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Now Grow Your Hair With PRP Therapy!

Are you tired of looking in the mirror & not seeing the hair growth you desire? Have you wished for a miracle hair growth treatment?  Well, your prayers have been answered!  3D Hair PRP with Microneedling is available, giving those of us who have been stuck in the same style for months the ability to change it up and rock a fresh new do finally.


Reasons Behind Slow or No Hair Growth

From genetics to lifestyle choices, your body has several ways to determine when hair will stop growing and how much hair you’ll have on your head at any given time. 


Hair growth cycles are divided into three distinct stages: growth phase, transition phase and resting phase. Hair follicles naturally go through this cycle as part of their regular renewal process, but genetics can influence how long the phases last for each individual person. For example, people with thicker hair generally spend more time in the growth phase, allowing their hair to grow longer. 


Lifestyle factors such as; poor nutrition, stress, hormone imbalances & medical conditions such as alopecia areata can all contribute to slowing down or completely stopping the natural hair growth process. Also, hairstyles like tight ponytails or cornrows can cause permanent damage to the follicles if worn too tightly over long periods. This damage can prevent hair from growing out correctly and limit its potential length. 


3D Hair PRP – The Savior Of Hair Growth 

It is a non-surgical procedure that uses your body’s natural healing powers to stimulate hair follicles. During treatment, a small amount of your blood is taken & then spun down in a centrifuge to separate out plasma, which is rich with platelets. Plasma is then injected directly into the scalp in areas where there is baldness or thinning. 


What makes Hair PRP treatment such an exciting option is that it’s safe & doesn’t involve any artificial drugs or surgery. Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure and typically don’t require any downtime afterward.  Additionally, since it works with your body’s own natural platelets and hormones, PRP will give you a healthier head of hair with less chance of negative side effects. Results can be seen as soon as 4 weeks after the initial treatment, with continued results becoming more evident as time passes by. It usually takes multiple sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to get desired results, as this allows for maximum regeneration and growth cycles. 


For those looking for an effective yet natural way to restore their mane, what they need is to visit the 3D Lifestyle – the best medical aesthetic centre for Hair PRP! With regular treatments and dedication to taking care of your new looks, you can get back that full head of beautiful hair that you’ve always wanted!


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