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3 Reasons Why Aloe vera Should Be In Your Skincare Routine


There might be a thorny triangular plant in your backyard that is mostly ignored by everyone. Yes! Aloe Vera is what we are talking about.  It’s a botanical superhero that should be added to your skincare routine.  It’s full of anti-inflammatory compounds, minerals, and vitamins that provide healing relief from irritation. It’s commonly found in every household. If you don’t have this gooey gel at home then it’s easily available at your health store too.

Another best thing about aloe vera is that it’s safe and one can use it on the face too. Aloe vera benefits skin in multiple ways:

Treat your acne with aloe vera. It works best with mild and moderate acne, these acne are like minor skin breakouts and don’t affect the large skin areas. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial properties in Aloe Vera help in healing these pimples on your face. 

It’s winter and in case you have dry skin then try using aloe vera. It has mucopolysaccharides( try pronouncing it), which makes your skin hydrated. Some are allergic to aloe vera but if you are not with this problem then start using it.

Time for Aloe Fact: Aloe Vera was used by CLEOPATRA( Egyptian Queen). She used to rub the gel all over her body to make it soft & silky.

Aloe Vera consists of 99% water. This is one of the reasons that it helps in healing sunburn and heat rash.  It gives a soothing effect to the skin and reduces inflammation.

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