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3D- lipomed: Dr Leah Launch Creates Media Storm

Wednesday 22nd January saw the launch of our first 3D- lipomed machine in the UK. Dr. Leah Totton in a joint venture with Lord Sugar have launched our device in the first of their chain of Dr. Leah clinics. Many press reporters were in attendance and it was clear to see that Leah was very excited about working with 3D.

“We’re really lucky to have the only medical fat reduction 3D lipo machine in the UK. We’re the only clinic to have that for the next few months and I think that will be really popular in the run-up to Valentine’s Day and after that Mother’s Day.”- London Metro

The press soon picked up on the 3D buzz which created a media storm, with 3D appearing in major national headlines throughout the UK and Ireland. Following the major press surrounding the 3D- lipomed launch, this generated just over an amazing 20,000 hits on our website!

To see why the press are loving 3D take a look for yourselves and follow the links below!

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