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4 Ways Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Traditional Hair Removal

A myth has always been prevalent in the world of aesthetic treatments that laser hair removal is an unsafe choice for the human skin. Since the last decade, this myth has been proven wrong over and over again, due to the dramatic evolution of laser hair removal technology around the globe. Not long ago, people used different techniques in order to remove unwanted hair from different parts of their bodies, such as underarms, legs, pubic, face, back and even chest. However, these traditional techniques prove not only to be ineffective in the longer run, but can also cause you more pain than a heartbreak. 


Harsh chemicals have also been used by different people fed up with unwanted hair covering up their beauty, but all has been in vain for such people. In the midst of this, laser hair removal has grown and become popular significantly due to some of the main benefits it has over traditional hair removal methods. Team 3D Lifestyle has prepared a list of some of these common, yet enticing benefits of laser hair removal technology, which you definitely need to know!


1- Safer:

The first benefit of a laser hair removal treatment over a traditional method such as waxing, plucking or razor is that laser hair removal is extremely safe. Opposed to prior belief, laser hair removal technology has advanced over the years, such as Trilogy ICE which ensures that you do not have to face any sort of side-effects in the future. Most traditional methods such as waxing can result in burns or rashes. Hair removal creams can also result in damaging of the epidermis and skin diseases. However, a laser hair removal glides over the skin or reduces the intensity over softer body parts, preventing any sort of harmful effects to your skin or health. 


2- Treats All Hair Types & Follicles:

In contrast to the point above, the safety of someone who receives laser hair removal treatment lies in the fact, that there are many laser hair removing technologies in the marketplace these days, that can treat all sorts of hair follicles together. Traditional methods of hair removal mostly result in hard and rough hair growth, as they are not treated to the core. Moreover, the density of the hair might increase due to the continuous process of hair removal. On the other hand, laser hair removal technologies such as Trilogy ICE can also treat all skin tones and types, due to a triple-action laser which generates 3 wavelengths to treat all sorts of follicles and skin types. 


3- Long-Lasting Results:

A laser hair removal treatment is a permanent solution to your unwanted hair problem. Unlike waxing or razor, a laser can target the hair follicles and reduce the growth rate of hair, which then ensures that your unwanted hair does not grow back anytime soon. Apart from that, this process is painless with most laser hair removal treatments. In some, you might even feel like you’re taking a cold massage in a spa somewhere in Bangkok. 


4- Cheaper In The Longer Run:

Although it might seem like laser hair removal treatments cost a fortune, however, they are much cheaper than any traditional hair removal method; in the longer run. You might have to use wax strips or hair removal creams every week or two for ages, but a full laser hair removal treatment only need 6-8 sessions to get hair-free. For example, waxing might cost you approximately 5000 Rs every 2 week for a full body hair removal. This can accumulate and become a very expensive number over years. On the other hand, brands like TrilogyICE offer 6 full-body laser hair removal sessions in just 99,000 Rs leaving you hair-free forever; without breaking a sweat. We’ll leave the math to you!


Laser hair removal technology has advanced over the years, and it has proven to be one of the safest, fastest and long-lasting ways to get rid of unwanted hair. If you plan on going on a vacation after the global lockdown is over, we would suggest that you move toward a more permanent way of dealing with unwanted hair. You wouldn’t want your relaxing sun bath on the beach to be overshadowed with rough and ingrown hair follicles, would you? Choose wisely!

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