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Sabeen Asif

Lifestyle Consultant at 3D lifestyle

Sabeen Asif is a qualified and registered dietician/nutritionist who completed her post graduate diploma following bachelors in nutrition and dietetics. She has been exploring nutrition widely from different institutes, putting her knowledge efficiently into practice. She is specialized in providing diet plans to reduce or gain weight as well as planning diet for patients who’re suffering from various diseases including kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. Apart from that, she is quite efficient in providing dietary counseling, dietary assessment and guiding her clients to implement it In order to improve their health and boosting recovery.

She has explored herself in clinical as well as hospital setup. She gained experience in Rainbow obesity and eating disorder center as a consultancy dietician and did one year internship at Sheikh Zayed Hospital where she practiced diet plans in different wards and was also appointed as a supervisor to train the trainees. She never missed a chance to learn via seminar, professional courses and workshops as well.

Her major objective is to bring a major change in the world of nutrition as she strongly believes that “you are what you eat” and diet should be the foremost priority when it comes to health. She has counseled a number of clients to change their unhealthy lifestyle into a much better and healthy one, and thus, getting them out of mental issues as well.

She believes that 3D lifestyle is a platform where she can give her services to maximum and helping change the lifestyle of her clients, thus promoting health and positivity towards life. She foresees 3D lifestyle as a life changer for people.


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