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Wear Sunblock Even If It’s Cloudy! Read This To Know Why

Friday, July 29th, 2022

SUNBLOCK IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! A lot of people don’t know the importance of this mind-blowing product. (you might be one of them). 

Are you one of those individuals who doesn’t even have sunblock in their homes? (comment if you are one of them) 

We don’t realize how important it is in today’s world. In the world of pollution and UV Rays, Sunblock is a holy grail for our skin. By skin, we mean all the body parts exposed to the sun. (Not just face)

What Happens To Your Skin When It’s Exposed To Sun? 

Sun rays can cause skin cancer. Let’s start from here. It can cause sun damage. It can increase melasma in your skin ultimately making your complexion dark. Sun Rays can burn your skin (if exposed for longer). Sunlight can cause premature aging. You actually age faster when you are exposed to the sun for a long time. 

‘But why are we even worrying, it’s monsoon nowadays and mostly it’s cloudy. Huh! We are no longer exposed to the sun’ 
Sorry to burst your bubble but you need sunblock on cloudy days too. 

Why Do You Need a Sunblock on Cloudy Days? 

The dangerous sun rays can pass through the thick ozone layer but won’t be able to go through the clouds? Like seriously? 

Up to 80% of sun rays can pass across the clouds and can cause damage to your skin. It’s extremely important to wear sunblock whenever you are going out. Whether the weather is sunny or it’s dim and cloudy. Doctors recommend that sunblock with SPF 30 – 50 can block up to 98% of harmful UV rays and guess what? 3D Sunblock is SPF 50+. 

3D Lifestyle SPF 50+ Sunblock 

3D Sunblock with no side effects, light on your skin, and tough on Sun rays. It contains vitamin E which protects, repairs, and adds glow to your skin. It’s affordable and for all skin types. Want to know more about it?
Well. What you have to do is to visit your nearest 3D Lifestyle center & get your hands on this majestic product. 

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