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Get Rid Of The Tan You Don’t Want

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

Summer is here people and so is your unsolicited tan skin going to be. You don’t agree? Probably you’re living under a rock (read SHADE). If you’re paying for the tan, go for it but we don’t really encourage unnecessary tan over natural glowing skin. 

Whatever skin color you have, the harsh UV sun rays won’t be friendly to any of them. We all have those tan lines and uneven skin color and trust me, it does not look good even with full coverage foundation. Other than the apparent signs, you can also experience a sunburn, hyperpigmentation, irritated skin, blemishes, excessively oily skin, and whatnot. 

How does Tan & Pigmentation work? 

Having dark and tan skin is actually your skin’s defense mechanism against the harsh UV sun rays. Our skin consists of a chemical called Melanin that causes the skin to turn dark or tan. Under the surfaces of the skin, Melanin helps in absorbing sun rays containing UV radiation. More the consumption into the surface of your skin, the more your skin experiences dark spots, pigmentation, blotchy, and tanned skin tone. 

Natural ingredients and having them as products for getting rid of pigmentation and tan tone can really be helpful. Big in the DIY house is Aloe due to its anti-inflammatory properties and how it helps one to soothe the skin. Turmeric can also be helpful to strike that balanced tone you’re looking for. These hacks are a good option but not a permanent solution. 

How 3D Gluta Light Can Be Of Use?

Instead of getting back to the old-school DIY aloe hacks, why not opt for something that’s a quick solution yet consisting of natural components? The answer to your query is 3D Gluta Light. It contains natural components like vitamins, rich minerals, soya oil, and protein that helps in making your skin look healthy and sustains glowy skin. You can experience your tan almost going away after your first session. On top of it, our expert Dermatologists recommend some great skincare tips that just make your skincare routine top-notch. 


So instead of waiting for the tan to show up, let’s make glowing skin happen naturally for you. BOOK FREE CONSULTATION RIGHT NOW!

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Written by Mahnoor Ikhlaq


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