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This week has been an exciting one for the 3D-lipo brand – with our technologies going worldwide and launching in Pakistan. Introducing: 3D Lifestyle!

3D Lifestyle has begun using our revolutionary technologies to establish a network of non-invasive liposuction and anti-ageing alternatives in clinics across Pakistan. With an ever-growing market in the beauty industry in Pakistan, 3D Lifestyle aims to reach a network of 100 clinics by the second quarter of 2018. Pakistan currently has a beauty market that accounts for £2.3 billion with a 15% annual growth in the past 3 years.

Jawad Qureshi, CEO of 3D Lifestyle said: “The technology from 3D-lipo Ltd allows us to build a network of clinics that offer the same results for every client that walks in; allowing quality in service to be achieved through a centralized mechanism to protect the value we wish to create in the brand. Pakistan’s changing lifestyle, consumption patterns of households and the role of working women in leading trends in the beauty market are a promising factor in our strategy.”

This launch was so big that #3dlifestylepk was trending on Twitter, and even made it onto the national Pakistani news channels! The launch was also featured in multiple news publications. This created immense brand exposure for not just Pakistan but for the 3D-lipo brand as a whole.

3D Lifestyle currently have 10 clinics up and running, but are aiming to have 100 clinics established by the second quarter of 2018!

We at 3D-lipo wish 3D Lifestyle all the best, and we are excited to follow you on your journey!

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