get healthy.

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3 Clean Eating Tips For Wellness & Fat Loss

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

Eating clean means consuming whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Eating clean also includes NOT eating processed (junk) foods. For fat loss, clean eating is something you need in your life.

It’s an effective way to give all the nutrition your body needs. If you are looking to shred off some extra fat from your body, then say goodbye to convenient food first. Fat loss starts from the kitchen. What you consume is far more important than exercise in weight loss, 70% is what you eat and 30% is your exercise. So choose your food wisely.

Fat Loss Tips

According to nutritionists, clean and healthy foods are like high-class fuel, they provide antioxidants, proteins, and nutrition richness to our body making it healthy and strong. Below are a few weight loss tips you can follow to get a naturally contoured body.

Stop eating foods that are full of additives(MSG, Artificial Food Colouring, Artificial Sweeteners, etc.). If we say processed or additive foods, it includes all the foods that are in a box, packet, or bag (Chips, baked, & candied stuff ).

Avoid artificial sweeteners. They are chemicals that are added to different foods to give a sweet taste. You can have chocolate but instead of getting ‘sugar-free’ which is already full of artificial sweeteners, get some dark chocolate. It has minerals and antioxidants which reduce the risks of heart disease and help the brain to function properly.

Add whole foods to your diet plan. They are foods that can be generally consumed in their natural form. Below is a list of some whole food which can be easily brought from your local store.

  • Grain – Wheat, rice,  rolled oats, and barley.
  • Fruits and vegetables – You need all of them.
  • Beans – kidney beans, lima beans, split peas, chickpeas
  • Nuts – Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds

3D Nutri Health At 3D Lifestyle

If you are a busy person then making a diet plan all by yourself is a little bit hard. 3D Lifestyle offers a diet plan for both weight gain and weight loss. Whether you have a double chin, belly fat bra fat, or hanging bingo wings, nutritionists at 3D Lifestyle offer you the best dieting plans you deserve. If you are looking for instant fat reduction treatment then go for fat-freezing or fat-melting treatment for different body parts.

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