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Armish Ali

Lifestyle Consultant at 3D Lifestyle

Being a UK registered Associate Nutritionist, Armish has worked with the UK National Health Service (NHS) as part of her Bachelors and Masters program. There, she practised her expertise under the apprenticeship of most senior health practitioners. Working as a trainee Nutritionist, she was involved in taking the diet history, modifying eating behaviors and providing the patients with the best nutritional advice based on a patient-centric approach. Moreover, she also got the opportunity to visit several care and nursing homes where she looked after the diets of elderly and malnourished patients thereby, offering nutrition support.

Alongside working at hospitals, she also worked as a Public Health Nutritionist. As an ambassador of ‘MetMunch’ (an award winning social enterprise), she organized and participated in several health promotional and sustainability events around UK, involving thousands of people including UK’s politicians. She promoted the importance of healthy lifestyle and sustainability to the people of different age groups.

She has also looked over England cricket team as a Nutritionist, which provided her with world class exposure of sports nutrition and the approaches used for managing the nutritional state of an athlete.

Based on her excellent academics, she was appointed a Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Having achieved all her goals in UK, she moved to Pakistan for helping the people of her country and with the desire of bringing an everlasting positive change.

She intends to promote healthy eating and the real meaning of healthy lifestyle to the people of her country, as it is said ‘prevention is better than cure’. Her aim is to educate people on how to adapt to a healthy lifestyle in a very practical manner, and she believes 3D Lifestyle is the best platform for her to start with. 3D Lifestyle promotes healthy lifestyle by offering its clients a free lifetime nutritional service. This idea is very impressive and remains in line with her interests and provides her with the best opportunity in Pakistan to work as a lifestyle consultant and to change the lives of the people for good. She sees 3D Lifestyle emerging as Pakistan’s most successful lifestyle changing token.


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