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3D-lipo Launch #DyingToBeBeautiful Campaign

3D-Lipo’s #DyingToBeBeautiful campaign has been designed by CAN PR to penetrate the UK media on a widespread level and generate mass brand exposure, however more importantly it’s been created as a positive legacy awareness piece, highlighting in the increasing risks associated with cosmetic surgery and emphasising why the UK should be looking at safe non-surgical alternatives like 3D-lipo’s offering at your clinic. Using both Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong, we’ve tapped into relevant and personal topical news angles which will resonate with a large audience and underpin the campaign’s message that you do not have die to be beautiful, when there is safe, effective non-surgical solutions available.

This campaign is hard hitting and designed to firstly highlight the dangers of surgical intervention but then secondly champion 3D-lipo as a credible, affordable and pain free alternative.

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