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Smog Alert! How To Maintain Skincare?


If you are having blurry vision and thinking that you might have an eyesight issue then welcome to ……………City(tell us in comments, which is the most polluted city of Pakistan right now). You are not having a sight problem. What you see is smog (smoke) and Air Pollution. Continue reading and find out how to maintain skincare during this “smoggy weather”.

Winter has crept in and it’s natural to have dull, dry & dehydrated skin at the same time. Apart from winters, smog is giving rise to different skin problems. We all know that bad skin happens due to an unhealthy diet or increasing stress levels but the biggest rival of skin which we majorly ignore is Air Pollution. 

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When your skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, different air pollutants like ozone, oxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) car & cigarette smoke, it gives birth to unlimited skin problems. Mostly the facial skin is affected because it’s the exposed part of the skin.

When we talk about this hazard, we tend to focus only on the internal body organs and respiratory problems. Mostly the skin is ignored. Small pollution particles get stuck into your skin and can cause; 

  • Breakouts
  • Acne (Pimples)
  • Pigmentation Spots
  • Dull & dry skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Itchy skin

With the below skincare tips you can make your facial skin, pollution-free.

Cleanse your skin because the acidic air can make your face dry. Don’t use a face wash that can make the skin too dry. You can use coconut oil to clean your facial skin. These oils can somehow make your skin fresh.

Use good toner because it helps to shrink the enlarged pores that can cause pimples. It also cleans the dirt in the pores. 

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