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From Bald to Bold | 3D Prp for hair Treatment Transforms Your Hair

Thursday, November 30th, 2023
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3D Prp for hair | Benefits, Cost & Treatment | ALL You Need to Know!

Do you want to reclaim your gorgeous locks? Take a look at 3D Prp for hair Treatment! This cutting-edge therapy stimulates hair growth with platelet rich plasma hair treatment (PRP) in a non-surgical and minimally invasive manner. PRP is collected from your own blood and injected into your scalp to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Furthermore, it is risk-free, completely painless, and has a high success rate.

So, are you a good candidate for 3D Prp for hair therapy? Yes, if you’re having hair loss or thinning hair. However, your age, gender, and the amount of your hair loss will decide if 3d PRP for hair Treatment is good for you. Keep in mind that having realistic expectations and being committed to aftercare is key to achieving the best results.

You must prepare to prp for hair loss by avoiding certain drugs and supplements that may interfere with the process. You should also avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for a few days beforehand. Also, don’t forget to discuss any medical issues or drugs you’re taking with your doctor.

Why should you get 3D Prp for hair?

A bald head may have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Agree? Don’t stress about it. Stress can make your hair fall faster! If you’re looking for a highly effective and fastest hair treatment, we have an ideal solution as prp for thinning hair. It is a 3D Prp for hair, the perfect way to treat and prevent hair fall & other related issues. Why should you get 3D Hair PRP Therapy? The hair prp benefits are as follows:

  • Restore Hair Growth
  • Make Hair Thicker and
  • Stronger
  • Prevent Hair Fall
  • Permanent Solution
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Allergen Free
  • 100% Safe
  • No Downtime

Understanding the Process of 3D Prp for hair:

Platelet plasma for hair loss, commonly known as PRP, involves extracting your own blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting the enriched plasma into the scalp.
This process harnesses the natural growth factors within the platelets to stimulate hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and improving overall hair health.

Benefits for hair prp:

Our 3D Hair PRP isn’t confined to geographical boundaries – whether you’re considering 3d Hair PRP in lahore or 3d Hair PRP in karachi, the promise of voluminous, healthy hair knows no bounds. Let’s delve into the prp benefits for hair.

The remarkable hair prp benefits as 3D Prp for hair rejuvenates your locks, promoting natural hair growth, increased thickness, and a renewed sense of confidence.

Hair Regeneration:

3D Prp for hair promotes the regeneration of hair follicles, leading to increased hair density.

Improved Hair Thickness:

Yes, prp for women hair loss & prp for men hair loss, enhance thickness and volume in their hair after undergoing 3D Prp for hair.

Reduction in Hair Loss:

3D Prp for hair has shown efficacy in minimizing hair loss, making it a sought-after solution for individuals dealing with various degrees of hair thinning.

3D PRP for Hair in Different Cities:

We understand the diverse needs of our clients, which is why 3d PRP for hair is available not only in Lahore but also in Karachi & all major cities nationwide. Our commitment to making advanced aesthetic treatments accessible across Pakistan reflects our dedication to client satisfaction.

Cost of 3D PRP Treatment:

While the prp hair treatment price may vary depending on factors such as location and the extent of the procedure, we ensure transparency in our pricing. The investment in 3D Prp for hair is an investment in the restoration and revitalization of your hair, and our team is ready to guide you through the process.

Experience our prp treatment cost without breaking the bank now!

3D Face PRP – A Journey to Timeless Beauty!

But our exploration doesn’t end there. Brace yourself with 3d face prp treatment, an aesthetic marvel that transcends traditional skincare. This isn’t just a cosmetic procedure; it’s a celebration of your skin’s inherent vitality. As we navigate through 3D PRP & Microneedling, it’s a canvas of rejuvenation where every drop of PRP becomes a portrait of timeless beauty.

Beyond Hair and Face PRP – What Else?

Beyond Hair and Face PRP at 3D Lifestyle, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments that go beyond conventional boundaries, tailored to elevate your beauty and well-being.
From 3D Acne Cure Peel for 3d acne scars treatment to holistic treatments like 3D Lifestyle’s offerings, PRP emerges as a multifaceted solution.


A step towards healthier, fuller hair with platelet plasma for hair loss, 3D Prp for hair treatments at 3D Lifestyle. Our expert team is here to address your concerns, providing personalized solutions to help you achieve the hair you desire.

Don’t wait any longer, book your consultation today and take the first step towards restoring your hair and regaining your confidence!

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PRP – Proven Solution To Treating Acne Scars

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

Acne scars are like a double punishment from pimples and acne. First, you get acne and if it’s not healed properly, you get a shallow mark on the skin that looks weird. Worry not, it’s not dangerous but it doesn’t look good either. The good news is that it’s treatable via PRP. 

But the question is, how does plasma from your blood heal those unpleasant-looking marks?

What does Plasma do to Your Face?

Plasma is a yellowish substance present in your blood and has skin healing properties. It’s actually in the blood & can be separated via a centrifuge machine. This machine actually spins the withdrawn blood & after this process, dense blood cells fall to the bottom of the tube and a yellowish substance appears on the top. That’s basically the plasma rich with platelets, proteins, vitamins, calcium, and electrolytes. 

Yes, folks. our plasma contains all the good stuff & all these things not only heal our facial skin but also make it healthy, fresh & clear. Most importantly your blood consists of leukocytes (white blood cells); defend the body against infections & diseases.

3D Face PRP Treatment – Treat Acne Scars

3D Face PRP is the ultimate solution if you want to enjoy acne-free skin. It’s micro-invasive and NOT SCARY & SURGICAL AT ALL. This treatment has no side effects as blood comes from your own body. In addition to that, it soothes wrinkles, and fine lines & shrinks open pores as well.

4 steps are followed during 3D Face PRP Therapy;

Step 1:
Blood is drawn out from your arm.

Step 2: 
Drawn blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate plasma, rich in platelets from the dense red blood cells.

Step 3:
That PRP liquid is first slathered onto your face.

Final Step:
Numbing cream is applied and platelet-rich plasma is injected into the facial skin.


All done! What do you get in return?

Skin free from pimples, blemishes, and most importantly ACNE SCARS!

So what are you waiting for???

Go and get FREE CONSULTATION and if you’re suffering from acne scars, PRP therapy is for you!


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