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3 Skin problems you need to take care of this Monsoon

Skin problems

Let’s be real, the weather in Pakistan during the monsoon becomes unbearable. Rain no doubt is a blessing but, humidity after that affects your body. It not only affects our mood but it also attacks our skin. It gives us a ‘shower’ of skin problems like blackheads, acne, oily skin, white heads, itching, rashes, and many more.

During this season, oily skin becomes more oily and dry skin becomes more dry. Inshort, your skin condition becomes unpredictable.

3 skin problems that you need to take care of during this monsoon season are;

  • Blackheads/whiteheads.
  • Acne.
  • Dull skin.

Blackhead / Whitehead:

When the facial skin gets clogged with dead skin cells, oil, or bacteria, at that time blackheads/whiteheads invade our skin. These blackheads are generally very small but an excessive amount on the skin looks unsatisfactory.

You can follow any home remedies or do facials, but during this season you should definitely consult your Dermatologist and treatment doctor for expert advice. 

3D lifestyle offers 3D Ultra Glow treatment that will help you get rid of the skin clogged with blackheads/whiteheads. 

Furthermore, it also hydrates, brightens up, scrub away dirt, inshort it –  makes skin flawless.

Treat Your Acne:

This is the most common problem that the majority of people face. Acne is majorly caused by excessive oily skin, dead skin cells, and clogged pores.

Everyone wants to get rid of this problem. You can do numerous DIY facials at home but acne is unpredictable. It can invade your skin anytime.

You should get professional treatment to treat your skin.

3D lifestyle offers various treatments to get rid of acne, the treatments include;

  • 7-Step 3D Hydrafacial
  • 11-Step 3D Hydra Plus
  • 3D Ultra Glow
  • 3D BB Glow

All these treatments not only treat acne but you can get them occasionally for fresh and bright skin as well.

No More Dull Skin:

Even though monsoon means cloudy weather, you can still get dull skin because we know human skin is sensitive to many external factors. 

You can treat your dull skin by doing different home treatments but it can be risky because some remedies have side effects. Your best call, consult an expert to get rid of dull skin. 

3D lifestyle offers different facial treatments to clear out the dullness on your face.


  • 7-Step 3D Hydrafacial
  • 3D Red Carpet Facial
  • 11-Step 3D Hydra Plus
  • 3D Ultra Glow


All these treatments help to make your skin look flawless without any downtime or side effects. To get all these treatments from 3D lifestyle, you can ring us at 111 232 889.

To make it more exciting for you, Click Here for BOOKING FREE CONSULTATION anytime!.



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