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Do Aesthetic Treatments at 3D Lifestyle Cost A LOT?


“Great reward comes with a great cost” This line fits perfectly if you are going to get aesthetic treatment. Aesthetic procedures improve your skin & body appearance but the cost attached to them is intimidating for many. 

Aesthetic treatments from the best aesthetic clinics are bound to be costly.  If you feel that aesthetic treatments cost you a fortune, it’s because of the following reasons.

They are performed by certified professional doctors so there is very less or no chance of any side effects. All the treatments are customizable according to different body types.

You cannot compare the machines of aestheticians with the gadgets used at home. You don’t have to buy the newest skincare devices (which might cost half of your eternal soul). Dermatologists treat your skin with advanced technology and that is why the results are almost perfect. On the other hand, the gadget might not even work on your skin. Why? Having the same advance skin care tech at home could have adverse affects since lack of skin and professional knowledge. 

Standard prices of aesthetic procedures might look expensive to you. After knowing the following reasons, you’ll consider on getting the aesthetic treatment now. You are paying to make your skin and body feel & look better so, Why Not?

Visit your nearest aesthetic clinic, 3D Lifestyle because regular,  seasonal, and yearly discounts are offered to cater your body needs. Advanced UK technology is experts first choice hence, also makes customizable aesthetic experience possible. Treatment doctors at 3D Lifestyle are professional and certified, they know what they are doing to your skin or body.

Here are the vast categories of treatments offered by 3D Lifestyle:

  • Fat Reduction Treatments (thigh gap, double chin, love handles, belly fat removal, and other body parts that need fat reduction). 
  • Face Lift For Men & Women.
  • Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women (upper lips, arms, legs, chest, full-body, full face)
  • 3D Medical Grade Facials (7 Step HydraFresh Facial, 11 Step HydraPlus Facial, 3D Clever, 3D Ultra Glow).
  • Minimal Invasive Skin & Hair Treatments ( face PRP, micro-needling, skin lightening drips, hair PRP, botox & Fillers).

Recent Aesthetic Offers By 3D Lifestyle

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This offer is for LIMITED TIME ONLY and they are valid on ALL TREATMENTS (Standard prices).

Offer 2: Visit 3D Lifestyle between 10 AM – 1 PM and get FLAT 20% OFF on all treatments.

Website Exclusive Offer: Book an appointment from our website and get up to 30% OFF on ALL TREATMENTS.


FREE PATCH TEST of safest laser hair reduction is worth a catch.

Getting FREE CONSULTATION should be your first priority. Discuss your skin and body-related concerns with the certified aesthetic doctors at 3D Lifestyle. 

Explore our website and hit the like button of our social media channels to get timely updates on our new offers and discounts.

Ring us at 021 111 232 889 or  Click Here.

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