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Facebook Live Videos

The videos below give a real insight to the 3D Lifestyle! Live treatments and procedures performed by our expert consultants and doctors at 3D Lifestyle – take a watch to see what makes 3D Lifestyle the brand of choice in non- surgical facial and body aesthetics.

03 March, 2018  Dr Badi Idrees is doing Cavitation treatment

24 Feb, 2018  Dr Samia Sabir, is here to guarantee your trust in 3D Lifestyle.

23 Feb, 2018  Dr. Idris, Aesthetic consultant & Dr. Uzma, aesthetic consultant discussing about HiFU treatment for eye lift & wrinkles

21 Feb, 2018 Dr. Farhan,  Aesthetic Consultant doing live treatment for fat freezing

12 March 2018 Demonstrating the Revolutionary technology of Cavitation performed by Dr. Jawad Haider, Doctor Partner at 3D Lifestyle Pakistan

07 March 2018 HIFU Facelift with Doctor Partner, Dr. Jawad Haider

06 March 2018 Dr. Jawad Haider, Doctor Partner, Perform Cryo-treatment

1 March 2018 Ms. Mahnoor Sajid 3D Lifestyle nutritionist explains the do’s and don’ts of a diet

27 Feb 2018 3D Bespoke Non-Surgical Fat Removal

22 Feb 2018 Dr. Ibraheem Naeem is LIVE for Q/A session

17 Feb, 2018 Dr Ayesha Nasir, our Lifestyle nutritionist, is here to guarantee your trust in 3D Lifestyle

Dr. Badi & Dr. Ayesha’s live discussion
on Lifestyle & Diet

Dr. Badie Idrees, Aesthetic Consultant @ DHA, Lahore
performing Manboobs treatment

Dr. Ibraheem Naeem, Co-Founder, and Head of operations, and Dr. Zaeema Chaudhry, Aesthetic Consultant doing a Live Eye Lift with HiFU

Dr. Ibraheem Naeem, Co-Founder, and Head of operations, and Dr. Ammara Iqbal Aesthetic Consultant @ 3D Lifestyle performing a Live Facial HIFU Treatment

Former patient & brand Ambassador Mr Moazzam Ali speaks to our Lifestyle consultant Ayesha and shares his journey of transformation @ 3D Lifestyle

19 Feb, 2018  Our patient Mrs Zubair and Dr. Maham sharing her experience to Dr. Summan Sajid

Dr. Uzma Butt &
Dr. Summan Sajid doing live treatment of Body HIFU

Dr. Omamah Yusuf, Aesthetic Consultant doing live treatment of Cavitation

Dr Armeela Javaid, Aesthetic Consultant, doing live treatment of HiFU

Ms. Samia Sabir, our Lifestyle Consultant live discussion on weight gain