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Laser Hair Removal – REDUCE Strawberry Legs and ADD Smoothness

Strawberry Legs Treatment

You asked, we answered! A lot of you asked us how to get rid of strawberry legs. Worry not! It is neither an illness nor dangerous. It’s treatable through different methods & Laser Hair Removal is one of them. 

Let’s proceed further. If you are wondering what strawberry legs look like. Let’s help you out with that. Now put the phone away and check your legs. See the dark dots? Yep. These dots resemble the seeds of the strawberry, that’s why they are named strawberry legs. People usually get them on legs, meanwhile one can have these dark dots on their arms or other body parts too. 

Causes of Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs are caused when dirt, bacteria, or dead skin get stuck in the hair follicle. The question is how do these above-mentioned things get into your skin? Possible causes are:

  • Shaving
  • Clogged Pores
  • Dry Skin

There are also other reasons like; folliculitis & Keratosis pilaris.

Cause 1:

When you shave your legs without using any shaving product or with the razor that is not sharp. At that time you suffer from these dark dots. 

Cause 2:

Sometimes one has open pores naturally (in genes). This is another reason for dark spots’ appearance. Open pores catch all the dirt in the air & make the pores congested.

Cause 3:

Overly Dry Skin also causes strawberry legs. Dry skin is a home of dead skin cells and this dead skin is an ‘excellent’ way to clog the pores.

Other Causes:

Washing your legs with hot water or having hot water showers everyday can enlarge or inflame the pores. Wearing tights can develop bacteria in the skin and what you get…..yep, strawberry legs.

Strawberry Legs Treatment

There are a couple of home remedies that actually help you in getting rid of strawberry legs.

EXFOLIATION! Exfoliation is one of the main keys that helps you with those dark dots. Always exfoliate your skin before shaving. Try not to wear tights all the time. Avoid hot water showers everyday.

Exfoliation Treatment -3D Triology ICE

All these remedies are temporary and might not even work on some people so why not  try something which is more permanent and takes away unwanted hair as well.

3D TrilogyICE Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Treatment helps with strawberry legs by removing dark pigmented hair, reducing the look of the strawberry legs at the same time.

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