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Go Beyond Hydrating With These 2 Skin Care Treatments

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K pop & Korean culture (cuisine, dressing) is storming in Pakistan and their skincare trends are now followed not only here but all over the world. The concept of glass-like skin is not confined to their women but men too. Why is their skin so clear and smooth? Let’s find out.

Koreans are famous for their glossy skin because they use multiple skin care products. Their facials are not restricted to 3 or 4 steps. To achieve a ‘dewy face’ they follow 10 steps skincare routine (minimum).

When you achieve glassy skin, it means that your skin is healthiest.  Normal hydration is not enough to make your skin translucent and shiny. If you browse through the internet, you’ll notice that there are tons of companies that claim to help you in achieving ‘bouncy & Glass-like skin’ (that’s what Koreans say) with their products.  

Following are 2 Skincare Treatments that help you to go beyond hydration.

Skincare Treatment At Home

The first one is the skincare treatment that you can do at home. It doesn’t involve your classic home remedies. There are loads of products involved like first you need a cleanser, an exfoliator comes after, toner, essence, serum or face oil, moisturizer, sunscreen, and last but not the least face mask. These are the least amount of products that one should have to achieve baby-like skin. If you calculate the price of these products then you’ll realize that you have to pay a fortune for them. Other concerns like, Which company has the best products? Will these products work? Do they have any side effects? These questions come to the mind of (almost) every person.

Perfectly Hydrated Skin With 3D Lifestyle

The second one is the skincare treatment you should get from expert consultants and dermatologists. If you have acne and you think that your dream of achieving a dewy face cannot come true then you might have a wrong assumption. 3D Lifestyle offers an 11-Step 3D HydraPlus Facial which is the best treatment to achieve glossy skin. If you have dry skin & believe that nothing can make it okay then you are again wrong. 3D Lifestyle offers multiple treatments like 3D Ultra Glow, 3D BB Glow, 3D Clever, 7 Step 3D HydraFresh Facial to make your skin go beyond just hydration. Whether you have acne, pimples, or dry skin, Hydra Facial is all you need to get things right. Visit 3D Lifestyle for more marvelous treatments.

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  21. Sam Williams says:

    My name is Sam Williams, and I enjoy reading about the beauty of the skin and this blog is very informative. I find it very interesting.

  22. skin care says:

    Very helpful..

    PAK Elegance

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