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3D-lipo ACE it at ACE Conference!

This weekend 3D-lipo exhibited at ACE conference, welcoming existing and prospective clients to take an exclusive first look at new launches to the Aesthetic market including:

3D-NanoSure (Tattoo Removal)
3D- Trilogyice (Laser Hair Removal)
3D- Vjuve (Vaginal Rejuvenation)
3D- HIFU (Non-Surgical Facial Lifting
FIT 3D- (Complete Body Analysis)

We received a fantastic reception from delegates who learnt all about the latest highly anticipated launches from 3D, in addition to benefitting from exclusive offers on our multi-platform devices including our most popular bestselling device ‘3D-ultimate’ which offers a complete non-approach to fat removal, cellulite reduction & skin tightening…

ACE Conference provided us with the perfect platform to showcase our latest launches to the aesthetic market, and we would like to welcome on board a host of new clients who joined our award winning brand at ACE!

We wish you the best of success with your new range of 3D-lipo equipment! Keep an eye out on our ‘events section’ on the homepage of our website to view upcoming events to visit 3D-lipo!

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