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The ‘talk-of-the-town’ painless, non-surgical and non-invasive treatments of fat-loss, aging, face & body contouring and advanced laser hair removal by 3D lifestyle promises to help people become their best version. Take a look at how it’s all done!
Our painless procedures have helped hundreds of Pakistanis achieve their dream goals!

08 Sep 2018 How you can achieve lasting results for removal of stubborn fat pockets at 3D lifestyle

01 Oct 18 Dr Samar doing Live Treatment for Wrinkle Free Eyes - Non Surgically & without Pain

26 Sep 18 3D Cryo Fat Freeze Treatment Live with Dr Zeerutba at 3D lifestyle Pakistan.

24 Sep 18 3D Bespoke Skin Tightening - Glow your skin instantly - 3D lifestyle Pakistan

14 Sep 18 Lifestyle Consultant Ms. Amina Ali from 3D Lifestyle Peshawar is here to talk about Female Health & Diet especially for PCOS!

12 Sep 18 Watch LIVE A non-surgical and Painless treatment where you can lose Extra Belly fat in a single session permanently!

07 Sep 18 Who is an ideal candidate for 3D Cryolipolysis? Does it hurt? How many sessions are there? How long does the treatment take? Got too many questions? TUNE IN because DR Zeerutba is answering all your questions LIVE from 3D lifestyle Lahore!

03 Sep 2018 Subcutaneous fat removal without surgeries, scars, pain or downtime only possible with our FDA approved technology 3D Cavitation. Lets find out more about 3D Cavitation.

31 Aug 2018 Our non-surgical signature treatment 3D HIFU lifts and rejuvenates skin by increasing skin's elasticity. It improves collagen production and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles in JUST ONE TREATMENT.

29 Aug 2018 Did you know? 3D Cavitation is a 'non-surgical' treatment with instant results! Through 3D Cavitation you lose up to 2 inches in a single session!

27 Aug 2018 A one-time treatment can take 10 years off your face, only with our signature treatment 3D HIFU, a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for facial lifting and treating fine lines and wrinkles.

20 Aug 2018 The old jeans doesn't look nice anymore? Have weddings coming up right after Eid and the 'Love Handles' are not exactly 'Lehenga-friendly'? 3D Cryolipolysis can sort it out for you!

17 Aug 2018 3D Hifu is truly a REMARKABLE breakthrough in technology reaching depths only previously possible with surgery! Dr. Sadia Mustafa is LIVE from 3D lifestyle Karachi showing us this remarkable non-surgical face lifting procedure. Tune in!

15 Aug 2018 Trilogy ICE being one of the Finest laser hair removal solutions in the world, uses 3 different wavelengths that not just slows down the growth of stubborn hair follicle of any color and type, it does so painlessly, gently with a cooling effect!

13 Aug 2018 Life is too short to pose for photos with a double chin! 3D Chin Freeze can help you get rid of the double chin without surgery and down-time; Keep watching! Dr Bakhtawar Ihsan explains and demonstrates 3D Chin Freeze treatment LIVE from 3D lifestyle Peshawar

10 Aug 2018 Eat everything but in moderation, our Lifestyle Consultant Ms. Aneela Qureshi from 3D Lifestyle Islamabad is here to guide you about keto diet, healthy eating possibilities and easy to approach meal plans!

08 Aug 2018 Why consume 'annual leaves' when you can plan a face-lift in your 'lunch break'? Watch 3D HIFU Facelift - The Ultimate "No Knife" Non Surgical Facelift being performed by Dr Tazeen LIVE from 3D lifestyle Islamabad

06 Aug 2018 Does the hair grow back thicker & faster after Laser Hair removal? Is it really effective? Does it have side effects or does it hurt during the treatment? TOO many questions?? Leave it all to Dr. Ahsan! Tune in, as he gets all your questions answered by Dr. Yasmin from 3D lifestyle Lahore

03 Aug 2018 Seeing is believing! Witness non-surgical and non-invasive 3D Cryo Chin-Freeze. Reduce up to 40% fat from the target area in just ONE SESSION - Dr Tazeen Kamran from Islamabad explains and performs 3D Cryolipolysis LIVE from 3D lifestyle Islamabad

01 Aug, 2018 Unwanted facial hair, manly hair growth on arms & legs and painful waxing experiences are now every other girl's problem. Trilogy Laser Ice promises to help you get rid of the excessive hair growth safely & easily withing a few minutes for longer lasting smoothness!

30 July 2018 What MONTHS of exercise does, can be achieved in 45 MINUTES if you can't spare an hour or two daily for the GYM. See how 3D Cryolipolysis works and get to know more about this treatment LIVE with Dr Kanwal Koukab from 3D Lifestyle Karachi!

18,July, 2018 Witness the revolution in Laser Hair Removal! It is not just Laser Hair Removal, it is 3D Trilogy Ice Laser Hair Removal! Join us as Dr Saima Tariq from 3D Peshawar performs Trilogy Ice Laser Hair Removal LIVE

13, July, 2018 A non-surgical fat removal??? Is that even possible?? Fat melting? What is 3D Cavitation? Does it hurt? Get all your answers LIVE because Dr Ali Asad from 3D Lahore is demonstrating Bespoke non-surgical 3D Cavitation LIVE!

