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Dr. Iram Mushtaq

Dental Surgeon (BDS, C-Ortho, C-Implantology)
Aesthetic Consultant at 3D lifestyle

Dr. Iram Mushtaq is a qualified dental Surgeon from Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry. She has done Clinical Masters in Implant and reconstructive Dentistry in collaboration with Tatum Surgical Technologies USA twice and possesses Clinical Certificate in Orthodontics.

She has also completed a comprehensive Applied Science and Hands-on training on Facial Aesthetics conducted by American Aesthetic Association and has attended several International Conferences.

She holds considerable professional experience serving in the field of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry in her clinical practice.

She also possesses a working experience as a Registrar in Prosthodontics in Rashid Latif Medical College.

Her devotion towards her career is phenomenal and she aims to offer her patients quality treatment and care.

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