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Dr. Amjad Hussain

Certified Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Amjad Hussain (MBBS, MSc Dermatology) has been working as a certified Consultant Dermatologist since 1996. With an applaudable and vast experience of 24 years of professional practice in every cosmetic and dermatological procedure, he is also well-known for his work in Laser Therapy. As he feels that learning is a lifelong process, he’s very keen on learning newer concepts, alongside being exceptionally competent and hardworking.

Dr. Amjad Hussain is also known for attending a considerable number of national, as well as international conferences and workshops on new treatment modalities and recent advancements; in order to ensure that his arsenal of knowledge is always up-to-date. Being a result-oriented and forward-moving individual. The results offered by 3D Lifestyle’s approach towards non-invasive treatments inspired Dr. Amjad to become a part of the 3D Family as an Aesthetic Consultant.

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