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Spot The Skintech In Emmerdale!

Spot the Skintech!

Once Again our 3D-skintech machine was featured on hit Soap Emmerdale- aired on 05/04/18. 3D-skintech is regularly featured on the show as a salon fixture in character Bernice’s beauty salon which was launched into the show in 2014.

Sources have told us that the stars of the soap like to borrow it from the set for a facial to keep their skin Camera glowing for their appearances! 3D- skintech was scouted at the Professional Beauty Show Excel 2014 by Emmerdale’s Production Buyer. Roy and Phoebe delivered the machine to ITV studios and got an introduction to the cast and were shown around Bernice’s salon. Making its first appearance on June 11th, 3D- skintech is seen by an average of 6 million viewers per episode which is great exposure for the treatment!

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