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Dr. Shumaim Memon

Dr. Shumaim is a Pakistan Medical and Dental Council certified graduate of Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro. Her residency in dermatology is being carried out at the aforementioned Institute.

Dr. Shumaim has two and half years’ experience in Dermatology, Plastic surgery and Aesthetic procedures. She has remained a brilliant student throughout her University and College period and is a hard worker in her training during residency. During her residency she has volunteered in various camps of skin and venerology.

Apart from her profession Dr. Shumaim has been gathering the details of her patients, which has made her able to generate tailor made procedures for optimum results and client satisfaction.

Dr. Shumaim has aimed to escalate in the field of aesthetics, which ambition has made her join the dignified team of 3D Lifestyle. She desires to help the people with less virtues to magnify their beauty and uplift their confidence in the society.


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