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Salon Success Story Of The Month!

Salon Name: 3D Body Contouring Ltd Salon

Owner Name: Celeste

Location: Royal Tunbridge Wells

How long have you had 3D- Lipo in your clinic?

I have had 3D-lipo for around four years now.

Why 3D- lipo?

How did you hear about 3D- lipo?

About 5 years ago I was working for a clinic who had invested in 3D-lipo technology. I got very involved at an early stage with all treatments.

What were the key driving factors behind your decision to purchase 3D-lipo?

I found that 3D- lipo wasn’t another typical gimmicky machine, 3D actually showed great results. Also I found 3D to be a solid and reliable company who invested in the brand as well as their customers.

How important was the 3 dimensional approach of this machine when making your purchase decision?

Having all 3 technologies in one machine just made perfect sense. Not only did I not have space, but buying 3 separate machines would have been very costly.

What do you feel gives 3D-lipo the edge over your competition in your area?

I most definitely have the edge over the competition in my area with 3D-lipo as the technology is just so much more advanced than other copycat systems. I am able to confidently collect hundreds of before and after photos, which I have found not many other places do! Plus I am the self-appointed Queen of 3D!

How would you say that 3D- lipo compliments / adds to your business model?

I only use 3D-lipo technology within my clinic as it’s all I need to be a success.

Your Clients

How did your clients react to this new addition to your treatment menu?

I only use 3DLipo.

On average how many clients are you treating per week on 3D- lipo?

Currently about 15-20 clients.

How are clients finding their results?

Incredible, because they get the ‘WOW’ factor with me. As mentioned before, I have hundreds of before and after pictures which they love seeing each week.

Please give an example of a client who was pleased with their results… i.e. What was the client’s target? I.e. to lose fat, improve the appearance of cellulite, or tighten loose skin?

To be honest there are too many examples to chose from. Each course that I carry out is different for each client, due to how they respond, because of this successful results are very high. All I can say is my clients love their bespoke courses whether it be fat reduction or skin tightening.

Which area were they focussing on? Which treatment did they have to meet their specific problem area? Cavitation/ Cryolipolysis/ Radio frequency…

Most of my clients are ladies who want tummies debulked and tightened, I find this is a common problem. I typically start a course with Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) and then continue with the 8 sessions of cavitation and Radio Frequency and finish with shockwave. If I feel another cryolipolysis treatment is required, I will do this at the end.

What were the results? Before and after measurements (Inches/ cm)

I do not do any measuring as I feel this way is inaccurate, and slight mistake can give very false readings. Its photos all the way for me. I take pictures after every treatment. The camera never lies.

In general what has client feedback been like?

Extremely positive! My clients range from the retired, to professionals. My reviews on google and Facebook speak for themselves.

Business Talk

How do you advertise/ promote 3D- lipo to your existing clients and also new clients?

Facebook mainly, networking, my website, and word of mouth.

How long did it take to make a return on your investment?

In Just 12 months, I was in pure profit.

How do you maximise on the press/ brand awareness of 3D- lipo?

I use all the press that 3D-lipo has achieved all the time for my marketing, it’s really helpful and has a huge impact especially with all the celebrity endorsements.

Have you seen an increase in demand for 3D- lipo following the press exposure, if so do have a rough figure/ percentage of how many new clients have booked?

There has most certainly been a massive increase over the last 3 months, I am booked solid.

Is your presence on our clinic finder listing benefitting your business and if so, how?

The clinic finder has definitely helped with about 20% increase of bookings from the site.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? – Any further comments about the machine/ the brand/ staff/ support….?

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