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Smelly, Sweaty & Hairy Armpits? READ THIS For a Solution

Sweaty & Smelly Arm Pits Solution

Summer is ending and the monsoon is coming, which means it’s not all about the heat anymore. The weather is hot and humid. It’s not only making humans restless but insects too. That’s why they are getting out of their shelters and invading our homes (UGH..). Let’s come back to the point. When the weather is humid and hot, you sweat a lot. If you have hairy armpits then your full body must smell funny too (if not, you are truly blessed).

Yes! That’s right, hair in the underarms contributes to sweating more and smelling weird. Why? It’s because our body is covered with sweat glands and they excrete sweat & this happens when the temperature of our body rises.

Hair in our underarms makes the surrounding areas warm and you start sweating more than usual. Due to excessive moisture, your hair follicles start trapping odor-causing bacteria. That’s why your body starts giving off a weird smell.

If you start noticing that people are not sitting with you for long then it’s a sign that you need to make that body odor go away. (Seriously, you need it)

Btw, there are other factors that cause smelly armpits like stress, lack of hygiene and some foods are also the reason. (Let’s get into the depth of these issues some other day.)

Solution At 3D Lifestyle – Laser Hair Removal

To get rid of hairy, sweaty, and smelly armpits, the first thing you should be taking care of is your hygiene, shower daily, and then get your hair removed via hair removal treatment. By hair removal treatment we mean Laser Hair Reduction, not other methods. Why? They have their own issues (Read: Laser Hair Removal is Better Than Waxing – Why & How?)You don’t have to go further. 3D Lifestyle’s 3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment has got you covered.

Hair reduction is equally important for both men & women. The best thing about 3D Laser Hair Removal treatment is that it’s;

  • Safe
  • For all skin tones
  • Works on all hair types

Whether you want to remove extra hair from the underarms or the full body, 3D TrilogyICE is the best option for you.

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