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Dr. Zeerutba Tariq

Dr. Zeerutba Tariq

Dental Surgeon (BDS, C-Ortho)
Aesthetic Consultant at 3D lifestyle

Dr. Zeerutba Tariq is a qualified dental surgeon from Lahore Medical and Dental College. She has done her diploma in certified orthodontic course from “American Academy of Straight Wire Orthodontics”.

She possesses an employment history serving as a Demonstrator in LMDC for 4 years in the department of orthodontics, managing patients with facial asymmetries, syndromes, mal aligned teeth, smile issues and left patients giving them a symmetrical face, beautiful smile and healthy teeth. She also has an experience of training dental hygienists, technicians and final year BDS students by giving them clinical demonstrations and lectures.

She has also worked at Akhtar Saeed Medical College for 2 years and also at Rashid Latif Medical and Dental College as a Registrar in Prosthodontics. She ran her own clinic by the name of ‘Advanced Dental Practice’ working both as a general dentist as well as an Orthodontist. She has attended workshop on medical emergencies. However, her interest in facial aesthetics lead her to join 3D lifestyle as our Aesthetic Consultant.