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Dark Circles – Stop Covering & Start Reducing

Dark Circles Treatment - 3D Lifestyle Pakistan

Are you tired of looking worn out and older than your real age? Here’s how you can reduce dark circles under your eyes! 

Most women of all ages are concerned about dark circles under their eyes. Not only lack of sleep but aging, sun exposure, depression, dehydration, prolonged screen time, smoking, and genetics are also the causes of dark circles under the eyes.

You cannot completely clear out stressors, and you can’t change your genetics. Fortunately, you can address them, & prevent or cover them with cosmetics and treatments.

Are you covering it with cosmetics?

Well, you can cover up dark circles under your eyes with cosmetics. Concealer is a product used to cover up dark circles. Concealer alone cannot help with as it often creases and makes them even worse. It may be minimized by moisturizing and applying a color corrector putting on the concealer. But to what extent? Just as long as your makeup is on. Isn’t it TIREMESOME? In the end, the issue is still there. So, why not stop covering and start reducing dark circles under your eyes?

Reducing Dark Circles, Temporarily or Permanently

Are these curable? It is possible by both temporary and permanent methods. It depends on what you choose!

What dark circles remedies can be applied?

  • Get a maximum of 8 Hours of Deep Sleep because lack of sleep makes your skin tone look pale making darkness underneath the eyes more visible & noticeable.
  • Don’t forget to Remove Your Makeup thoroughly with makeup remover before sleeping. It allows your pores to breathe and skin to rejuvenate overnight, so you look fresh and flawless when you wake up. Don’t rub your skin to remove your eye makeup or else it can cause serious inflammation and damage to the capillaries. Ultimately forming dark circle as a result.
  • You can use many Home Remedies such as cold compress, potato slices, or cucumbers under your eyes.
  • Soak with Green Tea Bags for 10-15 minutes, and rinse with water. You need to repeat it twice a day. It is rich in antioxidants and has caffeine that helps you fight the puffiness and dark patches under your eyes and reduce inflammation around the eyes as well.
  • Wear sunblock (SPF) because sun exposure can worsen dark circles.
  • Use Moisturizers, eye brightening creams, and facial masks to brighten the skin around your eyes and reduce puffiness & hyperpigmentation at the same time.

 Do you think all these remedies reduce dark circles under your eyes permanently? No, they don’t. 

They only cover it up for a few weeks (or sometimes don’t even work). So bid farewell to these remedies, as 3D Lifestyle has the best dark circle treatment for you.

3D Lifestyle’s 3D ClearSkin Peel reduces dark circle and safely brightens your eye area in 15 minutes*. It contains Glycolic acid that penetrates deep into your skin. It helps to dissolve sebum, reduces dead skin cells, and gives you smoother, brighter, and younger skin. 3D ClearSkin Peel is a powerful exfoliant that evens out skin texture & overall complexion, reduces wrinkles, treats acne marks, and spotty areas, and brightens dark circles. Surprisingly, no downtime is associated with this facial skin peel.


Come and get it done. Our expert aesthetic consultants are here! Get a FREE CONSULTATION from them. 

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