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Tayyaba Afzal

Tayyaba Afzal

Lifestyle Consultant at 3D lifestyle

Tayyaba Afzal completed her experience in the nutritional assessment of patients along with counselling for weight loss or weight gain and also diet implementation on different diseases like diabetes, hypertension, anemia, cardiac liver patient, high creatinine, uric acid & cholesterol, CVD, arthritis, PCOs, GERD, renal disorders, lower and upper GI disorders etc.

She worked at Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore as an internee clinical nutritionist for both indoor and outdoor patients in 2017 and 2018. She also worked at Sughra Trust Hospital Faisalabad as an internee clinical nutritionist in 2017. In 2016, Tayyaba worked at National Hospital Faisalabad as an internee for the role of Community and Clinical Nutritionist and received Best Internee of the Year award. During her academic career, she participated in several seminars, national and international conferences and arranged many awareness camps about healthy eating in school, colleges and universities.

During her internships period, Tayyaba learned how clinical nutrition is being practiced in Pakistan and how healthy medical diet plans can help people in preventing and treating various chronic diseases. Also running her own blog named as “Yours Dietitian” on Instagram and also “Yours Dietitian” on Facebook. Tayyaba wants to promote healthy eating and the real meaning of a healthy lifestyle. As a lifestyle consultant at 3D lifestyle, she looks forward into improving people’s lives in a healthy way and also looks at 3D lifestyle as a platform that will help her in enhancing her skills and will also let her help people in making their lives healthier and better for good.

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