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Dr Momina Majeed

Aesthetic Operator at 3D lifestyle

Dr. Momina Majeed graduated from Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore, in the year of 2017. In pursuance of her desire to enhance her knowledgebase, she served at different renowned medical institutions; namely Lahore General Hospital, Social Secuity Hospital Lahore, Ch. Muhammad Akram Teaching Hospital and KKT International Orthopedic Spine Centre, while obtaining experience in Dermatology, Gynecology, physiotherapy and orthopedics.

Dr. Momina joined 3D lifestyle for her keen interest in the field of medical aesthetics. She believes that through this field, she will not only improve the lifestyle of her valued patients but she can also enhance their self-confidence. Being an ambitious doctor, she is determined to provide rewarding treatment to her patients. She considers 3D to be a platform for a bright future in the field of aesthetics, in which she will be able to reshape the life of her patients and also contribute to development in the field of aesthetics.


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