11 July 2018 Dr Badie Idris from 3D Lifestyle Lahore performs Trilogy Ice LIVE!

09 July 2018 Who can get a Laser hair removal done? When does the hair grow back? How long does the session take? Watch Dr. Bushra Hashmat LIVE from 3D Lifestyle Islamabad while she performs 3D Trilogy Ice and answers all the questions!

06, July, 2018 Take a look at this fantastic live video from Ms. Ayesha Nasir who talks about and demonstrates body HIFU, catch it LIVE now!

05, July, 2018 Dr Bilal is now performing 3D Cryolipolysis at 3D Lifestyle Islamabad! Watch it LIVE as he freezes the stubborn fat away with Cryo!

04, July, 2018 Eat everything but in moderation, our Lifestyle Consultant Ms. Sabeen Asif from 3D Lifestyle Lahore is here to guide you with healthy eating possibilities and easy to approach meal plans!

29, June, 2018 We are LIVE with Dr Uzma Butt from 3D Lifestyle Karachi – Watch as she performs 3D Trilogy Ice, the Most advanced, painless and fastest Laser Hair Removal technology to date.

27, June, 2018 Here is how Dr Bakhtawar Ihsan from 3D Lifestyle Peshawar brings an instant glow to face with 3D Bespoke Skin Tightening, watch it LIVE!

26, June, 2018 Dr Sheher Bano performs LIVE treatment……..Witness the breakthrough with 3D technology when Dr Sheher Bano performs a treatment Called 3D Bespoke Non Surgical Fat Removal – Instant inch lose through 3D Cavitation! Let’s melt away that fat inch by inch!

21, June, 2018 Ms Ayesha Nasir from 3D Lifestyle Lahore is now LIVE, demonstrating 3D Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing, show business’s favorite fat loss procedure these days!

12, June, 2018 A healthy diet is not about eating ‘LESS’ but about eating ‘RIGHT’. Hear what our Lifestyle Consultant Armish Ali has to say about maintaining a HEALTHY DIET and learn about tailor made diet plans according to body types and so much more!

11, June, 2018 Eliminate stubborn fat without surgery and downtime with 3D Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) a Painless Body contouring treatment that freezes away stubborn fat. Watch Dr. Samar Ahmed, reknown Aesthetic consultant perform 3D Cryo to eliminate stubborn fat pockets.

06, June, 2018 Coolest possible way to get rid of love handle with 3D Cryolipolysis – FDA approved fat freezing treatment.

05, June, 2018 Watch our lifestyle consultant, Sabeen Asif provides a tailor-made diet plan to follow so you could safely lose weight while fasting.

31, May, 2018 Founder and CEO, Jawad Qureshi makes a long-awaited appearance and Offers a 3D lifestyle CRAZY EID DEAL

19, May, 2018 Well This LIVE Session will answer all those queries!! Listen to our Lifestyle Consultant, Ms. Sabeen Asif provide you with Tailor-Made Diet Plans to ensure weight Loss during Ramadan!!

17, May, 2018 Learn all about 3D HiFU facelift as our Aesthetic consultant, Dr. Badie Idris performing the 3D HIFU treatment LIVE…!!!!

16, May, 2018 Watch our Aesthetic consultant Ayesha Nasir performing 3D Cavitation on belly fat LIVE…!!!!

15, May, 2018 Say goodbye to Double chin and get leaner & sculpted-looking face with 3D Chin freeze treatment.

14, May, 2018 3D HiFU facelift delivers result beyond Botox and fillers!

11, May, 2018 3D Lifestyle, the First Medical Aesthetic Brand to Introduce Non-Surgical Skin Tightening in Pakistan! Still in doubt?

10, May, 2018 3D Love Handles Treatment – Sculpt Your Body Through FAT Freezing!

09, May, 2018 Wonder how Cryolipolysis works? Get ready to watch Fat Freezing in action

04, May, 2018 Get Rid of those Bingo wings with 3D lifestyle.

03, May, 2018 Watch painless way to melt fat and cellulite with 3D Cavitation

02, May, 2018 Watch Ms. Syed Amna, our Lifestyle Consultant explains how you can keep a healthy Diet.

01, MAy, 2018 3D Lifestyle Trumps female health like no other company in this country.

27, April, 2018 Dr Samia Tariq, Aesthetic Consultant at 3D lifestyle performing Live Treatment

03 March, 2018  Dr Badi Idrees is doing Cavitation treatment

24 Feb, 2018  Dr Samia Sabir, is here to guarantee your trust in 3D Lifestyle.

23 Feb, 2018  Dr. Idris, Aesthetic consultant & Dr. Uzma, aesthetic consultant discussing about HiFU treatment for eye lift & wrinkles

21 Feb, 2018 Dr. Farhan,  Aesthetic Consultant doing live treatment for fat freezing

19 Feb, 2018  Our patient Mrs Zubair and Dr. Maham sharing her experience to Dr. Summan Sajid

8 Feb, 2018  Dr. Uzma Butt &
Dr. Summan Sajid doing live treatment of Body HIFU

6 Feb, 2018  Dr. Omamah Yusuf, Aesthetic Consultant doing live treatment of Cavitation

7 Feb, 2018   Dr Armeela Javaid, Aesthetic Consultant, doing live treatment of HiFU

10 Feb, 2018  Ms. Samia Sabir, our Lifestyle Consultant live discussion on weight gain