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What Are Love Handles And How To ‘Handle’ Them

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Why are they called “love handles”? Many people have this question. When two people get married, due to hormonal changes or increased food consumption they develop weight. Some couples ignore their bodies as they give more attention to their partner and as a result, fat begins to develop around their waist and hips. That’s why this fat is nicknamed “Love Handles”. However, it’s simply a guess made by various people.

Causes and Effects Of Love Handles

Love handles or muffin tops are the slangs that are used for the fat that is piled up around the waist. This happens when you consume a lot of calories and your body is not able to burn them. This causes fat retention. Unfortunately, love handles fat reduction is not that easy. With workout and exercise you might lose weight from other body parts but getting rid of this muffin top is not a piece of cake for everyone.

Love handles are not only caused by tight clothes, there are other factors as well like stress, excess food consumption, change of hormones, etc. If you are thinking that those ‘curves a.k.a fat’ look pretty, no they don’t. If they are not controlled, you might not be able to get back your dream body shape.

When you consume less or more food, unburned fat is collected around the body and causes muffin top. Stress is also the cause of love handles. The wrong physical activity is also to blame for this stubborn fat. Unhealthy consumption of food also makes your belly and hips bulgy and chubby.

Say Goodbye to Love Handles At 3D Lifestyle

Why exercise, when you can get an instant fix to your love handle problem. 3D Lifestyle uses a Fat Freezing method that helps to lose up to 40% fat from your love handles. Beauty gurus use makeup to contour the face and body nowadays but with 3D Lifestyle, you can get a permanent contoured body. Love Handles fat reduction is good for your overall health too because obesity doesn’t do any good to you or your body.

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