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Time To Get Rid Of Those Distressing Dark Circles!

Dark circles are equally common in both men and women these days. There are numerous causes that may lead to dark circles. It is not very easy to get rid of dark circles, but with constant efforts and care you can eliminate dark circles completely!

Sleep Well  

Want to get rid of dark circles? Make sure you sleep well! We know you’ve heard it everywhere, but it is SO important that can’t ignore this point. Not getting enough sleep is the most common cause that leads to dark circles, so to get rid of dark circles you need to wipe out the factors that lead to them.

Keep yourself Well Hydrated 

We will keep stressing on this point forever! If you don’t drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and want to get beautiful spot free and dark circle free skin, you’re aiming for something that isn’t possible sweetie. To achieve flawless skin, the very basic step towards the journey is keeping yourself well hydrated. Those puffy eyes you see in the mirror are your body’s reaction to you not drinking enough water. That is when your body attempt to save water in form of those puffy bags under your eyes. So, it’s time you stop keeping your body in scarce conditions, drink enough water so that your body doesn’t have to worry about emergency situations.

Green Tea

After enjoying your refreshing cup of green tea, don’t throw away the tea bag. Green tea is rich of anti-oxidants and has caffeine in it. Caffeine helps you fight the puffiness and dark patches under your eyes. So, after having your green tea, utilize the teabag rich of goodness! You can apply it directly to your eyes, or keep the teabags in the fridge and use them once they’re cold.

Turmeric mask

Turmeric is an essential ingredient of Asian food. Turmeric is rich with the chemical curcumin which is a powerful ingredient to get rid of inflammation, swelling and dullness. To get rid of dark circles here is a magical mask that we are sharing with you. Make a paste of turmeric with buttermilk, and apply it under your eyes, wash it after 20 minutes. to completely get rid of dark circles, repeat this every alternate day for two weeks.


we all have easy access to cucumbers. Go and pick a cucumber from your kitchen shelf, slice it up, and put those juicy pieces on your eyes and relax! Let them stay for at least 20 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water, you will feel refreshed instantly and will notice that your dark circles have diminished.

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