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Skincare – Love Makes Your Skin Glow & Healthy!

Monday, December 6th, 2021

This might have happened to you. When something or someone makes you happy, your face gives off a different glow. A glow that other people notice and they ask you “khairiyat hai, Aj tou bare chamak rahe ho.” Let’s put skincare products aside and talk about how love makes your skin healthy and glowy.

When you feel happy, your skin starts to become beautiful. How? Because ‘excited hormones’  increase the blood flow in the skin that not only makes your skin healthy but blushy red too. 

When your mood is not okay, it starts showing effects on the skin. Due to stress, your body starts producing the hormone known as Cortisol. This hormone increases the oil production in the skin and you start getting clogged pores and acne breakouts.

But the question is, how can love make your skin gorgeous? When one is in a healthy relationship or the person is getting the love they deserve. They feel happy and satisfied, these positive emotions increase the ability of the body to heal by itself.

In short, love not only makes the skin healthy but your body too! The feeling of Happiness makes one’s skin hydrated. The hormones (serotonin,  oxytocin) which are released by this happiness, regulate the blood and oxygen flow in the body. Your skin starts getting proper nutrients and hydration. All this makes your skin plumy, healthy, glowy & hydrated.

If you are happy and still feel that you have skin problems like dull, dry, or wrinkled skin then don’t get worried. It’s not because of a love or happiness issue. There might be other factors as well, like winters, smog, age, or hormones. It’s completely okay, visit your nearest aesthetic clinic. 

Best Medical Grade Facials at 3D Lifestyle

Winter and air pollution can make your face dry. There are many Hydra Facials offered by different dermatologists and Beauty clinics but 7 Step 3D HydraFresh Facial, 11 Step 3D HydraPlus Facial and 3D Ultra Glow at 3D Lifestyle are out of this world. They are not like your normal facials.  If you are looking for instant hydration and radiance then these treatments are for you. 

Age causing wrinkles on your skin? Worry no more. 3D Red Carpet Collagen Facial has come to the rescue. 

Happiness makes your skin gorgeous but if you are getting instant gorgeousness from the best aesthetic clinic, 3D Lifestyle then why not give it a try?

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This Winter Eliminate 3 D’s – Dehydrated, Dull & Dry Skin

Monday, October 25th, 2021

Chapped lips? dehydrated, Dull, and dry skin? If you have all these symptoms then don’t worry, It’s winter. Winter is beautiful because it’s cool & calm (and sad for some people) but overall, winter is a season that most people enjoy. During this season your skin complexion becomes chaotic. For that, you need proper skin care treatment so that you can slay throughout the winters. 

The question is, why our skin becomes dehydrated, dull, or dry? There is low humidity during the cold weather and when dry air touches your face, it makes your skin dehydrated and dry. If it is not treated on time then one can get eczema which leads your skin to inflammation, redness, rashes, and cracks. If you have these symptoms already then you should visit your nearest dermatologist or aesthetic clinic. 

Have you noticed that your face and your hands become dull during the winters? Like, there is no life to your skin? This also happens due to dry and cold weather. When the moisture is not locked properly, it makes your skin look bland and colorless. 

You can get rid of all these problems by hydrating yourself as much as you can. Increase the water and fluids intake. Use moisturizing creams according to your skin type. Point to be noted, the moisturizing creams that are oil-based are better than your regular lotions. With these, you can somehow prevent your skin from getting dull, dry, and dehydrated.

Skin Care Treatments For Winter at 3D Lifestyle

If you want your skin to be glowy and plumpy throughout the winter season, then look for more of a permanent solution like visiting 3D Lifestyle. 3D Lifestyle is not only for the winter, you can get the best treatments in every season. If you have different skin problems like wrinkled skin or fine lines, blackheads or uneven skin tone then get the best skincare here at 3D Lifestyle. 3D Medical Grade Facials are here to ease your worries. Red Carpet Collagen Facial, 7-Step 3D HydraFresh Facial, 11-Step 3D HydraPlus Facial, 3D Ultra Glow, 3D BB Glow, and many other skin care treatments you can get this winter.

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