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Saloon Success Story

Clinic 23 – Salon Success Story Of The Month

Clinic: Clinic 23 in Tamworth

Owner: Gemma Whittaker

How long have you had 3D-Lipo in your clinic/salon?

Just under 2 years- August 2016

Why 3D-lipo

How did you hear about 3D-lipo?

Beauty Show News.

What were they key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

The results, the celebrity endorsements! Mainly the overall deciding factor was the customer service and dedicated support- I think I drove Susan mad, she must have some patience.

How important was the 3 dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

Very comparable to other devices available on the market. The fact it has the Cryolipolysis, Cavitation. Dermology and Radio Frequency all in one grave it endless possibilities for treating the whole body. You can reduce fat pockets, shape and sculpt and also tighten the skin- its a win win situation!

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

It has a well-recognized name and celebrity endorsement following ther feature on Lorraine it raised a lot of awareness to the fat freeze and the whole brand got the treatments, people have become a lot more aware of it and trust the name of 3D-lipo. its great because you can offer clients the whole package not just the fat freeze. The results the machine gives just speak for themselves!

How would you say that 3D-lipo compliments/ adds to your business model?

3D-Lipo is my main hub for my business, I believe so strongly in it and its capabilities. I am proud to advertise the 3D name and feel it brings in a lot of recognition from clients who want results driven treatment. A lot of people are sceptical about if it works so I often offer a taster session to start with so they can see the amazing results from just one session- they are blown away!

Your Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

I started my clinic with just 3D-lipo, along with Hair Extensions and beauty it was quite a new avenue for me to venture into but as soon as I started advertising with the results and the results I was achieving, my clients were very impressed it was available, because they had trust in me they felt they could try the treatment and have gone on to buy courses and are returning clients.

On average how many clients are you treating per week on 3D-lipo?

On average 15-20 per week, my clinic Is based in my house and I have to work it around my two young children so it often means my time Is very limited and my days start with clients at 6am till 10pm.

How are clients funding their results?

My clients are blown away with the results, I love to hear how the treatment has given them confidence to wear a bikini or even just feel so much confident in everyday life. I love it when the clients cannot believe their own eyes after their treatment. They get dressed and their clothes are looser or their belly button is in a different place to when they started the treatment. Some use it just to maintain as they live a hectic lifestyle and have no time to diet and exercise, which again it works well for them and keeps them feeling good about themselves. One of the recent clients was overwhelmed by her tummy tightening and I cant wait to see more improvements on it for her.

Please give an example of a client who was please with theirresults… i.e. what was the clients target? i.e. to lose fat, improve the appearance of cellulite, tighten loose skin? Which area were they focussing on? Which treatment did they have to meet their specific problem area? Cavitation /Cryolipolysis /Radio Frequency…

I have a lady who has been coming to me for a while to treat her legs for cellulite, she hared parts of her legs that were dimpled and uneven from the cellulite. After the first course she was shocked at how well it has worked and the great improvement it had made, she could not believe the change we had made. She has done nothing but have 3D-lipo- no special diet no exercise just good old 3D Lipo and the results are fab- complete leg envy! We use a combination of cryolipolysis on the pockets of fat on the outer legs, cavitation to smooth, reduce and sculpt the area, radio frequency to improve the skin tone, along with Shockwave and Dermology to literally smooth the cellulite away- she has now completely reshaped her bum, my clients look and feel amazing!

In general what has client feedback been like?

Clients love the treatment, I have a few that worry about the price but the majority of them get a little addicted and get one area perfect and move on to something else they have concerns about. Some clients have a course and treat a new area every week and use it for a bit of maintenance!

Business Talk

How do you advertise/promote 3D-lipo to your existing clients and also new clients?

I use local magazine to advertise. Donate voucher and flyers to local community events, sponsor a Motorcross team- so my logo is printed on to clothing and motorcross bikes. I also have my website which generates a lot of interest, I use social media a lot which is hard to keep up with but that does gain majority of the clients come to me via social media. Quite often I get a lot of people referred to me via word of mouth too which is great when that happens as people are happy enough to talk about it! Some do like to keep it a secret but are returning customers so that is just fine.

How have you found the response to your promotion of the 3D-lipo in comparison to any other launches you have undertaken?

I have not had a chance since starting my clinic to do launch party as I advertised straight away and have been quite busy since, plus I did start off in my spare bedroom too whilst the clinic was being built so I think considering it that’s been very well. I have done a few local launches in hair salons and out of all my treatments 3D Lipo was most popular.

How long did it take to make a return on your investment?

Like I say I started off in my spare bedroom with two very small children and building work going on so my time was very limited to hours that I could work, but I soon made a return on the cost of the machines.

Roughly, to date, how much money would you say the machine has turned over since you’ve had it?

I am yet to confirm, I am awaiting a meeting with my accountant shortly. It has changed my life though and meant that I no longer had to work for anyone else, I could be my own boss and balance my home/ work life along with also working from home!

How do you maximise on the press/ brand awareness of 3D-Lipo?

I just literally repost everything I can that’s available and try to keep up with which celebrities are having which treatments done.

Have you seen an increase in demand for 3D-lipo following the press exposure, if so do you have a rough figure/ percentage of how many new clients have book?

Yes it has helped a lot, people seem more trusting off the brand, and have seen it in the press & on the TV and actually feel less scared of it. I think it helped having non-celebs on Lorraine as people could relate to everyday people more. I had a lot more interest and I would say a good percentage of enquiries before the advert, contacted me to book in for treatments as they felt more confident in the brand!

Is your presence on our clinic finder listing benefitting your business and is so, how?

I have had a few people go direct to the clinic finder and find me from there. I need send over the document for the Premier Clinic Listing Info.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ the staff/ the support…?

I would like to say Thank you to everyone at customer service, training and anyone I spoke to over the phones are so friendly and approachable. The training always leave me feeling so eager to get back and start trying new approaches on clients. I am glad I have joined the Premium listing as it’s a good idea to have the banked money each month for consumables and it does make you stand out a little better. The machine is just magic and I cannot wait to purchase another one from the new range! The support and services I have from 3D would always bring me back to them over any other supplier as it is dedicated and consistent support.

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